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A Renewal of Vows

One of the most romantic occasions in the life of a couple is the renewal of vows. Just when everything seems to be too fallen into place, you can rekindle the passions of yesteryear by recommitment to each other. The asking of such a renewal can come in many “colors”.

  For instance, one of our recent dresses will adorn a lovely lady whose husband asked her to remarry him in front of 174 of their friends, on a dance floor, as a hush had fallen on the room. He dropped to his knees and proposed again. The entire room felt his radiant love for her. Although several children and more than one hardship had been shared, this man considered her to be his best friend, his confidant, and his bride. If you were here when this couple came in for fitting, you would have seen that the anticipation was probably stronger than that of the original wedding night.

  For instance, another couple was about to be separated. He was called from the reserves to join his fellow soldiers in Iraq. He told his wife that he was trained and prepared to fulfill his duty. She told him that she was afraid for his life and for the future of their family. Through a renewal of vows, they experienced the rush of adrenaline that their grandparents experienced in WWII. Her confidence was renewed. His assurance of a loving return was met.

  For instance, a couple was looking for the perfect way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Their wedding had been very formal. They had relatively no say-so in any detail. A wedding director had overseen. The mother of the bride had selected most everything from dress style to florals for that wedding. The church minister chose the vows. They were so nervous, that if it had not been for a photographer, they would have almost no recollection of the event. Now, they could re-kindle the commitment. Now, they could have a ceremony that they would remember forever. Now, they could share their love with friendships they had built together as a couple.

  God blesses these re-commitments. None of us are perfect. Yet, none of us deserve to feel alone. As we age, our blemishes become apparent. God says for us to remember the wife of our youth. This wisdom does not restrict itself in gender. Ladies remember the husband of your youth. When we know we are married, but feel so apart from the spouse of our youth, it is time for a second look at the reasons we chose to spend our lives with this person. As we mature, our character more than our appearances, become most important.

  Philosophers have told us for centuries, to act as if, see ourselves as, believe in, … and then, it will come true. To have the “perfect” marriage, we must see ourselves in that relationship. We must believe that the person who washes our underwear, or who changes our oil, is our soul-mate. How can you better show your commitment to your relationship, than to renew sacred vows?

  I believe age can widen visions, rather than dull the senses. Your wife has probably grown more beautiful now, than she was in her youth. (Even though marriage probably put several wrinkles in her smile. She certainly cooked a couple pounds on man’s middle!) May a tear come to your eye each time you dwell on her loyalties, her devotion and her submissions to the “us”, rather than to her self or to some promise made by a passionate “passer-by”. These rare qualities are worth more than gold! Every day, praise God for her love. At evening’s tide, long to return home for her embrace.

Perhaps it is time that you too should consider a public re-commitment to your darling! Will she consider your years together too soon for this? You might need 6 months to a year for planning. I think it wise to begin setting up a proper occasion to ask!


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