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You have dreamed about this day for your entire life, and now the dream is about to come true!  Cultured Cowboy can help you plan the perfect Western wedding -- down to the smallest detail.  Browse through our "Weddings" site for tips on how to make your special day the kind that little girl's dreams are made of.  The following list guides you through the various stages of planning your wedding in an organized order. And the selections of favors, memorabilia and attire are second to none in quality and selection.



About Gentlemen

  A gentleman, while traveling, will prefer navy subdued suits.  Pack a generously colorful tie selection and several shirts for blend and contrast.  His male friends will think he brought a trunkload of suits.  Loud colored shirts can only be worn once with the same crowd at a week's convention. 
  Due to the fact that a man is heavier than a lady, choose socks with cushion type heels and balls.  This will help protect the foot and dissipate moisture, thus adding comfort on long days and making footwear last longer. 
  Real love is buying your man a fine cotton shirt.  Yes, it requires a touch of ironing, but it breathes in all seasons. Remember that a little starch goes a long way. 
   Men are raised to solve the problems of the world. Ladies, if you begin to relate to him, the troubles of your day, his trying to solve them for you fast is not telling you that you are not important. He wants to make things better fast.
   Men will retreat into their minds when something is heavy on their shoulders. Give him a little space, then ask how you can soothe his pain.
   Lead your man through love. When a man feels loved, he wants to show the world what he can do for you.


About Ladies

  If you are not sure whether a lady friend will like a color you select, look at her eyes.  A woman will wear an eyeshadow color that she appreciates.   Match or blend a color scheme with her eye colors and she is sure to adore your selection.
Blue eyes or shadow = blues, grays, some reds, white
Green or hazel eyes or shadow = greens, burgundy, cream, beige
Brown eyes or natural shadow = neutrals, tans, brown, orange
Black eyes or shadow = black, red, gold, silver
Mauve shadow = pinks, some salmons
Purple shadow = purples

   Ladies are raised to ponder the thoughts that will evoke emotions. If your lady says something that makes you feel less important, understand that she is probably trying to help you, rather than just being critical. 
   Ladies prefer honesty and genuine listening to lavish gifts. When she is talking incessantly, she is telling you that she trusts you as a friend. Hold her hand and nod a lot. Soak in the love with which she showers you.
   Snuggles and cuddling lead to warmth and a long relationship. Involve her with choices in important decisions. Your lady needs strength, not a dictator. 
   Flattery might get you nowhere, but a large smile, an occasional flower and frequent complements will gain you respect.
   Lead you lady through love. When a lady feels loved, she wants the world to know how lucky she is living. 


About Humans

   Communication is the key to a rich relationship. Keep the conversation and the hugs flowing freely. If something bothers you a little, try to live with it as part of a whole package. If it bothers you a lot, discuss the issue. Without discussion, small problems will only worsen with time. People prefer honesty in marriage, even if it is sometimes a little uncomfortable.
   It is said that a woman marries a man thinking she will mold him into the mate she wants. It is said that a man marries a woman thinking she will never change. Neither remark is true. Treat your man especially well when he does something you like. Pavlov figured this theory works! Men, grow with your women. If you pay a little attention each day, you will change together, rather than grow apart.
   Pray together each morning as you wake, and each night before sleeping. God invented climactic encounter in marriage. Thank Him for the experience. The family that prays together will stay together. Marriage is a physical bond of two mentalities. Through marriage you will discover that truly, two are better than one.  |  Call Us: 1-866-492-6926 or 1-864-223-3700  |