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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Gown for  Your
Wedding Celebration

The date has been set.  Now your thoughts turn to choosing the gown of your dreams.  Finding the perfect wedding gown can be both challenging and fun.   Wedding gowns are very personal and should be chosen based on your individual style preference and your budget.  Almost anything is acceptable -- so remember, this is YOUR day, do it YOUR way!  Here are a few tips to help you find the wedding gown that is perfect for you. 

If possible, allow at least six months for deciding, manufacture, and delivery.  Although we have many dresses ready for immediate shipment, most manufacturers will work on one style at a time.  Allowing extra time will guard against delays in delivery to ensure you receive your dress of choice. Delays are not usually because people are incompetent, it is because findings and parts, materials and trims could be delayed in shipping to the makers, or inclement weather, or such. Wedding manufacturers take great care to have your dresses delivered before the wedding dates. Some will rush a dress for extra charges, because they pay overtime for rushes; others strictly adhere to first ordered, first out. Some dresses can be delivered in two to three weeks. Others may take two or three months. 

Take your measurements accurately. Most Western dresses can be altered tighter, or shorter;  but there is no allowance for letting out. Do not use an arbitrary dress size. Be generous with your measurements if you like room to stretch. Only be conservative in your size, if you like a tight Victorian fit. The skirt areas of the hips are forgiving, but not the waist and bust. Do not figure on losing weight unless this is a proven trend. Meals are part of the celebration. Do not starve yourself. This will only increase anxiety. Have Fun!

Occasionally, we have nervous brides asking to cancel their dress at the time of shipping. This nervous condition almost always happens when a dress is less than two weeks delayed. We ask you, please, to consider that your wedding should not be rushed. It is impossible to stock every dress in every size. Expect slight delays. Delays are sometimes part of the Western Industry. We are quite specialized and not "cookie-cutter". Our unique styling is one of the reasons you chose us in the beginning. 

If a dress is not in stock, it is being made for you. The manufacturers will not cancel your dress, once you have made a commitment. If there is an unnecessary delay that is within our control, we will admit our fault. However, if there is still time to comply with your original time frame, and the dress is made for you, you will incur a reasonable cancellation fee of 15 to 50 percent of the dress price, depending on time and expense. The amount of the cancellation fee is also somewhat determined by how re-marketable the dress can be. This does not apply for dresses that are defective in manufacture (we have only experienced three defective in seven years, even between several companies). This does not apply to normal size or style exchanging or other normal courses of business.  This does apply when we are cancelled at the last minute. We are sorry for any inconvenience.   

When you order your dress, it is wise to ask for the name of the person taking your information. If possible, keep the name and try to talk with that person when making additional inquiries. (They are required to initial each order.) If you call for specifics and if the person answering is not experienced in weddings, they will be glad to give you a name of a person from our company that is familiar. We sometimes have employees answering phones that have never spoken to your dressmaker about your dress.  They may not be able to give you an accurate response at that time. (although when feeling pressured, they may try) Several of our dressmakers leave an answering machine on duty, while they work. It may be a couple of days before they answer our calls. This is not bad. It means their styling is very popular and they are working to get your dresses made. I can tell you first hand, that a person could spend all day on the phone, with nothing else accomplished except taking calls, to follow through, when the phone stops ringing. I personally seldom work less than 12 hours in a day, six days a week. And usually at least two of those days are over 16 hours.  This is because I am committed to your cause. So are your dressmakers.  If I, personally, do not respond as fast as I should, it is not because I have not tried. (My name is Chuck)

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the advice you receive from a wedding consultant; a consultant will be able to offer suggestions on fit and style based on your age and body type.  A gown that looks wonderful in a magazine (most do) may not look good on you. (You can email pictures of your attendants, or your own smile, to us for better consultation.)  A consultant will help you find the right gown at the right price. Feel free to ask questions about anything of which you are unsure.  Take at least one day to decide on your gown, to help ensure that you make a rational decision.  Expect to give an initial deposit of 50 percent of the cost of the gown.  If you ask, Cultured Cowboy will work with as little as 25 percent down on gowns to be delivered in three or more months from the order date.  The balance will be due when the order is ready for shipment from the manufacturer, and as we ship to you. 

You can expect three fittings -- the first when the gown arrives, the second to correct any mistakes after needed alterations, and the third to verify that everything is perfect.   Be sure to take your mother, maid-of-honor, or a trusted friend to your fittings.   Their support and suggestions will be invaluable.  When you go for your fittings, be sure to wear the bra, slip and shoes that you will be wearing on your wedding day.  You'd be surprised how a different sized heel or the wrong bra can make a difference when it comes to alterations.  Schedule your last fitting several weeks before your wedding.  You don't want to worry about whether your gown fits on your wedding day!

Be sure to have an emergency kit with sewing supplies, extra makeup, extra hose, and tissues on hand and be sure someone in your bridal party (mothers can be very good at this) knows how to perform small alterations in a pinch. 


This is your special day.  Make sure your gown makes you feel like a princess when you put it on.  When  you look good, you feel good. 

Cultured Cowboy offers the following selections to help you choose that perfect gown for your Western wedding. 

Martin McCrea

The wedding gowns from Martin McCrea are fashioned after the finest fabrics found in the wealthiest homes from 1820 to 1920. Reproductions of the styles and laces popular in this period comprise their selections. There is also some old world, almost Greek structure in some of the newest releases from their company.

Lilia Smith

A dress designer all of her life, the goal of Lilia Smith has been to provide exquisite gowns at an affordable price.  A hint of the Spanish influence of her heritage can be found in many of her designs. 

Western Collection

The designers and owners of our Western Collection have shared meals with us.  Their collection enhances a little of the old with a little of the new. They market designs with lots of lace, beading, fringe, and wedding appliqués. 

Simple Graces

Simple, elegant Southern and Western charm envelope their styling. Choose from several fabrics on many styles. Perfect outdoors, or in.

Jody of California

Jody places a youthful vigor in their patterns. Mostly imported with some extra touches once in California, this line is affordable and distinguished. 

Beads Beautiful

Here the art of airbrushing meets fringe in beautiful arrangements. Fringed shawls embellished with trims of various sorts are matched with skirts of comfort. Designs from the Heart of Texas to you. 


And of course, for the most exclusive events, Cultured Cowboy does in-house custom tailored dresses, and designs by consignment.

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