Cultured Cowboy Presents

Western Tuxedoes 
As Worn By Cowboys

Cultured Cowboy carries a complete selection of  Tuxedoes for your special wedding.  Choose from any of the following.  Please note that many of the  Tuxedoes are also available As Worn By Most.  Prices shown reflect retail sales prices.  To see a larger image and rental prices, click on the image.   Complementary dresses for your bridal party are shown under our sites for Wedding Dresses for Flower Girls and Bridesmaids' Dresses

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Peak Lapel Tailcoat
3017C - $167.99

Peak Lapel Waistcoat
3000C - $197.99

Western Contrast Yoke Tuxedo Coat
CT01 - $179.99

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Western Yoke Waistcoat
CC26P - $189.99

Western Yoke Tux Coat
CC19 - $179.99

Scully Frock Coat
511099 - $209.99

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Drover Vest
MVDV-SD - $148.99
Men's Frock Coat
MCFC - $358.99
Men's GR Vest
MVGR - $137.99
Men's Frock Coat
MCFC - $358.99

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