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Choosing a Photographer/Videographer

You have dreamed about this day for your entire life, and now the dream is about to come true!  Cultured Cowboy can help you plan the perfect Western wedding -- down to the smallest detail.  Browse through our "Weddings" site for tips on how to make your special day the kind that little girl's dreams are made of. 

Weddings -- what dreams and memories are made of!  Everyone who has ever been to a wedding has remembrances of what was special (or what went wrong!)  To provide a long-lasting remembrance of one of the happiest days of your life, careful thought should be given to who will record the event.  Though you might consider a family friend to save money, a professional photographer could well be worth the investment.  Experts in being unobtrusive during the ceremony, they also seem to have the ability to catch those special moments that an amateur might miss!  The right professional will deliver a complete selection of photographs that tell the full story of your day. 

The best photographers are usually booked months in advance, so as soon as your date is set,  interview as many photographers and review as many wedding albums as you can.   Many have developed their own special touches.

When deciding on a photographer, some of the things you should know:  what packages are offered, are sitting fees extra, are the proofs included at no extra charge, is there a set number of prints you must order, are the negatives available for purchase, is there a certain time you have to wait before you can purchase negatives, what are the charges for additional photos, how long do you have to order additional photos, is there a charge for additional time or overtime, is the wedding portrait separate from the ceremony, will the newspaper announcement picture be included, is there a charge for travel, how much deposit is required and when is any balance due. 

When you find a style you like and have made a decision, reserve the date with the photographer as soon as possible. 

With a VCR in almost every home, filming the wedding is becoming more and more popular.   Again, you may consider having a friend help you with this important job to save money, but most non-professionals do not have the equipment or expertise to make a film you will treasure forever.  Keep in mind that many churches do not have the best lighting situations and positioning microphones to record the vows can also be a problem for the non-professional. 

When interviewing a videographer, ask to see examples of his or her work.  Does he capture the ceremony?  Examine the quality of the editing and sound.  How clear is the picture?  Does he provide lighting or rely on available light and how does that affect the mood of the ceremony?  What kind of format does he use?  VHS is the lowest quality and moves up to 8mm, Hi8, and SVHS is the highest quality.  The professional will know how to record the ceremony at the highest available speed for the best results. 

Some additional things to consider would be does he have back-up equipment in case of a problem, can a photographic/ videographic collage be provided, how many cameras will be covering the event, does the videographer have experience in conducting interviews if that is something you would like.  What about background music and title screens?   What is included in  his services, what extras are available and the charges for each, what are the charges for extra time and tape, and how is payment expected.   Again, when you have made a decision, put everything is writing to avoid any misunderstandings that might spoil your memories of this special day!

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