Sleazy Sleepwear Color Options

We all have our favorite colors. (Our "taco" dog likes his Flame. Seems Zebra is our best seller locally. I like Big Bang. Wouldn't Vertigo look great on your preacher!) Sleazy tries to offer the best varieties for you. Here are some of their best styles. From time to time, they offer assorted fabrics, which they purchase on limited bases. Call us about the assortments; sometimes they can save you an extra $10.00; but, there are no choices of colors in the assorted groups.  

Azule has been sold out 6/6/2012 and the fabric is no longer available.

New Spring Foil Colors:
Pink/Purple Bubbles
New Spring Foil Colors:
Blue/Green Bubbles

Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses now has over seven styles of hoods in a variety of stretch fabrics for different climates and applications. Stretch sheets and tail covers are all available to match the hoods. A full body Sleazy was introduced that incorporates the elements of a hood and sheet into one garment. High quality matching helmet covers and other riding gear are also available for the rider. Sleazy Sleepers are now made in the fabrics ranging from tough polyester knit or stretch fleece to beautiful solid color and print lycras. Even stunning metallic lycras, Foils, are available.

What a Sleazy does:

  • Trains and protects the mane 24 hours a day

  • Keeps heavy quilted hoods from rubbing out the mane

  • Keeps braided mane secure and clean

  • Holds body heat in for shorter coats (Fleece)

  • Polishes the hair coat

  • Keeps flies and insects off the neck and face

  • Keeps sun from sunburning neck and face

  • Can be used when heavier hoods are too warm

  • Looks incredibly great and is fun for the owner!


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