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Just because it's highlighted with "pink", we have to make 'em extra tough!

       "We're cowboys offering real cowboy boots to cowboys.  We're not another western boot brand designed and developed by shoe people.  We're a cowboy brand living the lifestyle and we still cowboy, now and then, when we're not working on the boot deal.  Our team has a gazillion years experience in the boot business and we've got this deal figured out.  We're makin 'em right." - Twisted X

We've incorporated authentic styling, technology, stability, durability, and comfort into making Twisted X the best overall boot package available.  You might say these are extreme cowboy boots.  You've got better things to worry about than your feet.

Same things are really important for your kids boots. Why would you want to buy them a boot that will create lifelong problems? You don't. Twisted X Kids boots will have the same, or similar technology that has made the boot famous. These Youth Boots are really worth the money!

Twisted X Men's
Tough Enough To Wear Pink?
More men are finding pink to be rather good looking on them. Did you know that originally, pink was a boys color? 

Twisted X Men's Driving Moc

Twisted X Women's
Tough Enough To Wear Pink?
From Western boots to Barn shoes, Pink cleans up really well! 

Twisted X Women's
Red River Boot

Twisted X Women's
All Around Boot

Twisted X Women's
All Around Lace Up Shoe

Twisted X Kids Boots
Tough Enough To Wear Pink?
Too many children are left without Moms, just because detection is found so late. Especially in lower income families, parents will delay checking out for  them selves to provide for the kids.
Cultured Cowboy is matching Donations along with Twisted X for each pair sold.

Please tell your friends & family to shop soon.

It's a great thing to provide the best in footwear for your family, and to know you're helping the breast cancer search for cures. And know that the research done for breast cancer is shared
 with other research to find a cure for all cancers! 

Twisted X Technology/Cowboy Comfort
Twisted X Kids Boots
Silver Buckle Collection

SD Footbed
- Moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable -
(Keeps your feet from stinking so much and adds cushioning to dissipate concussion.)

XSD Insole
- Patent pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability -
(Keeps you from twisting an ankle, or losing your balance.)

50K Outsole
- Genuine super slab rubber sole -
(Adds some more bounce to your step for less tired legs at the end of a long day and gives good traction on the ground surface.)


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