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Hiring a Wedding Consultant

You have set the date -- now what?  You may feel overwhelmed at this point, but you are sure you can do it.  On the other hand, many couples have little or no experience in event planning - or just don't have the time to do it.  In this case, a professional wedding consultant may be in order. 

Major oversights can occur when time is limited and the ability to stay organized is impossible.  If a bride is new to an area, lives out-of-town, or is planning an out-of-town wedding, a lot of nightmares can be avoided with the assistance of a wedding consultant.  Many consultants have developed such a rapport and working relationship with the many necessary suppliers that they will actually save you time and money in the long run. 

A wedding consultant offers the bride and her family peace of mind by keeping on top of the planning and keeping all the details organized, not to mention adding several special touches that might have been missed otherwise.  This gives the bride and her family the ability to enjoy the occasion while avoiding many of the stresses and hassles. 

A good consultant acts as the couple's liaison, resolves many of the disputes that are inevitable, knows which vendors will provide the best service at the best price, oversees vendor contracts to avoid overtime charges, saves on charges when guests don't show, and smooths over any rough spots.  In addition, many consultants know which vendors provide extras without charge giving the couple the feeling of a more elaborate wedding.  

And not enough can be said for the extra pair of hands on the wedding day to orchestrate a smooth-running event.  The bride and her family can rest assured that her wedding day will be handled with care so they can relax and enjoy this glorious day!

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