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Planning the Perfect Western Wedding

The first step in having the perfect wedding is planning ahead.  By developing a schedule and knowing exactly what has to be accomplished with a check-off list, stress can be minimized and preparations even down to the smallest detail easier.  Our schedule is just an outline -- adjust it to fit your special needs. 

Twelve Months Ahead

  1.   Set the date. 
  2.   Decide on the size and time of day, etc.
  3.   Set a budget. 
  4.   Select a professional consultant, if desired.
  5.   Choose and reserve the wedding site.
  6.   Choose and reserve a reception site if different from the wedding site.
  7.   Decide who will officiate the wedding and reserve the date. 
  8.   Select and reserve the services of a florist, caterer, and photographer
  9.   Choose attendants and ushers. 
  10. . Shop for and order wedding gown and accessories. 
  11. . Shop for and order gowns for attendants

Six Months Ahead

  1. Finalize the guest list. 
  2. Order wedding rings
  3. Order wedding cake. 
  4. Register at bridal registries.
  5. Discuss color scheme with mothers and grandmothers so they can choose their dresses.
  6. Reserve site for and plan rehearsal dinner.
  7. Arrange any necessary transportation to and from wedding and reception for your bridal party.
  8. Plan honeymoon. 
  9. Book musicians or D.J. for ceremony and reception. 

Four Months Ahead

  1. Order invitations and wedding programs. 
  2. Order formalwear for groom and ushers.
  3. Order rental items for ceremony and reception. 
  4. Reconfirm dates for sites, wedding officials, caterer, photographer, musicians or DJ, and florist. 
  5. Arrange fittings for yourself and attendants. 
  6. Choose shoes for yourself  and your attendants if you have not already done so and have them dyed if necessary. 
  7. Make an appointment for a complete physical exam. 
  8. Shop for your trousseau. 

Two Months Ahead

  1. Mail the invitations. 
  2. Choose the wedding music. 
  3. Plan your new home. 
  4. Schedule and finalize details for the wedding rehearsal and party. 
  5. Meet with florist to finalize floral decorations. 
  6. Meet with hairstylist (don't forget your headpiece!)
  7. Order any imprinted or specialty items (imprinted napkins, matches, toasting glasses, ring bearer pillow, guest book, garter, etc.) 
  8. Shop for gifts for attendants and ushers. 
  9. Make reservations  for out-of-town guests.  If the wedding site is in a smaller town and a large number of people will be attending from out of town, you may want to block a number of rooms with the hotel ahead of time.  When setting a date, keep in mind in-town conventions or special occasions.  Working around the hotel's peak season may save money for everyone. 

One Month Ahead

  1. Schedule sitting for your wedding portrait. 
  2. Assemble any accessories to complete your bridal attire (hosiery, jewelry, something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new) and bring them to your final fitting. 
  3. Confirm accommodations for out-of-town guests. 
  4. Reconfirm reservations and determine luggage needs for the honeymoon. 
  5. Remind bridesmaids of final fittings. 
  6. Schedule pre-marriage counseling with wedding official. 

Two Weeks Ahead

  1. Final fitting for men's formal wear. 
  2. Give a preliminary guest count to caterer. 
  3. Make a seating chart and place cards. 
  4. Record wedding gifts as you receive them and send thank-you notes promptly. 
  5. Wrap presents for attendants. 
  6. Apply for a marriage license.  This may vary according to local requirements.  
  7. Make necessary name and address changes on bank accounts, credit cards, driver's license,  social security cards, etc. 
  8. Move personal items to your new home. 

One Week Ahead

  1. Give final count to reception site and caterer. 
  2. Have final consultations with wedding official, florist, musicians or DJ, and photographer. 
  3. Pick up wedding gown, attendants' gowns, and all accessories. 
  4. Pick up men's formal wear. 
  5. Review the wedding day checklist with the maid-of-honor and best man. 
  6. Remind the bridal party of the rehearsal plans. 
  7. Begin packing for the honeymoon. 
  8. Relax, pamper yourself, and ENJOY!

On Your Wedding Day!

  1. Allow yourself at least two hours to get ready -- if photographs are to be taken before the ceremony, start getting ready two hours before the photography session is scheduled.   Allow yourself enough time to enjoy the company of those around you. 
  2. Bring comfortable shoes for the wait before the wedding. 
  3. Bring an emergency kit consisting of sewing supplies, extra makeup, hose, and don't forget the tissues!
  4. SMILE!

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