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Health and Beauty Tips for Your Western Wedding

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day.  This will be one of the most hectic times in your life, but to achieve your glowing look, you must take time to take care of  yourself and begin any new skin care program early.  Be sure that you get enough sleep the night before the wedding, and allow plenty of time to get ready so you will be able to enjoy these special moments.

If you do not usually wear makeup, there are many good reasons to consider wearing it on your wedding day.  Properly applied makeup will greatly enhance your appearance and keep you from looking too pale in your wedding photographs.  Makeup should highlight your best features and camouflage any flaws without being too obvious.   Some brides have a professional makeup artist do the entire bridal party, or you can schedule a fun get-together with your attendants several weeks before the big day and experiment with different looks. 

If you decide to do your own makeup and are not sure how, there are many knowledgeable people that can assist you.  Visit several beauty consultants and take advantage of their expertise.  They can not only show you products that best suit your skin and features, but also show you how to best apply those products and give you some hints on the latest trends.  When you find the look you want, then practice, practice, practice. 

Choose a makeup that is close to your skin tone for a natural look and set the makeup with powder to keep it looking fresh longer.  Using a lipliner pencil will help prevent lipstick from running.  Hint:  If you softly color your lips with the pencil under your regular lipstick, the color will last longer.  Don't forget waterproof mascara if there is any chance tears of joy will flow!  Add soft eyeshadow and a touch of blush, and you will be ready for the special event! 

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