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Wedding Rings for Your Western Wedding

 It's official -- you're ENGAGED!  Now your thoughts turn to picking out "the ring".  This should be a very exciting part of your engagement, but unfortunately with all the competition, jewelry shopping has become very confusing.   Much of the conflicting information you will receive is meant as a sales tactic instead of to assist you in your decision. 

The first step in purchasing wedding rings is deciding where to shop.   While some large jewelry chains may offer large "discounts", consider that a locally owned jewelry store which has established a good reputation over the years has a vested interest in making you a satisfied customer. 

The many variables involved in diamond quality and value can make your choice difficult.  While you may be able to purchase a larger stone for less money than a quality smaller stone, the brilliance of the quality smaller stone may be more desirable.  Diamond grading is defined by the four "C's":  carat, clarity, color, and cut.  All of these add up to a fifth "C":  cost.   Ask how the "C's" apply to the ring or rings that you are considering.  

Be sure to ask about delivery and size adjustments to ensure that you will have your rings well in advance of your wedding day.  As in most important decisions, don't hesitate to ask a lot of questions and take advantage of the salesperson's knowledge.  Visit a number of stores and take good notes as you shop.  Inquire about competitive financing terms.  Take your time and you will make a choice that is right for you. 

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