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Jerome Davis
1995 Word Champion Bull Rider

- Photo by Dan Hubbel

CLG is the #1 manufacturer of arena proven rodeo spurs.  The reason? ... they work ... ride after ride; rodeo after rodeo; year after year!  From carefully selected alloy steels they cut, punch, bend, and shape the component parts that go into every CLG PRO Spur. 

Frequent inspections of the work in progress and custom built fabrication fixtures allow our skilled staff to assemble, weld, and finish each pair to the precise angle and length described.  This is not an assembly line product.  CLG PRO Spurs are produced by hand in batch quantities as small as 25 pair of a style.  This allows their skilled staff to produce these hand made spurs in an efficient manner ... yet maintain the high quality reputation they have earned ... every pair ... every order.   CLG PRO Spurs - hand made in the USA up to a standard ... not down to a price!   Smooth, clean, and accurate grinding enhance the overall finish. 

  • special steel alloy
  • correct design
  • each spur is assembled, welded and finished by hand
  • precision tooling eliminates variations - all spurs are alike
  • guaranteed quality
  • look for, ask for, CLG/USA Pro Rough Stock Spurs ...  you'll be glad you did!

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CLG is proud to have the support and advice of Jerome Davis, World Champion Bull Rider, and Lyle Sankey, twice NFR Bull Riding Average Winner. 


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These are the spurs Jerome used since the 1995 season and at PBR and NFR Championships.  They are made to his specifications, and feature a dropped shank combined with an offset and twisted 2" shank.   Jerome feels this allows bull riders to get a good "hold" on the toughest bulls.  Jerome Davis Signature Series Bull Riding Spurs are made in the USA - look for the USA signature stamped on each spur. 

#CLG-472 J.D. Signature Spurs - 2" shank, 26 offset $89.99
#CLG-462 J.D. Signature Spurs - 2" shank, 26 offset $89.99

For thinner "slab-sided" bulls, Jerome recommends a shorter shanked spur so CLG put the same drop, twist and angle on a 2" shank. 

#CLG-488 CLG Bull Riding Double Offset Spurs - 2 1/2" shank, 35 offset $89.99



CLG bull riding spurs are available in three different styles:  15, 22, and 22 with twist.   One of these is sure to be just right for you. 

The 15 offset spur is sometimes called a "combination spur" as they are occasionally used by bareback riders. 

#CLG-450 2" shank, 15 offset $85.99

The 22 offset spur is far and away the most popular and best-selling spur among bull riders today. 

#CLG-460 2" shank, 22 offset $85.99
#CLG-470 2" shank, 22 offset $85.99

Identical to the 22 spurs sold above except the shank is also twisted - a feature preferred by some bull riders today. 

#CLG-480 2" shank, 22 offset $85.99
#CLG-490 2" shank, 22 offset $85.99


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Over recent years there have been several "homemade/special shape" bull rowels that have appeared on the scene.  Frequently, they were very expensive because they have been virtually custom-machined by a dad or brother or friend of a bull rider.  Most often supply dealers asked why CLG didn't make these.   The cost and expense of machining specific shapes and /or slots was usually prohibitive.  That's why these custom/special rowels have always sold at a premium price.  Almost three years after the first request, CLG is proud to present the first "machined" rowel consistently available to bull riders everywhere.  This is a premium product that allows the ultimate in gripping or getting a good hold on that bull's hide.  Note the precise taper, recurve on each rowel point and the positioning of the slots at the very end of each point.  Premium and precise machined features ... to help you ride your very best. 




CLG has sold over 100,000 pairs since 1973!!!  They have been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of precision rowels for all roughstock events.  They offer four and five point rowels - blunt, notched or shaped rowels - all in a natural finish ready to put on your spurs.  They now offer a MACHINED rowel for bull rides! 

#CLG-456 5 point 1" diameter bull riding  rowels $10.99
#CLG-457 5 point X-tra thick bull riding rowels $11.99
#CLG-458 5 point 1" diameter Super Grab bull riding  rowels $11.99
#CLG-459 5 point X-tra thick Super Grab bull riding rowels $11.99


jeromedavis.gif (9498 bytes) According to Jerome Davis, "thicker rowels allow you to get a little deeper hold, but regular thickness rowels allow you to move your feet easier and put less pressure on your groin muscles."

Pro Tip Courtesy of Jerome Davis and CLG Pro Rodeo Products



Any CLG Pro Spur ... plus ... all the straps you will need.  Pre-packaged for your convenience and at a bargain price! 

BR SPURS:  440, 450, 460, 470, 480, 490

Just add PSP to the Spur # you choose, and you will receive a complete strap package #437A and a pair of 456 rowels (no substitutions) FREE. 

BULL RIDING PRO SPUR PACKAGE - #CLG-440, 450, 460, 470 $135.99
Jerome Davis Pro Spur Package - #CLG-462, 472, and 488 Spur Package $145.99



All CLG spur straps and strap goods are cut from the finest red latigo.  They discard the soft and flanky parts of all hides to assure you the consistency and strength you have come to expect from CLG.  Hardware is selected for durability and they still sew the spur strap before reinforcing with rivets at stress points. 

Bareback and bull riding spur straps are 1" wide with two roller buckles for a tight pull and even distribution of pressure. 

#CLG-431 BB/BR Spur Straps $24.99/pair
#CLG-431A BB/BR Spur Straps - riveted $22.99/pair



Cut from the finest red latigo, CLG Boot Straps are available in two sizes, 1" and 1", with roller buckles. 

#CLG-433 1" Boot Strap $17.99/pair
#CLG-434 1" Boot Strap $18.99/pair



Used by roughstock riders to secure their spurs, CLG tie-down straps are 3/8" wide and 24" long with buckles.  

#CLG-435 Spur Tie-Down Strap $12.99/pair
#CLG-436 Heel Strap $5.99/pair



CLG Strap Package contains one pair each:  431A Spur Straps; 1" Boot Straps; Tie-Down Straps; and Heel Straps.  Order your package by the event. 

#CLG-437 BB/BR Strap Package $58.99
#CLG-437A BB/BR Riveted Strap Package $56.99
#CLG-438 Saddle Bronc Package $58.99
#CLG-477 Nylon BB/BR Package $38.99



New woven "fit-rite" spur straps for bareback and bull riders are the answer for those who have asked for a spur strap that would be flexible, double tough, unaffected by weather and fit to any foot (boot).  These tough but flexible "woven nylon" straps conform to the shape of any foot.  There are NO HOLES to tear out or be in the wrong place ... just pull until they feel just right.  A great fit ... and a better value.   Black only.

#CLG-471 Nylon Fit Rite Spur Straps $19.99
#CLG-473 Boot Straps $   8.49
#CLG-475 " Tie Downs $   7.59
#CLG-476 Heel Straps $   3.99



You've seen them once in a while ... one of those ideas that actually works as well as it looks like it should.  Slide these onto any leather or nylon spur strap, position on your instep, and tighten the spur strap to your preference.  FITS right - FEELS good - LOOKS great. 

#CLG-479W Genuine Woolskin Spur Strap Sleeve $9.49/pair
#CLG-479 Dense Synthetic Wool Spur Strap Sleeve $6.59/pair



These excellent and correctly proportioned spurs are now made exactly like the arena proven CLG PRO spurs.  Completely redesigned and retooled this year, they offer smooth finish, good fit, durability, and above all, the correct weight for a junior rider.  All spurs are suitable for junior bareback OR calf riding due to this all purpose shank length and angle.  NOTE:   ANY rowels except the extra thick styles will fit CLG Junior Spurs. 

#CLG-498 Junior Spurs $59.95
#CLG-498Imp Jr Spurs high quality import. $49.99



This package is just right for each pair of spurs and the price is right, too.  Includes one pair each of junior spur straps, heel straps, boot straps, and heel tie-downs. 

#CLG-497 Junior Strap Package $45.99



This specially priced package has everything for the young BB/BR:  1 pair #498 Junior spurs; 1 #497 Junior strap package; plus your choice of 1 pair of either #452 BB rowels or #456 BR rowels.   Convenient packaging ... and a great price! 

#CLG-499 Junior Spur Package $109.99


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