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Cultured Cowboy has a large selection of blankets with more always coming in. These are the among the most popular Arabian horse blanket colors. Mayatex saddleblankets are known for quality. This size and texture of saddle blanket also works very well under game and trail saddles with rounded skirts, and under English saddles for any use outside of the show classes. Years ago, we discovered that a Navajo blanket looked really classy while warming up at Hunter/Jumper events. If you don't see colors you are looking for, give us a call toll-free at 1-866-492-6926 or e-mail us. Mayatex will do other colors as a show blanket, but there is understandably an additional cost involved with one at a time manufacture. Same cost as the custom solid show blankets on the Custom Show Blanket page.

If your choice is not in stock, we'll do our best to get it for you as fast as Mayatex Company can make it! (But try to plan ahead, especially if matching show shirts.)

There are less expensive blankets in the marketplace. We use them for lining the doghouse. Cultured Cowboy gets offers to carry cheap made woven blankets almost every month. The biggest issues with  less expensive saddleblankets are the quality of the fibers used in the manufacture of the yarns. Olefin carpet yarns are much cheaper, but can actually burn the horse's back like your knees burn when crawling around on your carpets. Cotton is a great fabric for my shirts and jeans, but will not hold up well under riding conditions. Thin cotton fibers also fade faster in sunlight. If you want them for home decor, keep the curtains drawn. Sometimes, the materials of cheap saddle blankets are OK, but the density is too thin. Before I knew the real difference, I would wonder why those $9.95  30 x 60 saddleblankets would wear out so fast. For a while, I even quit using blankets at all, switching to pads only, until I learned better. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Get the best. Get Mayatex. 

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34X30 WOOL SAN JUAN SADDLE BLANKETS - Especially hand loomed for smaller skirted saddles made to fit Arabian horses, and Gymkhana horses, these solid San Juan blankets are woven smaller for a perfect fit down the back and side. Each San Juan wool saddle blanket is woven with New Zealand wool, one of the highest quality long fiber wools in this world. 




1314A  Arabian Sized 34x30 Wool Solid San Juan Saddle Blankets (34Inches over the shoulder, 30 inches along the spine)

1314A  34x30
Choose your color. Compare at $62.00 

Our CC Price Only: $49.99

Available to be Made into a Wool Fleece Pad: $123.99
Especially made for smaller skirted saddles, the 34x30 San Juan is a popular sizing of the best selling wool San Juan blanket. The selection of colors shown should meet every taste. 

Colors:  79- Soft Turquoise;  18 - Black;  19 - Cream;  20 - Hunter Green;  23 - Sand;  28 - Red;  29 - Purple;  31 - Royal Blue;  32 - Teal;  33 - Turquoise;  35- Lime Green;  36 - Yellow;  72 - Fuschia;  75 Sweet Pink:  77- Tangerine;  85- Fandango Pink: 76- Aqua. 


Add Wear Leathers to your choice of saddle blanket! Protect your investment with protective leather wear leathers. Pick your blanket and then add the wear leather number to have them added for you. Since the game blankets are shorter than standard, these two styles, STDL or TLDSTD( ), will work on these 30x34 saddle blankets. 

STDL - Standard Wear Leathers
Compare at $18.00 

Our CC Price Only: $15.99 pr
Add  -STDL  to your blanket selection and you add a pair of these high quality top grain chap weight brown wear leathers. (Color may vary)  Enjoy the extra protection. This leather is an asset for all riding disciplines. 

Custom Corner Plates - Laser Engraved  Add personalization to your saddle blanket wear leathers.


Personalize your Mayatex saddle blankets with your name, brand, riding club, rodeo event, logo, insignia, or award, on Laser Engraved Corner Plates. Laser engraving is also available on Private Label Standard Wear Leathers too. (Laser engraving begins at the rear of the wear plate and goes forward.)  Contact Cultured cowboy for more information. 

If you have your "mark" we can place it on your "Trophy Blanket".  


Custom Embroidery - Add personalization to either your saddle blanket or wear leathers.

The 34x30 Wool Saddle Blanket can also be ordered with customized embroidery. Embroidery is done in three stages. 1) Design. 2) Digitizing the design into a thread pattern that works. 3) Stitching.

If you have your design, you can send it to us and we can get it digitized for you. If you already have a design digitized, that can be sent to Mayatex and returned with your blanket. 

Design and Digitizing are one time fees. Once done, unless there are changes, you can repeat the custom embroidery on other blankets at a nominal charge for set up and stitching.

Just because of the nature of art, we have to have your logo at least "sketched out" to be able to tell you an estimated investment for this service. 

      Initials embroidered in a standard font style do not have the digitizing fees.

Custom Show Blankets

Mayatex also offers custom show blankets handwoven with 100% New Zealand wool especially for you, in your choice of nine designs, or solid and with 76 colors to select among, in a 34x30 size to fit your Arabian.  As these blankets are individually woven, please allow extra time for delivery.   When ordering, be sure to specify 34x30 Arabian Custom Show Blanket.  For styles and color selection, see our Custom Show Blanket page. Pricing on the custom Barrel Racing/Arab blankets are the same as shown for the slightly larger sizing. Specify the smaller sizing when ordering your blankets.

Custom Trail or Show Pads

Make any Arab Saddle Blanket into a Pad - Click onto our WFP options on Mayatex Saddle Pad Page to see how!  

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