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Mom, Dad, These are real boots. Even for kids. They hold out & up better than any other brand we have found. If you want the best for your children's boots or youth boots...

       "We're cowboys offering real cowboy boots to cowboys.  We're not another western boot brand designed and developed by shoe people.  We're a cowboy brand living the lifestyle and we still cowboy, now and then, when we're not working on the boot deal.  Our team has a gazillion years experience in the boot business and we've got this deal figured out.  We're makin 'em right." - Twisted X

We've incorporated authentic styling, technology, stability, durability, and comfort into making Twisted X the best overall boot package available.  You might say these are extreme cowboy boots.  You've got better things to worry about than your feet.

Same things are really important for your kids boots. Why would you want to buy them a boot that will create lifelong problems? You don't. Twisted X Kids boots will have the same, or similar technology that has made the boot famous. These Youth Boots are really worth the money!

Remember - Twisted X Kids Boots have always sold out for the Christmas Holiday - Most are limited supply
Don't be panicky at the last minute & Don't miss our 
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Twisted X Kids Boots
Cowkid's Collection

Kids Twisted X
Work Boots
Kid's Twisted X
Buckaroo Boots

Kids Twisted X
Top Hand Boots

Kids Twisted X
 Work Boots

Kids Twisted X 
Work Boots 

Twisted X Kids Boots
Hooey Collection

Truthfully, the "Hooey" isn't as important for most of the world as it is in some parts.  
BUT, the quality of these boots are important everywhere! 


Kids Twisted X
Hooey Boots

Christmas Bonus:  This is an incentive to get you to buy your Christmas now. Twisted X children's boots have always sold out for the Holiday - don't miss this  Bonus Incentive - Especially with these stocking stuffers: Today, we'll offer a buy one pr, get one half off on Thorlos' athletic boys socks,
 ( they do well for girls too - or I can send pink trim Thorlo socks),
with your purchase of your Youth Twisted X Boots.

We have personally found that Thorlo socks made with Thorlon™ Moisture wicking material, 
will outlast normal kids socks 4 to 1.
Lots of terry cloth type knitted cushion where cushion is needed to protect little feet. (Material is concentrated on the bottoms, thinner on the top side, for better fit, and better protection.) A small investment now will pay benefits for years to come! And this is your chance to test our "bragging".  Buy 3 Get the 4th half off, Gets you 4 pr at a very fair price.  

Why do we offer this, when we could easily make more $ per pair? 
Cultured Cowboy knows that once you try these socks, you, like other loving parents, will be calling again to get more of them. When you first see & feel the value, you'll be glad you did. After they last for long times, you realize the end cost is less than those cheap socks that you have to repair, re-stitch, or throw away all the time. 
(Moms, they feel so good that the kids keep up with them.)
You'll soon be getting Thorlos for your whole family.

Click here to see more about Thorlos

Twisted X Technology/Cowboy Comfort
Twisted X Kids Boots
Silver Buckle Collection


SD™ Footbed
- Moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable -
(Keeps your feet from stinking so much and adds cushioning to dissipate concussion.)

XSD™ Insole
- Patent pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank for maximum stability -
(Keeps you from twisting an ankle, or losing your balance.)

50K™ Outsole
- Genuine super slab rubber sole -
(Adds some more bounce to your step for less tired legs at the end of a long day and gives good traction on the ground surface.)

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