How do I Order from You?

1)  Call us at 1-864-223-3700 or 1-866-4-926-926 toll free, or email me your phone number and a best time to call back.  We have several lines that receive your calls. If you get the message center, we are all helping other people. If leaving a message, it helps to repeat your phone number twice. If we know what the message is about, we can often be ready to go when we call back. 

2)  Mail your orders to:
Cultured Cowboy
3003 County Farm Rd
Greenwood, SC 29646

Have the basic info we need. Your Name, Address, Phone, What you need, with size & color.  Email if you have one. Check enclosed. Here, at the bottom of this page, is a sheet you can print off if needed.   See Shipping info Below. 

3)  Sometimes our phone lines are very busy. Sometimes, you just want to go ahead and order something now, while it is on your mind, and we might not be open because it's midnight in SC, although daylight in Hawaii. 

Many shopping carts are little more than a form that is automatically emailed to the company. Many shopping cart programs, that are affordable to small business, do not let you easily find your page through a search engine, like Google or Yahoo. All the clutter that makes the cart work blocks some of those searches. If you want to come back to a Cultured Cowboy page, just bookmark it or add it as a favorite until you finish with it. 

You can email orders safely by using two emails. This is a good method that a European customer taught us. Give us your shipping address and billing address, as well as the items and quantities. Be sure a phone number is included for any delivery problems. Split the payment information using this format of alternating blocks of numbers 4321 ---- 1234 ----  123 (3 digit code on back). Expires month of ------ .  Then in the second email,  use ---- 1234 ---- 1234.  Expires  ----  (year).  Emails are delivered in packet form and no one can possibly intercept and put both together, all packets from both emails to complete the info, except the intended receiver.  A neat idea, very safe, and it works whether or not your computer connection is "secure". 

If you had a card with this number and expiration: 4301 6500 2006 1234  Expires 12/31/2011 and the three digit code (last three numbers) on the back of the card just above your name is 345 ,

Send 1st email with the first and third sets of credit card numbers, and the three digit code on the rear of the card. Separate with X's.  Example:  4301 xxxx 2006 xxxx 345  Expires month of 12.

Send a 2nd email with the second and fourth set of numbers, and the expiration date. Separate with X's.   Example:  xxxx 6500 xxxx 1234.  Expires year of  2011

This insures the security of your card, even if there is no indicator of a security lock showing on your computer...because all email is traveling in many separate packets. No one can intercept two randomly and get your two, to put them together, except the intended receiver, There are too many emails, all traveling in many packets, all over the place, and they re-establish themselves by ever narrowing MAC addresses of the intended recipient.

4)  PayPal: Payments can be made through using PayPal to: Notify us if PayPal is used  on the form below.  


Thanks and God Bless. Chuck  

PS: Yes, you can email an order and keep shopping. If we get several emails from you, we will try to get them all together for best shipping rates to you. Also, many of our repeat customers just refer us to reuse the credit card of their last purchase. Although this information is not available to everyone working here, accounting uses a separate network so it can track old sales and retrieve, if YOU want us to. 


Cultured Cowboy does not tie the amount you spend with a dollar amount of shipping. This is commonly done with shopping carts, because it is almost the only way to do it without spending millions on integrated software and hardware systems.  When you ask for Shipping and Handling charges, we try to get really close for you, often checking a couple carriers. We do not like companies that charge crazy prices for shipping and handling either. That ruins trust. Most of our products have steep discounts so that even with S&H, you get real savings too.

Please, we need a complete address to figure the shipping. The right way for you, is not to tie it to $ spent, but to actual weight, and measurement of the package. Then, to which address delivery zone? Using Fed X, UPS and several other shippers, a residence, or home business cost more than a business district delivery. Priority Mail does not distinguish residential costs from business districts as much as UPS. 

Most times, we try to ship your orders complete. Sometimes, products may come from different warehouses. Sometimes we can drop ship from a maker. We try to do what is best for you.

Often, the size of the box makes a delivery of one product cost more than another. For example, a $900.00 flex-lite saddle is shipped in a box that is probably 32 X 20 X 20. A $900.00 ring is probably in a box that is 9.5 X 7.5 X 2.5. Sometimes insurance is almost nothing. Sometimes it does add a few dollars. 

Good thing is, when you have a return to us, we give a low risk business district location, so the return cost is at lowest possible cost to you. And someone is always there during delivery times, so the item is received properly. 

Our return address is:
  Cultured Cowboy
  1521 Bypass 72 NE
  Greenwood, SC 29649-2214

We want to give you the best right prices!  Your invoices will have all S&H details you need to keep your accounts in order. And we can give a pretty close estimate before the fact too. Thanks and God Bless, Chuck 

Common Shipping and Handling charges:
A belt, or two, not too fancy with lots of metal. $6.00 to $7.00
Heavy metal belt or two. $6.49 to $7.89.
Box with 3 shirts.  $8.89 to $11.89
Small Hat in box. $8.89 to $12.89  
4 in brim hat in hat box, $9.89 to $23.89.
Kids boots about $8.89 average.
Adult boots 13 inch top.  $14.00 average.
Buckaroo boots.  About $19.00 average.
Saddle box 28x20x20.  $35.00 close to SC,  $60.00 middle of the USA, up toward $90.00 on the back side of a mountain in Oregon. 
Easy way for you to estimate shipping: Use our address above for shipper address. Use your address for delivery address. Go to  (postal priority mail with delivery confirmation and insurance to the amount of the product, or with the options you need. (UPS insurance is needed on all orders over $100.00. 1st $100.00 is included.)  estimate size of box and weight. The larger the box, the more a system of size of box affects the shipping more than the weight. 

If you make a mistake on shipping, we will credit you back, toward your next purchase, send back money with the item if you really guess high, or call you for the difference if you really guess low. Life is easy!


In 1996, we began using Your Last Name, Your First Name, then the Product Name as a confirmation code. It works. If you call to check on a shipment, we will ask for your name and the item. Those long numbers are hard to keep in memory. Example: SmithMaryNoconaBelt

We have a real store. We carry a lot of inventory. More than most. But, one of the great things about the Internet is that we can put entire catalogs from manufacturers online. You can see it all, then order what you like. Most internet sites carry the top 5 or 10 products only. True, many people like the same things, but isn't it great to see it all? We cannot possibly carry everything in every size at all times. So we use our store, our warehousing, and warehousing from distributors and vendors to keep things moving out as fast as is possible.

If we have an item in stock, normal delivery is three days to a week. If it comes from a distributor or manufacturer, it takes another half day to a week to get through their paper trail. Sometimes we may have part of the order and hold it a few days to get it all for you. Sometimes, it is on a production schedule by the maker, and we call you back, or email approximate delivery time based on their expectations. If there will be a long delay, we like to ship what we have and then ship the balance when it is ready. 

Custom made items, and custom sizes can take longer. Some wedding dresses, and made-for-you saddles or show blankets come to mind! So we keep a lot of these items ready to go. But some days, we can sell out in a day. Ely shirts are basic Western and usually available, but Cumberland styles go fast. Order group shirts as soon as possible. 

Christmas ordering is best begun in August through November, though we usually have enough stock to ship out on Christmas week too.  

We believe in paying our suppliers as we go. They use our credit card, just as we use yours. We found this saves accounting time, and thus shortens your delivery times. It keeps us in good cash position for you. And sometimes, not always, cash gets product to us when someone else owes a supplier a lot of money.   

To keep cash flow moving, on items that will take a while to get, like a saddle, or wedding dress, we can bill a down payment at the time of order, and the balance when it is ready to ship. On items that are ready to ship soon, we usually bill as soon as we get it all together. 

We can work out long distance layaway plans for you too. Some ladies need a little time to pay for the wedding dress of their dreams, and even if we have it in stock, we can work with you on payments. In fact, anything in the store can be placed on Layaway. Layaway has been a part of our business for over 32 years. 

Late Deliveries:  We do everything humanly possible to get all gifts to you in a timely manner. We understand the rush involved in busted rodeo equipment, or times when you just found our site a few days before you need the item. If we can get it, we will. If we cannot, we will try to refer you to another store who might be able to get it in time. As soon as we find a delay from a maker, we will inform you. If we can't get you on the phone, an email address is real handy! 

Any time you need to use it - We have a gift certificate on the front page of our site. You can print it, then print a picture of the item, and give these while the actual article is being delivered.


Happiest New Year and may the joy of God's love bless you and your family this day and everyday,  

Cultured Cowboy

Just copy & paste into your email, or copy and mail, this
Easy Order Form:

PO No: Date:
Name: Phone:
In Care of: Alt Phone:
City: State/Prov: Zip:
1st item Maker: Style#: Size:
Color: CCPrice: Quantity:
Special Specs:
2nd choice?
Ship Preference: RUSH SHIP OK? Cancel Date:
2nd item Maker: Style#: Size:
Color: CCPrice: Quantity:
Special Specs:
2nd choice?
Ship Preference: RUSH SHIP OK? Cancel Date:
3rd item Maker: Style#: Size:
Color: CCPrice: Quantity:
Special Specs:
2nd choice?
Ship Preference: RUSH SHIP OK? Cancel Date:
4th item Maker: Style#: Size:
Color: CCPrice: Quantity:
Special Specs:
2nd choice?
Ship Preference: RUSH SHIP OK? Cancel Date:
CC#: Exp Date: Security Code:
Billing Address (if different from shipping):
City: State/Prov: Zip:
Check#: Credit Memo#:
PayPal ID: PayPal Date:

PO:  your purchase order number if needed for your internal tracking. Our Confirmation numbers are your Last name, First name, Maker. (ex SmithJaneJustinBoot - people can remember their names easier than a long number.)

Date:  date you are ordering

Phone:  needed for a delivery problem by shipping agent, or out of stock, or such as that.

In Care of:  going to somebody as as gift. going to a company address. keep yer nosey hubby out of yer package!

Email:  "ditto" phone info.  sometimes we just need to confirm, question, or thank you. NO SPAM. Every now and then an email special. Opt out if this bothers you. Last year we sent 2 emails to our general list. 2012 year we hope to do 1 per month. 

Maker:  who made it. we use real vendor numbers so you know you are getting what you desire. Sometimes more than one maker uses the same number. 

Style#:  what it is you want.  Size:  Color:  We want to verify what you ordered is the size and color you want. 

CC Price:  CC Price is our discounted price. Often, by cross referencing price and item, this helps us know you are getting what you intended to get.

Quantity:  how many.

2ndChoice:  alternative, if the 1st choice is not available. Like a kid's boot in Pink, but Red would be an alternate, or a green horse blanket, bur tan would be OK.  If left blank, we know there is no alternative to your order. 

Special Specs:  Line engraving on buckle, customization of saddles, hats, anything else. Fast delivery needed? 

Notes:  Anything else you think we need to know. Wedding or Birth date deliveries - We need to know, please.

Ship Preference:  do you need RUSH delivery? prefer UPS or USPS? Wedding Date? 

Rush Ship OK:  we will use faster shipping, at the shippers' higher delivery rates, given your permission.  

Cancel Date:  quit my order if CC or maker cannot deliver by the date you provide. Cards are normally not charged until shipping time. not time of order. If there is a problem or delay, we know about, we do not charge you or will refund you, until resolved. CUSTOM ORDERS MAY NOT BE CANCELABLE ONCE TAKEN. Call us if in doubt. (ex: many Wedding dresses. custom saddles - not saddles with a small alteration preference, but saddles made for you alone. Custom boots. If we know we cannot make your date when we start the order, we will inform you then,  so there are no worries about charges/refunds/lost sleep/ lost religion/etc. If a maker has a delay, you and we both gotta work it out, best we can. 

CC#:    If emailing this form, give half in 1st Email, half in a second (Ex. 1st email 4321-xxxx-1234-xxxx-123  month of exp.     then 2nd email  xxxx-1234-xxxx-4321-  year of expiration. Nobody can access both emails except the intended receiver.  Very secure.  If Mailing, Postal tampering is a Fed offense. It can all be on one form. 

Check#:   the number of the check you are using. This can be a money order, bank check, personal check, whatever. Please, be sure all checks are made out in US Dollars. 

Credit Memo#:  you are using a credit from a previous order. Gift certificate, or maker's coupon  (put $ amount)

PayPal ID:  your PayPal ID, if using PayPal 

PayPal Date:  Date you made the payment transaction. (Helps us track it.)  |  Call or Email Us to Order: 864-223-3700 or 1-866-492-6926 Toll Free   |