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Pro Rodeo Products

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Jerome Davis - 1995 World Champion Bull Rider

- Photo by Dan Hubbel

Safety Equipment


CLG is proud to have the support and advice of Jerome Davis, World Champion Bull Rider, and Lyle Sankey, the premier rough-stock instructor in the U.S.  Both are very knowledgeable and selective when it comes to the equipment they endorse.  


If you want a unique, technologically advanced protective vest that fits you to a "T", you'll want the Pro Tech HT1.  CLG design gives uniform protection of the body cavity (no gaps when compared to conventional construction) and CLG's modular construction makes any repair quick, easy and inexpensive.  

Pro-Tech™ Vests are made with Confor™ Foam, one of the best impact absorption materials available ... basically, it is velocity sensitive which means the harder you hit it, the better it works.  They provide protection that exceeds Beta 7 rating requirements (even at 100°F).  Every PRO-TECH™ VEST conforms to each contestant's unique body shape.  The foam recovery from impact is gradual but complete, plus the open-celled foam is breathable and non-irritating by dissipating moisture and perspiration away from the body. 


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PRO- BullRider VESTS

Arena tough 600 denier nylon fabric shell resists tears and abrasions.  The offset front zipper eliminates the gap usually found in protective vests and gives additional coverage in the sternum area.  Each PRO-BullRider Vest is adjustable at the shoulders and on each side (no straps) and fits the tapered athletic body especially well.  All adjustment areas have protective padding as well.  The offset closure and padded adjustments allow almost "custom fit" and virtual seamless wrap-around protection. 

Features include a convenient pocket for your mouth guard, special tabs on the back for fastening your contestant number, and a 4" wide neck to tail bone solid strip that provides EXTRA spine protection.  Designed for optimum safety with premium quality construction, the CLG Pro label identifies this #1 U.S. made body protector.   For the ultimate protection, choose the Pro-BullRider Vest with wrap-around "Spectra-Shield®" protective material. 

Pro- BullRider Vest Sizes

S = 30-34 Chest    L = 40-44 Chest
M = 36-38 Chest XL = 46-48 Chest


#CLG- CLG Pro-Tech™ Fabric Vest NLA
#CLG-623 CLG Pro-Tech™ Fabric Vest w/Spectra-Shield® $289.99
#CLG- CLG Pro-Tech™ Leather Vest NLA
#CLG-624 CLG Pro-Tech™ Leather Vest w/Spectra-Shield® $419.99

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#CLG-623  Fabric

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#CLG-624   Leather



Truly an incredible product at an unbelievable price!  This lightweight, wrap-around, full body protection, EZ fit.  The unique molded foam panels provide optimum protection as well as easy access for service and repair.  The EZ fit zipper front closure with adjustments on each side make a correct fit easy and quick.  Tough 400 denier nylon fabric shell and mesh liner resists tears and abrasions.  The distinctive "CLG PRO" logo is embroidered on every vest.  With the introduction of the CLG Pro Youth Protective Vest, CLG again brings premium product design and quality at a competitive price to the rodeo products market.  S, M, L

#CLG-635 CLG Pro Youth Protective Vest  $186.99
#CLG-630 CLG Pro Youth Protective Vest - Leather $320.99

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This technological breakthrough locks the lower jaw in a comfortable position to create a safety margin that helps prevent the lower jaw from slamming into the base of the skull.  Riders and other athletes are turning to WIPSS to protect their teeth, jaw, tongue, brain, and increase career expectancy.  The WIPSS Jaw Joint Protector opens airflow to the lungs for enhanced endurance, can increase riders' strength up to 35%, helps reduce concussions by locking the jaw to create a TMJ safety margin, gives true protection for upper and lower teeth, allows freedom of speech in the chute, and is comfortable and easy to fit in seconds. 

#CLG-655 WIPSS Jaw Joint Protector




A high tech helmet with an ITECH® large wire cage is the #1 helmet in rodeo today!  For superior protection from head injuries, choose ITECH and CLG PRO!  Colors:  Black in stock; other colors may be special ordered at an additional cost. 

#CLG-692 Junior - Fits Sizes 6 1/2 - 7 1/4 1 lb. 11 oz. $89.95
#CLG-694 Adult - Fits Sizes 6 3/4 - 7 3/8 2 lb. 6 oz. $99.95


For the junior rider or any rider needing a smaller size helmet for protection from head injuries, the black lightweight Tech Lite® helmet with a medium wire cage fills this need! 

#CLG-695 Junior - Fits Sizes 6 1/2 - 7 1/8 1 lb. 11 oz. NLA
#CLG-696 Adult - Fits Sizes 7 - 7 5/8 2 lb. 6 oz. NLA




613.gif (33811 bytes) CLG COMPRESSION SHORTS

 Many top hands are finding this compression short an excellent way to support their upper leg and groin muscles.  Fabric-faced neoprene pockets hold plastic inserts for added protection, and extra tail bone padding provide added protection.  Made in the USA and proudly carrying the Wild Wear label.   Available in S, M, L, XL.

#CLG-615 CLG Compression Shorts Sm - XL   NLA
#CLG-615 CLG Compression Shorts Sm - XL   NLA



The entire short is a four-way stretch Lycra Spandex material to give comfortable compression in or out of the arena.  They are ideal for groin, quad, hamstring, and stomach compression.  The 3" rise prevents creeping.  They are completely invisible under jeans.  Available in waist sizes:  S 26-28; M 30-32; L 34-36; XL 38-40; and XXL 40+. 

#CLG-620 Sports Short NLA

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Protect your tailbone with a CLG pad cut from shock and impact absorbing, high density white athletic foam.  

#CLG-686 Regular Tail Pad $  24.95
#CLG-687 Regular Leather Covered Tail Pad $ 45.95
#CLG-688 Full Cut Tail Pad $  29.99

COMFORT FIT - Leather Covered Full Cut Tail Pad

"Comfort Fit" is based on the shape that most full-cut pads get trimmed down to.  By gluing top grain cowhide to the high density athletic foam, you have increased protection and durability, yet it is easily trimmed with scissors or a sharp knife for comfort and fit. 

#CLG-689 Comfort Fit Leather Covered Tail Pad $56.95
#CLG-690 Comfort Fit No Leather Tail Pad $36.95


lylesankey.gif (8351 bytes) Tail pads are the least expensive item a bareback rider will carry.   It might be the most crucial.  A tail bone injury is a bone bruise that takes months to totally heal.  Just using a good tail pad is the best insurance you can have ... even if you already use a combination pad. 

- Lyle Sankey Pro Tip Courtesty of Lyle Sankey and CLG Pro Rodeo Products



Vinyl foam pads, dipped in vinyl, with elastic straps for proper fit, provide protection for your forearm or elbow.  Choose from either regular or junior sizes. 

#CLG-683 Forearm Pad $29.99
#CLG-683J Junior Forearm Pad $24.99
#CLG-684 Elbow Pad $29.99
#CLG-684J Junior Elbow Pad $24.99



This brace is designed with 2 side locks to help prevent hyperextension.  It allows the elbow to straighten to the stronger position and still absorb the shock of each extension.

#CLG-669 Arm Brace  NLA



A thin, highly porous polyurethane foam pre-taping underwrap for painless tape removal.   It tears easily and conforms like a second skin. 

#CLG-602 CLG Prewrap - box of 8 30-yard rolls  NLA
#CLG-603 CLG Prewrap - box of 24 30-yard rolls  NLA



The popular, high-strength, versatile tape for a wide range of athletic uses!  The high-strength backcloth is treated to achieve good mass anchorage under the most adverse conditions.  Porous features reduce irritation by allowing the skin to breathe.   Rodeo athletes appreciate the uniform unwinding tension.

#CLG-648 Coach Tape - box of 8 15-yard rolls $39.95
#CLG-649 Coach Tape - case of 32 15-yard rolls $119.00



Illustrated pocket-size cards have a well researched series of stretching exercises especially designed for rodeo competitors.  Printed on a mar-resistant stock, the durable set comes in a handy pouch, ready to toss in your gear bag.  Head off painful groin and muscle pulls by correctly stretching your body before competition. 

#CLG-652 Conditioning Cards in Pouch NLA
#CLG-654 Conditioning Cards only NLA



System includes:

  • Protector
  • Storage Case & Name Label
  • Boiling Stick
  • Warnings
#CLG-655 Adult Size Brain Pad $29.99
#CLG-655J Junior Size Brain Pad $29.99

This custom mouthguard is designed and recommended by orthodonist.  Made of 100% FDA approved material.  One size fits all athletes in seconds.  Holding channel provides greatest shock absorbancy for gums and teeth.

#CLG-660 Custom Mouthguard - 1 $  7.99
#CLG-661 Mouthguard - 6 pack $39.99

#CLG-657 ShockDR V-2 Adult $14.95
#CLG-657J ShockDR V-2 Junior $14.95
#CLG-658 ShockDR V-2 Adult - case of 6 $69.00
#CLG-658J ShockDR V-2 Junior - case of 6 $69.00
#CLG-675 ShockDR V-1 Adult $ 9.95
#CLG-675J ShockDR V-1 Junior $ 9.95
#CLG-676 ShockDR V-1 Adult - case of 6 $57.99
#CLG-676J ShockDR V-1 Junior - case of 6 $57.99

#CLG-679 ShockDR V-3 Adult $24.95
#CLG-679J ShockDR V-3 Junior $24.95
#CLG-680 ShockDR V-3 Adult - case of 6 $145.35
#CLG-680J ShockDR V-3 Junior - case of 6 $145.35




1" Nylon or leather harness with soft foam.  As with any safety or supportive product, consult your sports medicine professional before use.  Used to prevent neck and back injuries.  Many sports medicine professionals believe that an unattached neck roll is better than one that is part of a vest since it can be independently adjusted.  One size fits most.

#CLG-681 Leather Neck Roll $98.99
#CLG-682 Fabric Neck Roll $42.99



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