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Remember The Romance

Romance can be described as that desirable quality or state of being that brings the best of fiction and fantasy into truth and reality.  As we venture into discovery of a special friend, we go through a process of exploration. Our minds fill with the potentials of where this relationship may lead. We remember those pleasures of the past that we would like to convert into this relationship. We reminisce about the possibilities of fulfilling each other through hope of truly caring qualities. 

Most times we are a bit blinded by the newness of a relationship. Small flaws are overlooked, or held captive in the blank of our minds.  Excitement does not allow these slight human qualities to hinder the possibility of future happiness.

That wonderful carefree attitude that now attracts you appears so different than the mundane world of stress, responsibility, and/or boredom that has been surrounding you. Escape is the order of this day.

The stories are all new. The tales are all attractively adventurous. This makes for interesting conversations. Your skin tingles at the touch of such caring hands on your shoulders. You not only look forward to calling or seeing that wonderful person again, you actually hate to leave them. 

Life has renewed hope for love beyond the reality of schedules. But remember that it takes some coming back to that everyday routine to be able to fantasize about your dream. As the dream becomes more the norm, it begins to lose value as an escape. There is marvelous mystery in opportunity of opening and closing the adrenaline flow. You swear that you will, or will not, be so close that you read each others thoughts before the other thinks.


The fact that you are viewing this part of our website is enough to show that this is, or could be, the beginning of your lives together, as one.  This means you are about to entwine the best of both of you into one relationship that is stronger than the sum total of the two individuals.  You will not lose each personality. You have the potential to grow into a family that will endure through future generations for as long as Earth exists. Something to think about, isn’t it? 

The Cultured Cowboy Wedding Mall tends to attract those souls who are attracted by romantic dreams. After all, “The West”, be it Tennessee or the Ohio River Valley, California or Montana, is a tale of romance in and of itself.  Those ladies and gentlemen who are interested in a lifestyle that leads away from boredom will find our culture to be an advantageous adventure.  The thunder of horsepower, by animal or engine, is the basis by which many standards have been set. 

Just as knights in shining armor have legends of chivalry surrounding them, so does the modern cowboy. Whether your idea of cowboy is rough stock rodeo or driving a steel horse, there is something unique about someone who looks you in the eyes with confidence.  The air of independence that surrounds your choice for a mate can be a bit overwhelming.  Some of the characteristics that set us apart from the mainstream, can make us hard to wholly understand.

Most times the difference between romance and disturbance is only in the attitudes of the beholders. When the times get tough, remember those personality traits that attracted you together. One day, you may even be making a list of likes and dislikes. While life together is so special, make that list just to tuck it away and savor on another day. Remember that life is a balanced scale that can easily tip in either direction.  Always recall that romance is required to keep the scale tipped in your direction.  No one, no thing, can come between your relationship if you follow these intrinsic examples. 

Remember the Romance. The same attitudes that attract you now can continue life as a journey that is too short. Thoreau said, “Most people live lives of quiet desperation”. (artistic license of an accurate quote) He meant that many people suffer a “sameness”. They fall into a rut that they first find comfortable and never journey forward. By failing to reach for the best they could become, their lives become as the steady drone of tires, rolling down a highway, to nowhere special. Most people become too satisfied to venture difference, and too scared to try change.  In life, you never stand still. You are consistently moving through  your allocation of time. And time is too short for many wasted moments.  Keep those attitudes alive through nurture and commitment. 

Remember the Romance.  Let every day be an adventure in the joy of uplifting each other.  Your greatest assets will be yourselves.  To bring good to the partner is to bring even better to yourself. When you and your mate endeavor as one, any hurt or disappointment, likewise any joy or exaltation, for either becomes enhanced through the other. As you enhance your partner, you not only give feelings of comfort and confidence, there is satisfaction knowing you enhance yourself. Life is tough on the outside. Commit your home to an atmosphere of mutual love. Security will follow. 

Remember the Romance.  Laughter is one of the best cures for a relationship needing revival. Recall how wonderful your partner looks when they are wearing a smile. Keep a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes.  The remainder of your physique may deteriorate with time, but those laugh lines get more beautiful as they age. Learn to laugh at yourself. Recall silly, sometimes foolish, things you did as an experience to laugh out loud. This way, you learn through review, and something good can come from the lesson. Laughing with your life can exude confidence. Holding back mostly leads to withholding insecurities. Which would you prefer to become contagious in your home? Laughter, or insecurity.    

Remember the Romance. Money comes and money goes. Sometimes it is better if you don’t have the money for expensive gifts. Think about the real treasures of life. Take a little time to write a love note, pick a bouquet of wildflowers or take some of the normal duties away from your spouse.  Gentlemen need to remember that a relaxing night at home, your respite, is happening in the workplace of your mate. Can you fully relax to enjoy your time together at your place of business? Sometimes she needs a change of scenery.  Picnic in the pasture. Make her a rope swing at the wood’s edge. Spend time dreaming together. Ladies, remember that your mate needs a home to relax and forget the mounting stress of this day.  He may find a night on the town as more burden than escape.  Communicate your feelings so that you better understand the needs of each other.  Never assume! 

Remember the Romance.  Make dates for yourselves. Schedule appointments, if necessary.  They may or not be elaborate, but they should be fun.  The anticipation is as much reward as the event. Tell each other how you are looking forward to time together. Use your emotions to build into a crescendo. Challenge yourselves to try new things together.  Add to this mix of new, some things that brought you close in the past. Set goals for entertaining each other. To learn to grow toward common goals will always be a challenge.  As children and other family members share your time, keep in touch with spousal needs as well as the needs of all others.  Your marriage bond is not a place to cut emotional corners. 

Remember the Romance.  Ladies need a total approach of time and tenderness for loving.  Men need to give, or provide love in order to feel needed. You have heard this before, but realize that from time to time, your mate has the same needs you have. Cowboys, this is not a timed event. Learn to cuddle without consequence or expectation. Gentlemen need to know the needs of their lady. They certainly cannot read their lady’s mind.  They think as men.  As such, they will often misinterpret your need for rest, as rejection. When you don’t feel the mood, sometimes allow this to be a time of “quickie” for him. Sometimes he needs just that. When timing is just wrong, always make a promise or commitment to the future. Gentlemen should remember for every time your lady allows your pleasure, you should make a mental note to double theirs.  Keep a positive balance in your love account! 

Remember the Mystery.  When I have failed in my love life, it is because I became too predictable. I attract ladies wanting romance, yet allowed my special little attentions to become expected, then mundane. Working long hours from self-employment, I wanted all time together to be special in some way. This is impossible. I became too scheduled. There must remain some intrigue in the personalities, and much ordinary among the extraordinary, in order to continue timing euphoria. Don’t try for a high all the time. Don’t use technique to try to replace quality together. This is like becoming an expert from a book, rather than combining education with hands on experience. Be what a human is designed to be, somewhat unpredictable. Beware of the dangers of too much familiarity. Someone special was attracted to you, above all others, because of your unique character. They devoted themselves to discovering you. Our “West” was pioneered by people like us; people that had a yearning for something adventurous. As one area became settled, many would pick up belongings and move onward. Their hope was for something better on a horizon. People that are attracted to adventure cannot help this wanderlust. Keep some mystery within your soul. Surprise and awaken all of your emotions, so that some other mystery does not gain attention and affection due you. Mystique is often why people are attracted to the “wrong person”. Your mate is an emotional being. 

Remember the Horizon.  Sometimes you probably need space. Allow your partner the same benefit.  Guys especially need time to sort difficult things through. Ladies sometime need time with other ladies to remind themselves that they are indeed ladies, not one of the guys. If you value time with friends outside the relationship, be sure the friends you choose are valuable for your relationship. Get everyone together some, so that there develops a commitment and accountability between all. After a planned pause, come together with special efforts to share your experiences with your partner. There is a day, and there is a night between sunset and sunrise. If the colors were always as brilliant as these spectacular times, if the Summer’s evening breeze would always be so cool at midday, if hands could be held at all times, would they be so special? 

Keep the Lord in your relationship. Even with Christ on your side, you will have disagreement and controversy.  You are, after all, human. Form a positive loving relationship based on the One who brought love to all who will accept Him. While many wrongly believe that God has a bunch of archaic rules, God does not limit a relationship. God calls both of you to your best. His promise is true leadership through example. Study His book. Get a study edition in an interpretation that you understand. Use Him to guide your decisions and you will never run far wrong.  His motive is love. He commands us to love Him with all might, strength, and heart.  Then to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. And certainly, your spouse is to be considered your closest neighbor.  The Song of Solomon reveals ways to please your partner.  Genesis guarantees the sanctity of sex between husband and wife. Proverbs has advice for couples that will describe the magnificent pleasures and warn of the ever-present temptations and disturbances to avoid. Job reveals how to handle hardship. Hosea teaches that there can be hope and forgiveness after mistakes. Learn them all!  

This world tells us to share our bodies before marriage. See if there is compatibility. Try living together before commitment. We then have learned to use sex to attract a mate, rather than learning all the qualities above that will hold you together over time and trial. Using our sexual gifts for substitution of discovery process leads to having too many partners and the dilution of the meaning that orgasm is supposed to play in the lives of married couples. God has a right plan. Keep sex special and especially for that lifetime mate.  Once married does not mean to cut off this gift. The gift of each others body was never meant to trap. The purpose is to enlarge and to enrich the relationship for as long as you both live. Once married, the gift begins and becomes more important with time. When the rest of the relationship is right, there will be sexual compatibility. When the rest of the relationship is wrong, this ultimate catalyst, love, can put it back on track. How many times have you heard not to go to sleep while angry with each other? Guess what the alternative should be! Do you wonder if it is too late for you? God allows us to begin again as new creatures. Together, just ask Jesus for help. Thank God for sex in prayer together. After all, He invented this for us.

It is too easy to run from problems into the arms of another. When you are the delightful romantic personality that you are, without total commitment to the marriage, the yearn for romance that attracted you will be a great temptation to break you. Know this. Having this knowledge will help you to recognize what may be happening in your relationship as it happens, rather than after a large mistake. Recognition leads to conversation. Let the conversation be open enough to reconnect as a couple. Reinforce your spirit with the Holy Spirit. Pray together and often.  Use something truly larger than this life for your advantage. And the neat thing is…God wants to be used for love. 

May God Bless your Matrimony!   

Cultured Cowboy.

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