Custom Show Blankets

The ultimate goal in the show ring is to make your ride more outstanding than the others. Whether we are supposed to be judging only the rider, or only the horse, it is the package that really works. You don't want to look like every other rider out there. Create your own custom show blanket that blends with your horse's coat, and your outfit. Look professional, especially in an "amateur" class.  With show clothes worth hundreds or thousands, it's almost a waste of money not to own customized saddleblankets for each outfit. 

The quality available for customization is good for SASS events and for parades. Groups and Color Guards can now have their colors woven from school colors, stable colors, patriotic patterns, or almost anything else!  Maybe a sponsor logo on a corner plate.  

Your custom horse blanket will be hand-crafted with 100% New Zealand Wool, especially for you, in your choice of 8 designs, (9 counting solid) and 92 colors.  Because these blankets are individually woven for you, please allow 8 to 10 weeks time for delivery, depending on the amount of backlog of custom horse blankets. Only the best weavers will be building your custom Navajo blanket.  

Custom horse blanket sizes are given with the girth, or width (side to side over the shoulders) first. Then the length, or spine centerline second. Ex: a 36 x 34 custom blanket is 36 inches wide and 34 inches long. 36 x 34 is the standard Mayatex size for a custom blanket. These Custom Show Blankets are also available in a 34 x 30 size that is perfect for Arabians or game saddles, and oversized up to 40".  (There is an extra charge, see ordering information below, for the oversize.) 

With more and more homes using southwestern decorum, having a custom blanket made to match your home's color schemes is happening every day. Thrown over a rocker, lazy boy recliner, your couch; used as an area rug over carpet, or against hardwood; mounted alone or as a background to bring out another special piece, on your wall or table; all you need is a little imagination to make any room have little touches of your favorite hobby. Yep, you should consider your centerpiece blanket to be a "show blanket" for your domicile! 

When you are finalizing your blanket colors, remember that the more you have trouble with movement in your hands and legs, the more you want everything to blend with the color of your horse. 

The better the rider you become, the more you can take advantage of contrasting cuffs, bolder color, and bold saddle blanket patterns that knock your competition away.

Choose from the following custom colors: 

Blending colors is both art and science. A good suggestion is to go to a fabric store and lay a variety of colors next to each other to see how your colors blend. We've been surprised to see colors like turquoise and red blended well with umber. Or how mixing a bright against the ice colors can add pizzazz to each color. 

Color Number Color
1 Cream
2 Black
3 Gray
4 Rust
5 Chocolate Brown
6 Caramel
7 Peach Ice
8 Sand
9 Copper
10 Gold
11 Hunter Green
12 Teal
13 Soft Turquoise
14 Show Turquoise
15 Royal Blue
16 Navy Blue
17 Burgundy
18 Show Red
19 Fuchsia
20 Soft Purple
21 Show Purple
22 Lime
23 Orange
24 Yellow
25 Aubergine
26 Coral
27 Sea Foam
28 Ocean Blue
29 Seductive Honey
30 Taupe
31 Romantic Blue
32 Kelly Green
33 Crystal Ice Blue
34 Key Lime Ice
35 Lemon Ice
36 Lavender Ice
37 Mint Green
38 Indigo
39 Metallic Green
40 Metallic Gold
41 Pearl
42 Black Silver
43 Black Gold
44 Black Pearl
45 Black Metallic
46 Sweet Pink

Pictures of the actual yarns are used here for your comparison. Although there can be a little change from Dye lot to Dye lot, Mayatex has great consistency in their colors. Mayatex uses these colors because they complement the show shirts and chaps and riding pants being used in all arenas. 

47 Slate Blue
48 Eve Lilac
49 Chestnut Brown
50 Rapture Rose
51 Red Earth
52 Periwinkle Blue
53 Fawn
54  Espresso
55 Sage Green
56 Garnet Rose
57 Chalk Blue
58 Laurel Green
59 Raspberry
60 Sheepskin
61 Indian Tan
62 Tangerine
63 Aqua
64 Fandango Pink
65 Pearl Ice Blue
66 Malibu Blue
67 Plume
68 Pistachio
69 Swamp
70 Charcoal
71 Ash
72 Starlight
73 Orchid
74 Silver Rose
75 Cadet
76 Raw Umber
77 Tabasco
78 Lark
79 Buckskin
80 Ivory
81 Buttercup
82 Royal Lilac
83 Tibetan Red
84 Sachet Pink
85 Lime Blast
86 Dark Olive
87 Pink Carnation
88 Forget Me Not
89 Niagra
90 Forest Green
91 Coffee
92 Grape Juice

* * * * *
 If you need yarn samples, we can arrange that with Mayatex. A very small fee may be charged for carding, shipping & handling. Usually, we will try to help you recover about half to all of this investment by crediting it toward your custom blanket investment.  

Choose your Custom Show Blanket from any of the following designs below:
     And here are some additional options for each custom blanket - 
OverSize 38 x 34 - Add $20.00  ,    OverSize 40 x 34 - add $30.00  ,  OverSize 42 x 34 add $40.00.     Add $30.00 for metallic yarns. 

1313S   36x34 Wool Solid Custom Show Blanket         or       1313SArab  34x30 Wool Solid Custom Show Blanket
Solid Pattern    
Compare at $160.00 - Our Price $132.99


With each pattern of each custom blanket, the Number 1 is the most predominant. 2 is second, then 3 then 4 and all following colors. You can choose the same color for more than one number, For instance: below is a sample with black most predominant; purple next; then red, then pink.  then a different pink  Color 6 is again purple.

Have some fun with this!


1450C Custom Corona Saddleblanket
1450C Custom Corona   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1450CArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Corona Pattern    
Compare at $320.00 - Our Price $259.99

1451C Custom Catalina Saddle Blanket
1451C Custom Catalina   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1451CArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Catalina Pattern    
Compare at $320.00 - Our Price $259.99

1313 Custom Zipper Pattern Saddleblanket
1313   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1313Arab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Zipper Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

1313V   Custom Vegas Saddle Blanket
1313V   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1313H1Arab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Vegas Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

1441C Custom Arroyo Seco Saddleblanket
1441C   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1322CArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Arroyo Seco Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

1313T Custom Taos Trail Saddle Blanket
1313T   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1313ZArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Taos Trail Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

1313G Custom Santa Cruz Saddleblanket
1313G   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1313DArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Santa Cruz Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

1313L Custom Luxe Saddle Blanket
1313L   36x34 Wool Custom Show Blanket         or       1384CArab  34x30 Wool Custom Show Blanket
Luxe Pattern    
Compare at $226.00 - Our Price $189.99

How to Order your choices: 

When ordering, use the following custom color scheme:
    1 - Background (largest) color;  2 - Main Accent color;  3 - Second Accent color;  4 - Additional Optional color;  5 - Additional Optional color;  6 - Additional Optional color. 

You can use the same color for more than one color scheme selection. For example: 1313J can have 6 different colors for a really bright blanket. Or you could make 1 & 3 the same color, 2 & 4 & 6 the same color, to get a more conservative look in the same blanket pattern.  

Pricing:  The prices shown are for either 36 x 34 show standard or 34 x 30 barrel racing sizes. For oversizing your blanket, because oversized blankets use more material and must be made on a special loom, add $20.00 for 38" width and $30.00 for 40" width. Add $40.00 for 42 inches over the shoulders!  Oversized blankets usually take 8 weeks minimum to work through production.   Any order of 3 or more custom blankets will receive an additional 5% discount half of which is due to savings in shipping and handling, and the other half is because we appreciate you. 

Add $30.00 for each metallic color chosen, due to the additional costs of the material. 

Shipping & Handling & Insurance:  Our custom saddle blanket pricing is discounted heavily. Cultured Cowboy likes for you to see what you really pay for your blanket, and what you really pay for S&H. We want your blanket to land at your door in good shape, and at a savings, even with the shipping investment. No hidden weird charges!   Shipping is based on size of box, weight, and the delivery address. Custom blankets are usually shipped directly from Mayatex to you. Although this costs Cultured Cowboy a drop ship fee, the overall shipping costs, and the time for delivery are less for you. Also, unlike some other weaving companies, the consistency of Mayatex show blankets are such that we do not need to inspect every shipment. Your horse saddle blanket will come to you, right the first time. By ordering more than one blanket, if you can, at the same time, the costs per blanket for S&H are greatly reduced. These 36 x 34 blankets weigh just less than 10 lbs in the box, but need to come in a box that doesn't squeeze the fibers before you even get to see it.  Expect shipping to be a little more for the back side of a remote mountain. We will check both UPS & USPS for you. Canadian shipments will be USPS. 

Add Wear Leathers to your choice of saddle blanket! Protect your investment with protective leather wear leathers. Pick your blanket and then add the wear leather number to have them added for you. Even when the game blankets are shorter than standard, these two styles, STDL RPRWRS will work on these 30x34 saddle blankets. All wear leathers will work on standard or oversized blankets.

STDL - Standard Wear Leathers
Compare at $18.00 

Our CC Price Only: $15.99 pr
Add  -STDL  to your blanket selection and you add a pair of these high quality top grain chap weight brown wear leathers. (Color may vary)  Enjoy the extra protection. This leather is an asset for all riding disciplines. 



RPRWRS -  Roper Wear Leathers
Compare at $28.00 

Our CC Price Only: $24.99 pr
Mayatex Wool Saddle Blankets can also be ordered with premium  wear leathers which angle upward fro some protection on the tug straps connecting your saddle to your breast collar. The rear extends further back to take care of the flank set as well.  For additional style, add a Montana Silver concho and/or horsehair tassel!  You can see the Montana Silver trim by clicking here. Just let us know light or dark on the horsehair tassels. 

Filigree Wear Leathers - Filigreed hand tooled leather wear leathers are made from fine carving leather. Carved and tooled by master craftsmen. Available in either acorn or floral tooling. Light oil finish. Available with 3 piece detail as shown with concho and horsehair tassel, or as a 3 piece tooled border, leather only.  (Filigree means with the cut outs to add depth and excitement as well as protection to your show blanket.) Pricing below is for a pair of wear leathers added to the price of the blanket of your choice. 

(blanket style)TLDAFIL - Hand Tooled Acorn Filigree Wear Leathers
1 piece pattern.   

Our CC Price Only: $389.99 pr
(blanket style)TLDAFILHC - Hand Tooled Acorn Filigree Wear Leathers
3 piece pattern with silver concho and horsehair tassel. 
Our CC Price Only: $439.99 pr
(blanket style)TLDFFIL - Hand Tooled Floral Filigree Wear Leathers
1 piece pattern.   

Our CC Price Only: $389.99 pr
(blanket style)TLDFFILHC - Hand Tooled Floral Filigree Wear Leathers
3 piece pattern with silver concho and horsehair tassel. 
Our CC Price Only: $439.99 pr


 Need just a little touch of class on your solid Show blankets? 

Any Mayatex Wool Saddle Blanket can also be ordered with customized embroidery. Embroidery is done in three stages. 1) Design. 2) Digitizing the design into a thread pattern that works. 3) Stitching.

If you have your design, you can send it to us and we can get it digitized for you. If you already have a design digitized, that can be sent to Mayatex and returned with your blanket. 

Design and Digitizing are one time fees. Once done, unless there are changes, you can repeat the custom embroidery on other blankets at a nominal charge for set up and stitching.

Just because of the nature of art, we have to have your logo at least "sketched out" to be able to tell you an estimated investment for this service. 


 Initials embroidered in a standard font style do not have the digitizing fees.

Custom Corner Plates / Wear Plates  - Laser Engraved   Additional personalization to your saddle blankets.


Personalize your Mayatex saddle blankets with your name, brand, riding club, rodeo event, logo, insignia, or award, on Laser Engraved Corner Plates. Laser engraving is also available on Private Label Standard Wear Leathers too.  Great ID for Sponsors!  (Laser engraving begins at the rear of the wear plate and goes forward.)  Contact Cultured cowboy for more information. 

If you have your "mark" we can place it on your "Trophy Blanket".  

These corner plates will even work with the pony sized blankets.


Laser Engraved Corner Plates -  Basic initials,  logos, special fonts, usually have no additional set up charge if you provide the artwork. 
For Corner Plates - CP Add $44.00 to blanket or pad price
For Oval Plates, CPO - Add $50.50
Add a concho too - only $9.99


For Laser Engraved Personalized Standard Wear Plates - CP Add $$28.00 to blanket or pad price
For Roper Wear Plates, RPRWRSPL - Add $42.00
Add a concho too - only $9.99


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