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Welcome to Oak Tree Farms There are no gimmicks here, our boots are 100% genuine leather and fit like a dream. Whether you're a fan of 1800s period and frontier clothing, going Western dancing or to a Western wedding -- or just "on the scene," Oak Tree Farms boots are the perfect match to any Western outfit or occasion.

Cultured Cowboy has offered custom made, and special order make-ups in these Old West boots, from other makers. Problem has become that they are all made as special orders and take a while. Though they cost more initially, the Tony Lama Shooters Boot is a good alternative. Just plan that the delivery times of the custom boots that can be 3 to 6 months. 

 SO... here is a good alternative, well made, that doesn't take 3 to 6 months to get to you!   If you are a member of SASS , or do Civil War re-enactments, or Revolutionary War re-enactments or similar re-enactments, these frontier boots give you a close replica. (these frontier boots are left and right boots)  In the early originals, there were not left and right boots. The discovery of each foot having an axis that shifted angles, was first proven by Sam Luccesse during the Civil War times. He applied for a patent. Because Texas seceded, he was not granted this patent. However, Frye Boot Co., from Marlboro, MA, found his application, and because Massachusetts was part of the USA at that time, they made a pair of 13 D boots, right and left, for ole Abe Lincoln.  Abe liked 'em. Pres. Lincoln asked what would we do with the production of "straight" boots. Frye said, "Whatcha got in mind?"  Abe allowed the shipment of the older straight boots down the Mississippi River to the South, at a huge price per pair, to suck up bullet money from the South. (Econ 101 Bullets Vs Butter)  And all Northern troops were to be issued the right and left pair styles. (True story, as has been passed down for generations, through boot maker's lore!)  Just a simple thing, like boots that fit better, made much of the difference in our War Between the States, and will make a huge difference in whether or not, you enjoy your weekend.  

Oak Tree Farms is a company devoted to people who want some comfort in their lives. Looking good is only half the goal. These boots fit true to most shoe sizes. They run about a half size smaller than Justin brand boots. If your foot is wide, go up a half size. They only make the one width fits most.  This necessarily keeps the Tony Lama reenactment boots in demand too. (TL SASS boots are made to order, and can take 4 to 6 months to deliver. Call us for more info if you need.) 

Click on the Oak Tree Farm boot pictures to get a more detailed page on each style.

News Update - 10/25/2016 -  The only boot available in this series is now the PALE RIDER, Black or Brown.
 The maker is making some upgraded preparations for future change.
We will update as we know more. DO NOT look for the Preacher or the 500 boots before next Spring. 

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