Cultured Cowboy Presents

Bridal Registry for Your Western Wedding

Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, your friends and family want to give you a wedding gift and they want that gift to be something you really need and want.  It feels good to give someone a gift they really like that won't be returned after the wedding.  A personalized bridal registry is, therefore, a service to both the couple and their friends and family. 

The traditional bridal registry was for china, crystal, and silver, but the modern bridal registry covers everything for the couple.  Register about six months before the wedding to assure that your list will be in place before any parties or showers.  Make an appointment to do your registry so that Cultured Cowboy can have someone ready to assist you.  Consider coming in early so you will have time to browse for an idea of the things you want on your list, then at the time of your appointment the consultant can answer any questions you may have. 

Cultured Cowboy's bridal registry is a complimentary service.  Your time with a consultant and the servicing of your list is free.  It will be the easiest part of your wedding plans, and your guests will appreciate the time you spend making their gift selection so easy and convenient. 

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