Chap Measuring Guide

When measuring for your chaps, please use the guideline below to make sure your measurements are accurate.  Enlist the help of a friend!  When in doubt, add length!  Don't be afraid to order a chap.  We've done this bunches of times, and will walk you through the order, to ensure your satisfaction. 


A - Waist  (just below your beltline)  
B - Hip  
C - Upper Thigh  (Widest part about 2 fingers flat from your crotch)  
D - Mid Thigh  
E - Knee  (bend knee and measure at the top part of your knee)  
F - Calf  (over a boot that will be worn)  
G - Inseam to Floor  
H - Waist to Crotch  
I - Crotch to Knee  
J - Outseam  
K -  Ankle  (for English Schooling Chaps) (Around your ankle, with boots on.)  


Here is a second drawing, just in case the one above is not clear enough. 

1) Waist.  2) Upper Thigh.  3) Mid Thigh.
4) Knee.  5) Calf.  6) Outseam.  7) Inseam.


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