John R. Craighead Toys & Gun Sets

Cultured Cowboy has been asked to clarify that we are not Craighead company. We have tried to carry ample supply of their good products. Sometimes we are out. Especially at Halloween and Christmas, the earlier you can place orders, the better. If we have the products in our store, delivery is 3 days to a week. If Craighead needs to make it for us, it can easily be 3 to 4 weeks, just because of production runs. J R Craighead is a great USA made product. The maker tries their best to make everyone happy. They always complete and ship earliest orders first. We appreciate your patience, and try to inform by phone or email if there is to be a long delay. As you order, if you will give us a "wear date" of the birthday party, or other event, this helps. Often we have the items ready to go, or can make a close substitution for you, with your permission. Your cards are not charged until ready to ship to you. Cultured Cowboy is proud to present: 

Much to our distress, we are unable to supply JR Craighead products at this time. However, sometime in 2016, we hope to have similar product available for  you. For toy gun selection, we will refer you to Parris Mfg in our website. We are working on the possibility of leather holsters for 2016. Parris are great guns, but plastic holsters. 
Another alterntive may be for you to visit Tandy Leather/Leather Factory, and order a kit for the leather holsters from them.

Real Leather holsters, and toy guns for the little cowboys and cowgirls. Chances are that your grandparents might have played with Craighead toy gun sets.  Let your children in on all the great movies and play time that you shared as a kid when you were their age. And don't forget those Texas Rangers.  Holsters are Made in USA. Most pistols are imported.

As always, Cultured Cowboy has discounted your prices so that even after S&H charges, you still get a great value for your family. 

#JRC-123 Texas Ranger Set
Large Gun, Ranger Holster - $32.99
Cowboy Canteen - $21.99
(Other Canteens to match Chap & Skirt sets are below)
Small Gun, Holster, Small Canteen - $38.99
Large Gun, Holster, Bandana, Badge Slide - $31.99
#JRC-115 Large Thirsty Cowboy
Large Gun, Holster, Bandana, Canteen - $44.99 
#JRC-116 Peace Keeper
Large Gun, Holster, Bandana, Handcuffs - $41.99
#JRC-130 Good Guy Special
Med Gun, Holster, Scarf, Lariat - $34.99
Two Small Guns, Fringed Holsters - $35.99
Two Medium Guns, Steerhead Holsters - $44.99
Two Medium Guns, Tan Holsters - $44.99
Two Medium Guns, Black Holsters - $46.99
Two Large Guns, Tan Holsters - $44.99
Two Small Guns, Black Holsters - $37.99
#JRC-1131 Roy Rogers
Signature Series. Medium Gun, Custom Natural Leather Holster & Belt - NO  Longer Available
#JRC-1121 Hopalong Cassidy
Signature Series. Medium Gun, Custom Black Leather Holster & Belt - NO  Longer Available
#JRC-1141 Gene Autry
Signature Series. Medium Gun, Custom Natural Leather Holster & Belt - NO  Longer Available
Spurs - $26.99
(These are mostly for decoration, but will fit larger boys boots)
Fringed Leather Gloves - $31.99
Small, Med, Large
Diaper Pin Holsters - NO  Longer Available


Leather Pouch with Arrowheads - $14.99
Canteen, Sheath, Flashlight, Belt - $48.99
Canteen, Sheath, Large Gun, Holster, Scarf - $46.99
Small Canteen - $19.99
Children's "Spin a Rope" Lariat - $9.99
#JRC-420 Sheriff Badge - $3.99 
 #JRC-4201 Texas Sheriff Badge - $8.49
#JRC-406 Brass Sheriff Badge - $9.99
Play Knife in Leather Sheath - $18.49
About 8 inches long.
Flashlight in Leather Sheath - $19.99
About 5 inches long
Toy Handcuffs - $12.99
#JRC- 31RW  Red White & Blue Canteen - $21.99 #JRC-47   Brown Concho Canteen - $21.99 #JRC-36  Black Concho Canteen  $21.99
 #JRC-11RW  Red White & Blue Purse - $25.99 #JRC-46 Brown Steerhead Purse - $25.99 #JRC-35  Black Steerhead Purse - $25.99
#JRC-54P  Pink Concho Purse - $25.99 #JRC-52P Pink Cactus Purse - $25.99 #JRC-32  Frontier Purse - $25.99
Childs Coonskin Cap - $11.99
Sizes:  S, M, L


All Pictures shown are from John R Craighead catalog to dealers. Cultured Cowboy thanks them, and will be taking some pics of our own soon. 

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