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Men's Formalwear Styles

To complement your bride at your Western wedding, consider Cultured Cowboy's selection of western style tuxedos.  The tuxedo consists of either a single- or double-breasted jacket with or without tails and matching tuxedo pant.   Accessories include a tuxedo dress shirt and a bow tie with cummerbund or vest.  

Once you have decided on your formalwear, we can start the measuring process.  Accurate measurements will make final fittings easy and less time consuming.  Having the measurements completed at least four weeks in advance of the pick up day ensures that all tuxedoes are ready on time. 

We strongly recommend that you and your attendants, including boys, come to the store to be measured.  Your wedding party can be measured at any time during store hours.  They only need to know the date of your wedding and  your first and last names.  The fitting should take approximately fifteen minutes.  We will request a reservation fee from your attendant at this time unless you have made other arrangements with us.  If you have an attendant living out of town, they should be professionally measured at a formalwear store in their area.  Tuxedo specialists usually provide this service free of charge.  The number of adjustments that must be made at a final fitting will be determined by the accuracy of the original measurements.  If we do not have measurements for some of your attendants, we may call or send a notice to you.  Please contact these attendants and remind them to be measured as quickly as possible.  Friends and family who are not part of  the ceremony but will be included in your wedding pictures will also look great dressed in either matching or coordinating tuxedos. 

To ensure your complete satisfaction and that all tuxedos are ready on time, it is very important that Cultured Cowboy be notified immediately of any changes in your order.  All measurements should be completed and recorded with us at least four weeks prior to your wedding date to guarantee your choice of style and fabric.  If last minute changes are necessary due to an unforeseen circumstance, please notify us as quickly as possible and we will do our very best to accommodate your requests. 

Rental Policy

Payment in full must be made to Cultured Cowboy before picking up your tuxedo.  If one person is paying for all of the tuxedoes, please make payment prior to pick-up day so your attendants can take their tuxedoes home after they have tried them on.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, personal checks, travelers checks, etc.  Everyone renting a tuxedo must pay the required damage waiver and agree to the terms listed on the rental agreement.  The damage waiver has been included in the final price recorded on your rental contract.  This damage waiver covers accidental and repairable damage and normal wear to the rental garment.  It does not cover malicious or excessive damage to the rental garment. 

Approximately two weeks prior to your wedding date, we will call to finalize your rental contract.  It is important to review the details to ensure your satisfaction.  We will answer any additional questions you may have at that time.   Please keep us informed of any address or phone number changes you make during this busy time so that we are able to contact you when necessary. 

Please plan on returning rentals the day following your wedding day unless otherwise noted on your rental contract.  One individual can return several tuxedoes, but in order to expedite your return, please be sure they are returned as received:   coat, pant, and shirt on hangars and jewelry in jewelry bag.  Be sure to check for any personal items left in pockets as Cultured Cowboy can not be responsible for them.  

In order to prepare rentals for the next renter in a timely manner, we must insist that garments be returned when scheduled.  Late charges will be collected in the amount of $20 per day for each additional day the rental is outstanding, beginning with the first day following the scheduled return date.  As our rental agreement states, each individual is responsible for their rental and agrees to pay for any lost or damaged rental item.  Charges are based on the replacement values of the item or the cost to repair the item when possible.  A current replacement cost list for specific charges is available if needed. 

Our Promise to You

Cultured Cowboy promises you the best price.  After your tuxedoes are reserved, if you find a lower price on the same tuxedo, notify us within thirty days and once we have verified this information, we will go the extra distance to meet that price.   This tuxedo must be identical in manufacturer, style number, and fabric.  We don't believe you will find a better price, but if you do, we will meet it quickly and courteously or refund your money.  Your total satisfaction is our goal, and we will work hard to deserve your business.  Our reputation is built on meeting the expectations of our customers. 

You can also be assured of the highest quality.  We replace our tuxedoes and accessories frequently to ensure each garment meets our tough standards.   Our store is staffed with professional and knowledgeable sales consultants to help you achieve your best look.  Because we own most of our tuxedoes, we can serve you better if last minute changes are required - even on the wedding day - but last minute measurements will have to come from available in-stock inventory.  Due to matching vest colors, several weddings on the same day, or other reasons, we can serve you best if we have measurements four weeks prior to your wedding date.  Reservations cannot be made without measurements. 

How Formal is Formal?

With today's dress codes becoming more relaxed is it proper to soften the tuxedo?  Truth is, the tuxedo was developed to show exquisite taste in men's clothing so as not to be a slouch next to your lady when she is arrayed in royal finery.  The tuxedo is class, without overwhelming your female companion.  Good taste is never out of style.

As a rule of thumb, never underdress for an occasion.  Ask the host of the function what dress is recommended.  Most times, evening events require more formality than day events.  But, never dress "above your 'date'."   Also, you would be embarrassed to outdress the groom in a wedding that you attended as a friend not participating in the Wedding Party.  Therefore when in doubt, ask!

Today we find "peak, notch or shawl" lapels on cuts of sportcoat or tailcoat length are choices of the wearer rather than set in stone etiquette.

Cultured Cowboy will show you formal wear in the most formal dress, and we will show you tux tails with Wrangler 13MWZWK black jeans.  The latter is a great relaxation of  tradition, still showing taste while recognizing the practicality of black denim.  While attending an outdoor wedding, whether standing in a field or riding your horse, the denim must be new - not faded - to achieve the desired effect.

Cultured Cowboy offers a nice selection of colorful vests,  ties and accessories.  Remember that by changing the formal accessories, you can achieve many looks with a tuxedo.

Each tuxedo is noted whether for sale or rental or either.  A rule of thumb is that if you need three rentals of the same style tuxedo within twelve months or so, you should think of buying.  If  you prefer variance in fashion or only need a tux once or twice a year, consider rental. If you own your tuxedo, you can usually wear your tux two or three times and just have the shirt professionally cleaned each time.  On rentals, everything must be cleaned each time and that is figured into the cost of the rental.  If you really need to use formal dress to impress a wife or a client for a business deal, remember to expect slight blemishes with a rental.   New is always impressing.  Also, rental pants will have an adjustable waist and may show traces of having been lengthened several times.  If you own the trousers, they will be altered for your body only. 

Wool vs polyester .  We rent a lot of poly because it wears well and cleans easily.  Tropical weight worsted wools will breathe and will give a classier appearance than the polyester tuxedo.  Use poly on a budget or when the event site may be dusty {it brushes clean easily}or around  lots of lint.  Use wools when you must use the very best.  Follow  label cleaning instructions when having your tuxedo cleaned.  Clean professionally and point out to the cleaners the instructions for each garment!  You should expect your rentals to come to you clean and sized, and you should return them in a ready for the cleaner {not filthy} state.  If you severely damage or stain a rental tux,  accessory or shirt,  be prepared to pay for the item.   Rentals are competitively priced and don't allow for destruction.  This does not mean don't have fun or don't dare sweat in it; it means be reasonable!  And enjoy good taste!

What to Wear?

Very Formal

All members of the bridal party, including the fathers and grandfathers, wear black full dress tailcoat with white wing collar, black vest and bow tie.  The groom's boutonniere should be different from the rest of the bridal party.  Proper dress for guests would be tuxedos. 

Formal Evening

For the formal evening affair, proper dress would be a black, navy, or gray tuxedo, white pleated formal shirt, bow tie, vest or cummerbund to match tuxedo lapels.  For summer or warm climates, a white dinner jacket with formal trousers may be substituted.  "Black Tie Requested" or "Black Tie Invited" should be noted on invitations so guests come formally dressed.  For a more contemporary look, you may decide on a shirt coordinating with your tailcoat or tie and vest or cummerbund matching in color. 

Formal Daytime

An updated cutaway black or gray coat, striped matching trousers, gray or black vest, an ascot or striped four-in-hand tie would be appropriate for a formal daytime ceremony.  Fathers, grandfathers, and other members of the wedding party could substitute a matching stroller coat.  If you would also like your guests to be formally dressed, you can indicate "Traditional Morning Attire" on the invitations. 

Semi-Formal Evening

A semi-formal evening ceremony is a little more flexible in dress.   Either a black, navy, or gray tuxedo would be appropriate with a white pleated formal shirt, bow tie, vest or cummerbund to match tuxedo lapels.  You can choose to match your accessories and color in this case or even wear your tuxedo or tailcoat in your choice of colors, preferably dark colors for fall and winter or lighter shades for spring and summer.  The same dress as for a formal daytime affair would also be considered appropriate for a semi-formal evening event.  A white dinner jacket with formal trousers is suitable for summer or warm climates.  For guests, formalwear would be optional. 

Formal Evening

Show your colors with a formal evening affair - tuxedo or tailcoat in dark colors for fall and winter or lighter shades for spring and summer.  Shirts can be either white or a color to coordinate with tuxedos.  Ties and cummerbunds can coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses.  If the groom chooses a tailcoat, ushers can wear similar color tuxedoes.  Formalwear for the guests is optional, but if you want an elegant evening, specify "Black Tie Invited" on the invitations. 

In all cases, it is usually appropriate for the ringbearer to be similarly dressed as the groom and for the groom to wear a boutonniere that is distinctive. 

Getting Dressed

For some, wearing a tuxedo may be a completely new experience.  To ensure the polished appearance you are striving for, Cultured Cowboy's staff is always ready to assist you.  But since we can't be at every wedding, here are a few suggestions to help you dress properly in your tuxedo. 

The waist of adjustable tuxedo pants can be adjusted up to three inches, but for a polished look, be sure to set the adjustments the same on both sides. 

The traditional tuxedo shirt is usually white, but ivory is an option if your bride chooses an ivory wedding dress.  It is pleated in the front and has a wing-tip collar with turned-down points in front.  Finish off the look with any of Cultured Cowboy's western style bow ties, cummerbunds, or vests.  The bow ties adjust to fit all necks.  The cummerbund is worn at the waist to cover the trouser's waistband but for the ultimate western formal look, choose a vest instead of the cummerbund.  Bow ties, cummerbunds, and vests are available at Cultured Cowboy in either black or a variety of prints and fabrics copied from the styles popular in the Old West.  Just a fashion note on your cummerbund -- folds should always face up, traditionally to create a pocket to hold your theatre tickets. 

If you choose to wear studs on your shirt, slip the studs into the holes next to the buttons on the front shirt placket, and button the shirt with the studs instead of the buttons except at the neck and tail where the buttons do not show.    Studs should be worn with the jewel face showing.  Cufflinks should also be worn with the jewel face showing to the outside of your wrist.  Slip the cufflinks through both button holes and secure the shirt cuff by flipping back the bottom of the link.  A button cover is slipped over the button, then closed down showing the jewel face. 

Vests come in two styles:  fullback and backless.  Fullback vests are adjustable at the waist, while backless vests are adjustable both at the neck and at the waist.  To adjust either type vest, slide the ribbon either forward or back through the buckle or look on the inside for a button adjustment.  Many vests have a hidden pocket in the lining to hide any extra elastic.  Your vest should fall a little bit below your waistline and show below the front of your tailcoat.   Cummerbunds also adjust by sliding the elastic forward or back through the buckles and usually have a hidden pocket in the lining for any extra elastic. 

All members of the wedding party should rent shoes and proper hosiery or purchase like boots to create a uniform look. 

To keep your coat looking fresh, put it on just before the ceremony is scheduled to begin or just before the photography session if pictures are taken before the ceremony.  The coat can be buttoned in a variety of ways, but everyone should wear the jackets in the same way. 

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