Boot Kilties

Any boot that laces can have the extra protection and good looks of these lacer kiltie covers.  They keep the front edge from rolling quite as much. They break the monotony of a solid boot. They are fun!

Just loosen your laces and thread them back using the holes in the metal kilties. Easy as eating pie.

Good for English or Western styles. (Check with your local judges to be sure you can show in them. English riders will probably wear them to the stables and school, but take them off before a show.)

 These look pretty good combined with other boot tips and heel caps.

Sold in Pairs

921-E  Eagle Kiltie with Rope Edge   Nickel/Gold   $19.99 pair
(Shown with) 105TN   Narrow Tip Nickel finish Plain.
Fits any toe, child or adult. 
$14.99 pair

921-E  Eagle Kiltie with Rope Edge   Nickel/Gold   $19.99 pair
921-H  Horse Head Kiltie with Rope Edge   Nickel/Gold   $19.99 pair - Sold Out for now.
921-NBull  Bull Rider Kiltie    Nickel   $18.99 pair
921-NBA  Barrel Racer Kiltie    Nickel   $18.99 pair
921-N  Nickel Kiltie with Clear Edge   Nickel   $15.99 pair
921-AP  Antique Nickel Kiltie with Clear Edge   Antique Nickel   $15.99 pair
921-G  Gold Kiltie with Clear Edge   Gold   $15.99 pair
921-AG  Antique Gold Kiltie with Clear Edge   Antique Gold   $15.99 pair

GOOD NEWS - the old "Justin Lacer" boots are coming back! R Watson Boot Company, (past president of Justin Industries), is working with Cultured Cowboy on the old 545 lacer in distressed brown, and the Black Bullhide.  Call Cultured Cowboy for more info! 

People that wear Western dress boots do not just wear them to look like cowboys. Western boots have become mainstream footwear in offices, at worksites, and in the backyards of millions of homeowners. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. Scientific studies have been published on the benefits of good footwear, and on the fallacy of "cheap" stuff. Lacers give more ankle support. And many times are best for the most active duties. 

Consider this quality for yourself, your wife and children, too. Especially during the growing years, the bones of the feet will form only as well as their footwear allows. Proper care when young will pay tremendous dividends in all their years to come. Tips and heels installed properly will not adversely affect fit of a boot. They can make an ordinary boot extraordinary. 

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