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Catering for Your Western Wedding

Your catering or food bill is typically one of your largest wedding expenses, so take your time and choose your caterer carefully.  If you are considering a caterer that is unfamiliar, check references and go to a "tasting".  Ask about service and what is included in the price (dinnerware or china, for example).  Many caterers quote prices based upon a minimum number of guests.  If your number of guests is below that minimum, you may have to do some extra negotiating.  You also need to know how many servers are included in the price, and what would be the cost for additional servers?  Depending on the type of reception you have, one server for every ten guests is usually a good ratio. 

When deciding on a menu, a variety of four different types of food can be enough.  The main thing to consider is to be sure that you give the caterer an accurate head count .  Don't forget to include your entertainers, photographer, and wedding day coordinator.  (Some caterers offer a reduced charge for these meals.)   You don't want to run out of food -- but you also don't want to have to pay for food that has to be thrown out!  The more labor intensive the food item is to prepare, the more it will cost, and some foods such as shrimp, salmon, lobster, and beef tenderloin also add to the price.  Think about this when choosing your main course as well as your side dishes and hors d'ouevres. 

The couple might like to consider asking the caterer to prepare a special "sample" basket of all the food at the reception.  It's unlikely that the bride and groom will get a chance to eat unless it is a sit down dinner, and even then the "honeymoon" basket makes a great late night snack to enjoy when the hectic day has ended! 

A good caterer will have serviced many functions, so ask a lot of questions.  They will have many ideas to help you provide a wonderful menu within your budget. 

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