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Jerome Davis
1995 Word Champion Bull Rider

- Photo by Dan Hubbel


This vest was originally endorsed by Bullfighter, Gary Jones and is now new and improved with Armadillo Armor.  Facing 12 - 15 bulls (or more) per performance day after day, calls for the optimum in protection ... with no restriction in mobility or flexibility.  This vest has tremendous hook and loop adjustment on each side of the rib cage as well as over each shoulder.   Hard plastic shells, front and back, are designed to absorb and spread the force to the shock absorbing foam vest liner.   The entire vest is lined with perforated athletic mesh to reduce heat build up.   A special product at an excellent price.  Please specify your chest size.  

#CLG-611 Armadillo Armor IMPROVED Bullfighter Vest
S - M - L - XL CC Price:  $ 269.99


S = 30" - 32", M = 32" - 34", L = 34" - 36", XL = 38" - 40"


(New improved model with Armadillo Armor logo.)
(Original Gary Jones model.)



These shorts were originally endorsed by Bullfighter, Gary Jones and are now new and improved with Armadillo Armor.  Designed by bullfighters, and built to last.  Features knee to waist compression support and warming to keep muscles loose.  This set of armor has multiple layer protection to cushion and distribute the force of the impact.  It is made of a unique breathable material for your comfort.  It is the only one made of super tough "Tex" material to give you more durability and value.  The seams are double cross stitched for added strength.  This is undoubtedly the best set of armor on the market today.  Front Velcro closure and easily removable plastic shields.  Please specify your waist size.  

#CLG-615 Armadillo Armor Bullfighter Shorts
S - XL CC Price:  $ 166.99
XXL CC Price:  $ 186.99
XXXL CC Price:  $ 195.99

S = 30" - 32", M = 32" - 34", L = 34" - 36"
XL = 36" - 38", XXL = 38" - 40", XXXL = 40" - 42"

(New improved model #615 with front Velcro closure and easily removable plastic shields.)
(Original Gary Jones model #612.)



Designed by renowned bullfighter Jim McLain, these "Two Bulls" model vests are worn by Rob Smets, Rowdy Barry, Joe Baumgartner, Mike Matt, Allen Nelson, Sam Gress and Jim himself and by many other bullfighters.  Foam lined hard shell insert for maximum protection-heavy duty washable spandex shell.  Form fits your body like a glove.

#CLG-618  "Two Bulls" Zip-Up Vest

Original style zip-up vest will fit bullfighters who are between 5'7" and 5'11" tall and weight between 150 - 190 pounds.  If you are larger or smaller try our style 617.

CC Price:  $295.00

#CLG-617  "Two Bulls" Wrap-Around Vest

Wrap around style with Velcro closure.  The spandex shell allows the vest to expand or contract varying with the size of the person.

CC Price:  $315.00

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