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Flowers for Your Western Wedding

The most important thing to remember is that careful planning is essential if you hope to get the most for your money without compromising the beautiful, romantic setting that flowers can add to your wedding day.  Floral designs created from silk flowers may help you stay within your budget, or choose arrangements that can serve more than one function.  Standing baskets filled with sprays of fresh or silk flowers that decorate the ceremony can later be moved to the reception site.  A swag or centerpiece made from silk flowers can be a lovely decoration for a new home.   Another great idea is using the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets to decorate any of the tables at the reception.  The guests will love to see the beautiful floral display up close!

Discuss with your florist your budget and what type of arrangements you would like to have.  A good floral designer will be able to find flowers and decorations to match your style and budget.  The more labor intensive the arrangement, the more expensive so listen if the florist suggests alternatives that will create the same effect.  Also, some florists will offer a "market buy" option where the florist purchases flowers that are on special the day before the wedding.   This may limit your choice of specific types of flowers, but you could save a significant amount of money and still have beautiful flowers at your wedding. 

Focus your attention on where your guests will be looking, the altar at the ceremony for example.  If you would like to decorate the pews, remember this can typically run between $6 and $15 each or more depending on how elaborate they are and the cost can run up quickly.  To save money, consider decorating every other pew, adding some hurricane lamps, or using ribbon and bows mixed with lots of greenery.  Tall candelabras, which most churches already have on hand, look stunning at the altar decorated with greenery and ribbons and provide a very economical decoration. 

When choosing corsages, keep in mind what the mothers will be wearing.   A lighter, simpler corsage is not only usually less expensive, but will also provide less wear and tear on their dresses.  An alternative - have the mothers carry a single rose wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon.  A very special touch that has become very popular is the bride giving each mother a rose from the her bouquet as she reaches the altar. 

More special touches:  small white lights delicately placed within greenery or large potted plants; fresh cut flowers in a vase not only look beautiful but also give a wonderful aroma; and lots of ribbon, candles, and greenery.  With a little thought and planning, you can have a spectacular setting!


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