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Our customers are sometimes amazed at the results of Cultured Cowboy, working through our saddle makers. Below are some very detailed pictures for those of you who really like to see the finer points of what to expect.

We love to work though our saddler partners to bring the best to you. If you're looking for security in your ride, this design could be perfect for your needs.  Our USA made Australian saddles are available with or without a horn. - Your choice. 

In searching for a "better" grade Australian saddle, we met Australian Saddle Company. They manufacture and sell direct, as are many companies, yet are willing to work with Cultured Cowboy on those very special needs you might have. There is more to an Aussie Saddle than seat size! Because of our reputation in saddle fitting for purpose & physical, we look forward to helping you discover your best options. Made in USA with Australian influence! 

Then we have our friends at JTI.  If you're looking for an economy solution, please, let's discuss your needs. JT International & Cultured Cowboy have partnered since about 1988 in saddles & tack. JT's Australian styled saddles are made in India, the actual "Land" where most "Australian" type saddles are made. These are affordable and still secure.  Our JTI poley saddles will be pictured next week. 

Call us and let's co-create your best choice!   This Mark II saddle has a fit structure that works with 80 % of horses out here. Once you allow us to completely condition it, you'll love the feel and the function available for trail rides, cattle drives, and other fun. 

Years ago, we used to say, "Ride like the Man from Snowy River!"  (Watch the movie!) Today, you can enjoy comfort and a secure ride in a medium weight, though heavier duty, Australian saddle. A few girth connections are available: Double billets, ring & billets, or this double ring, actually triple ring, center fire solution for fitting most horses.  We think you will appreciate this center fire solution.  Inseams are important. Let us know your measurements & we can accommodate a best fit for you too.

Seat padding is great. Comfort cantle is high for more lower back support. Wings are secure. Australian pleasure saddle horn leans forward to be out of your way as you duck limbs on the trails. We chose the fleece bottom because some felts hold a lot of moisture. But in more arid areas, this is not the problem as in moist areas. Leather quality is "best". Once conditioned, it will compare with your finest Herman Oak leather.  Center fire rigging gives you several options for fitting & riding your equine!


Patrol Poley Saddle - Great Pleasure Saddles
for trails with hills, valleys, & trail twists

Here we show a 17 inch seat   Aussie saddles are measured from pommel to cantle. We'll be happy to help you through any measurements of seat.  Many sizes are available to fit larger children through larger adults. Sometimes seat size is adjusted with the size and length of thigh too. The hook used to connect stirrup leathers allows much freedom of movement. The overstrap locks the hook area so that the stirrup has a very hard time coming loose!  

You'll notice once oiled, and even before oiling your saddle, the color wil have light & dark variations. This is part of the charm of your Aussie saddle design. The older the saddle and more time ridden, the Australian trail poley will blend into more of the same color. Except black, expect this individuality of leather tones. (Yes, this Australian pleasure saddle is available in black for police patrols, parades, and flashy paint horses!)

The rigging is set for center fire options so that you can best fit a few horses, adjusting the girth position for each horse perfectly! This makes it easy to find that sweet spot your horse likes on his back, and move the girth off his elbows too. You can see from the pics that the rings are done "Aussie" styled with double rigging. Rear ring still allows you to tie your extra long girth tie strap through both front and rear to achieve the center fire advantage, even with a flank attached! Thanks to BigHorn for those longer nylon girth straps - 90 inches, if you need them.  

  Real sheepskin bottom is available. Fleece type bottoms, synthetic or sheep, will have air pockets also to add to horse & rider comfort. Shown below with Reinsman's non-slip Tacky-Two neoprene bottom & microsuede top pad. The pad is rounded. The front is not as long as the flap of your Australian saddle, thus allowing a closer fit and feel to the sides of your horse. Wear leathers are leather! 

We worked with the customer to have an easy to care, attractive riding saddle. The inseams & stirrup leathers were custom fitted through jockey and stirrup customization. The trail leathers allow easy turning when shorter inseams are in effect. And the front drop rig allows both strength and closeness to your horse for better signaling. Although you can tie the girth straps to the front rig, you can as easily tie to the back to make even less bulk under your leg.  

The tree used can be adjusted from narrow to wide widths. Medium fits most horses. 

For all those things you might like to bring with you, there are added front & rear rings on pommel and cantle. And multiple dees attached to accommodate.  We stock leather & nylon saddle strings. Let us know how many you may need.   

Oiled, conditioned, stirrups turned but not tied, so the rider can easily make adjustments as she rides longer trails. ( Yer legs won't get as tired if you're letting them shift now & again. We can finish with a nice protective saddle lac to further protect and to better blend the coloration.  

When we build yours, you too can give us your true inseam measurements and we can have the saddle fitted for your best comfort. This is especially handy for youth, ladies, or tall cowboys! (Measure from your crotch to the ground while barefooted, with feet about shoulder length apart. if this is 30 inches, we will actually have the stirrups ready to set at 26 & 28 inches, so you can sit with pressure comfortably in your stirrups. Yes, the leathers will still adjust with the other adjustment holes.)

Every part of this saddle is made for you to enjoy your ride. This Poley with horn was modified to be just what the rider needed. The rear In-skirt attachment ring will accommodate a fear flank strap, or used to tie off saddle bags, or to allow the girth used to tie further back. 


The tooling and saddle stitching enhances the simplicity of the flowing design of those skirts. Putting a plate rig on a drop adds strength to a rigging as strain is placed on your equipment. With the overstrap attached, you allow the pressures to distribute more evenly across the saddle for horse comfort.  The Australian padded seat gives all the comfort with ability to feel more narrow in the tree to the rider.  For a trail rider, this one certainly is made for comfort for your horse and long rides for you.  

The pleasure type horn has been popular since the 1970's. The comfort cantle gives you a lot more support than grandad's "little wonder" tree so popularized by Simco and others of that era.  Solid brass breast collar dees compliment the rest of the hardware. Why ride with a breast collar on your horse?  More Stability! 

Australian saddle seat measurements are from the front of the Pommel to the front of the seat cantle.  Wings are here to allow your thigh to fit into them if needed. 
When riding, I like to use the overgirth to tie down the flap covering the stirrup leather hook. I've seen riders go with this flap covered, or not. 

What other questions do you have?  Your questions help us to make helpful comments on Cultured Cowboy saddle pages such as this one. 

No. Australian Patrol Poley Mark II  Trail Saddle

  • TREE: Custom Comfort Hide Covered Wood Tree. Medium horse Bars are most popular with this one. Select other trees available.  - 5 Year tree Warranty
  • HORN: 2" Leather Covered
  • CANTLE:  5" comfort cantle
  • RIGGING:  Australian Type Double Ring Rigging front. Availability to go Center fire with additional Rear positioning.
  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 2 1/4" with Brass Buckles. Nylon reinforced. 
  • STIRRUPS:  Aluminum Trail bells shown (Endurance type). Other stirrups available.
  • FINISH:  Aussie Trail Flourish Tooling.
  • COLOR: Medium Brown Shown after conditioning.
  • WEIGHT:  Approximately 33/34 Pounds

    Call for current price. This one or a similar model can be built and ready to go soon. We offer conditioning service, and other features to help your ride become more enjoyable. 

NOTE: The reasons Pricing is left off:  Almost all of these saddles are somewhat customized for you, and the Low Pricing must be figured depending on the many options chosen.  Thanks!

Seat Sizes

Our Makers Required Base Price:

Our CC Price

15", 16", 17", 18"



 19", 20" 


Other sizes Call us $


Standard Synthetic Fleece Bottom

Our Price:  

Our unadvertised CC Prices are often Lower than you might expect.  Actual delivered prices depend on the options chosen.   Cultured Cowboy will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, we know how to co-create your dream saddle with you and your horse(s) in mind. You get more than a "Buy Button" from us. So feel free to call, to email videos, or pictures & let's put together a package perfect for you.  

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.   Thanks, Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

Brass Dee Ring Details 

Tackaberry Girth attachment shown.

Here's the hook that holds you stirrup leather onto the saddle.

And here you see everything locked into place fro riding.
The overstrap actually holds the rear second attachment ring
shown under the flap.. 

Adjustment is made with an English type buckle. Stirrup Leather Keeper strap is built in.

Side View.  This stirrup is built for comfort. And some riders prefer the offset,
just in case a rider should fall out of their saddle. 

Most would recommend removing the girth ring pin when using a tackaberry attachment. (Pin is shown on this Bighorn girth. It will tend to fall outward as you ride if not placed through a hole.)  This tackaberry tool is used to ease the tightening of your girth. It is removable if you want to keep your girth pin and attach directly to the girth tie strap. A lot of whether a tackaberry is used, will depend on which girth you choose. 

Many girths have double buckle rollers which also make tightening easy. 

Aren't options fun! 

Fitting the Rider
  Saddle Fitting 
Choosing Saddle Types

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