Reinsman Saddles - "Quality has a style all its own."

X Series Roping Saddles

If you are searching for a saddle built better than most, Reinsman is a great choice. Reinsman built a prominent reputation with their bits and pads. Soon after, they added this semi-customized saddle line. However, they hired some of the best saddlers, and roping management, that have vast years of experience in our industry, in the arena, and in the shop.

There is a great market in advertising your brand on a saddle.  Let's think a little out of the box. Normally we thing an award saddle is all that can be customized. But just as we sign the sides of our business trucks, we can mark our tack. Below are some of the trophy saddles that Reinsman has produced in the past. When your saddle is an advertisement, it is probably tax deductible. It is harder to steal. (Even if it is stolen, you still get the billboard effect!) A custom farm logo is a great gift for your children, your business associates, or your employees. The lists of reasons for a custom trophy saddle is endless. 

Ropers, cutters, reiners, barrel saddles, ...all saddle models can be turned into your best trophy saddles.

Reinsman does not try to be all things to all people. They specialize in professional grades of saddlery. Cultured Cowboy appreciates the Reinsman products enough to make them affordably available to you. These Western saddles are best suited for the rider who is, or has the mindset, of a professional horseman. If you dream of becoming all you can be as a rider, you're in the right place.

Reinsman Saddles are built tighter than most. They use a quality tooling leather that will hold a deep pattern. The company understands what professional style saddles are supposed to be, and they make them to give you every edge in winning.  

Reinsman Saddles are that sort of hand made saddles. Pass 'em on to your grandkids when you get ready for a different tooling pattern, (or if you mature into a larger size.), cause you don't wear them out easily! Engineered to compete in the most compelling arenas, and in the most trying of weather conditions on the ranch. Still, Western saddles are among the most comfortable pleasure saddles made.

Tooling is planned and carved for each position on your saddle, instead of looking like an afterthought. Choose how much tooling you like. Rather than a die cut piece of leather with oversized leather conchos to cover the gaps, each piece of leather is hand fitted and properly molded for a tasteful and useful marriage between parts. Heavy oiling is available on each saddle.

Whether or not you have the experience of a professional, anybody can sit in one of these trophy saddles and tell it was made to catch. The tree maker and the saddle maker have made it easier to ride by placing emphasis on your leg position. These saddles allow good close positioning with your horse. Built on tough Dale Martin designed trees, made so you can take care of business. A strong horn is used on a gracious pommel. The ground seat and rise is proper to aid you in your riding, rather than restricting you. 

Built for strength and endurance. Unlike saddles which are made for a couple years of showing and then to be traded, Your saddle is built with selected woods, placed in positions according to their flexing and their rigid properties. Then properly covered to hold in moisture and add life. The tree maker gives a 5 to 10 year warrantee, but today's trees are even better than the type of tree that lasted over 20 years in your grandfather's saddles. Using the best leather on top of all that foundation will keep your seat in the saddle till it's time to give up riding.

There is a method to the Reinsman numbering system. The first digit denotes a saddle (4). The second digit denotes the saddle type, (Roper is 4). The 3rd digit denotes the tooling pattern, (X Series patterns are as follows: 5 is Oak / Snowflake Mix with Rope, 6 is Wyoming Flower / Spider Mix with Rope, 7 is Oak with Wyoming Flower). The 4th digit denotes the amount of tooling, (2 is 1/4 tooled,  4 is 1/2 tooled,  5 is 5/8 tooled,  7 is 7/8 tooled,  0 is Full tooling). The 5th digit denotes the seat style, ( 1 is Full, 2 is Bicycle). The 6th and 7th digits denote the seat size, (4 5 would be14.5 inch, 5 0 would be 15 inch, 5 5 would be 15.5 inch, 6 0 would be 16 inch). The 8th digit denotes the color of saddle leather (R - Rosewood). The 9th digit denotes the seat color, (B is Black Suede, C is Brindle Cowhide, O is Black Ostrich, R is Rust Suede, S is Saddle Tan Ostrich, T is Tan Suede). Click here to see Reinsman's Roping Saddle Options. 

Your Custom lettering and brands are available to be duplicated on your saddles.  Trophy Saddles are a Reinsman and Cultured Cowboy specialty. 

Would you like to get a new saddle that feels like it is used? We will heavy oil any saddle for you. We prefer to use Lexol. Lexol will darken less than any other conditioner. It is PH-Balanced for the leather used in your saddle. We have been using Lexol on our personal saddles for over 30 years. Add $120.00 for about three liters of Lexol and some several hours of application. Lexol is best applied in many thin layers. To darken slightly, we will add extra virgin olive oil. To darken more, we will blend in some pure neatsfoot. The choice is yours! Your saddle will then come out of the box ready to ride in ultimate comfort!

Remember that a breast collar is a great addition to your saddle purchase. For a small investment, you can add an emergency measure that could prevent a saddle twisting under your horse, should a girth loosen without your knowledge. (Dale's horse is standing still, not working!) 

Tooling patterns protect the leather against abrasives. Tooling will "pack" the leather for durability and strength. Tooling can hide small "range" scars that are inherent to the leather before it is formed into a saddle part. Tooling adds depth and beauty to the leather. Tooling will help prevent corners from rolling. Tooling is just a little more effort to clean than a plain saddle. You can choose from several tooling patterns with each category of saddle. The more elaborate the tooling design, the more value, the more time involved in production, and the more your investment will grow over time.

Have you ever had the experience of getting a new saddle to find the stirrups won't take up enough to fit, or let out enough to fit? No more...We like to get your real inseam, (and other measurements, like we were making your chaps), then assure the saddle will fit when it arrives. Hey, by the time we get through spoiling you, you'll always want to buy your saddles and tack from us! 

Your saddle can be shipped to you in a padded saddle bag by Big D Blanket company. This protective saddle bag will help insure the proper finish of your investment for many years. 

There is nothing like having a saddle semi-custom made for your horse and your body. Allow about 2 to 4 weeks for a tree to be made, if necessary.  Then the saddler needs about 4 to 8 weeks to make your saddle. Leather is cut, wet, steamed, dried, fitted and pulled. It cannot be rolled off a bolt and processed like fabrics. This does take time to do right. Allow another 3 days to a week for UPS delivery. Overseas orders will usually go through UPS, or Airborne express, (depending on your best rate or most security). Any more time is because the saddler is catching up on previous saddles, or waiting on parts, or needs to take one night off for his wedding anniversary. 

Saddle makers are as excited about making your saddles as you are about riding! They would rather get it right, than rush it. We have chosen our saddle making partners because of their consistency in quality of product. Cultured Cowboy knows that most of our customers will be riding for many years to come. A short wait for a really good saddle is worth your "wait" in gold!

With the experience of thousands of saddles made for thousands of horse people, Cultured Cowboy looks forward to helping you with your needs. Tired legs, hurting knees, lower back pains, need grip, need freedom, need speed, need to impress your friends, need to impress your equine, need help, need a hug? Give us a call.

God Bless,
Cultured Cowboy

Reinsman Trophy Saddles Notes: There is usually no difference in the pricing in seat sizes 13.5 through 17. Saddles are cut full. Each model of Reinsman saddle shows the available seat sizes.  Enjoy!


All Reinsman Saddles are hand made in the USA with the finest quality leather available. Dale Martin Bars. All are beautifully hand tooled and finished.

Look at the detail in both the hand carvings of the leathers and in the engraving of the silver. Each saddle is made by an artist with many saddles of experience under their belt. Their pride rides on the saddle made just for you. 

When you begin with the best quality leathers, and use professional craftsmen, you can finish with a look that can compete in your most important arenas. 

Custom Concho:  Hand tooled Silver with Enamel inlays and ruby highlight. Several other Conchos are available.

Extra conchos are available. Each comes with a Chicago screw back, or ask for a wood screw adapter that converts the Chicago screw into a wood screw.



Roping Saddle Options: Click Here to see the roping saddle options offered by Cultured Cowboy on the Tyler Magnus, and X Series Reinsman Ropers. 

Barrel Saddle Options: Click Here to see the Barrel saddle options offered by Cultured Cowboy on the X Series Reinsman Barrel Racers. 

Cutting Saddle Options: Click Here to see the Cutter saddle options offered by Cultured Cowboy on the X Series Reinsman Cutters. 

Reining Saddle Options: Look through the Reining Saddles to see the available combinations that Brian Bell and Reinsman have. 

Trail Saddle Options: Look through the Trail Saddles to see the available combinations that Reinsman have. 

Oh yes, there is Matching Tack!
Order your matching Breast Collar tooled with your saddle so the leather artist matches them together. 


REIN- 6945H Heavy Duty Tripping Breast Collar.
Reinsman X Series 4 inch Wide Breast Collar, Double tug straps.
Hand Tooled Oak and Wyoming Flower. Stainless Steel Hardware. Double & Stitched. (X Series saddles and breast collars are finished in lustrous Honey color.) 

REIN- 6945H 
Compare At:$310.00
  CC Price:$231.99 


Did you know that your supporting tack is as important as your saddle? Having a breast collar that is sturdy enough for the job, yet will move with your horse can make a difference in safety or falling off.  Be sure your girth is properly fitting and always do a pre-flight check on all parts of reins, headstalls, bits, ...everything, before your ride.


Cultured Cowboy can match every saddle. Several styles are made to fit each saddle. More details on the Breast Collar page


REIN- 7001  Reinsman X Series Browband Headstall.
Stainless Steel Buckles. Premium Hand Tooled Skirting Leather. Hand Braided Rawhide with Black Accents. Silver Custom Conchos matching X Series saddles.  (X Series Headstalls are finished in lustrous Honey color.) 

REIN- 7001 
Compare At:$170.00
  CC Price:$127.99 

There are several styles of headstall to match each saddle. Choose your favorite on the Headstalls page.



All Reins shown here are the best quality Hermann Oak Harness Leather!

REIN- 7327  5/8" x 8 ft Roping Rein 
Compare At:$26.00

  CC Price:$19.99 

REIN- 7340  1/2" x 8 ft Roping Rein 
Compare At:$23.00

  CC Price:$17.99



REIN- 7334HO  1/2" x 8 ft Roping Rein 
Compare At:$40.00

  CC Price:$29.99 

REIN- 7336HO  5/8" x 8 ft Roping Rein 
Compare At:$47.50

  CC Price:$35.99 

REIN- 7338HO  3/4" x 8 ft Roping Rein 
Compare At:$55.00

  CC Price:$41.99 


Front Girths: Normally sized 28, 30, 32, 34, 36.  Cultured Cowboy offers a high quality handmade Mohair cinch for only $69.99.  A high quality Mohair blend cinch for only $29.99. A TackyTack type non-slip vented Neoprene at $39.99. A great non-slip reinforced Neoprene roper at $59.99.  We believe in offering you variety!  

6924H - Ropers Oversized Rear Cinch.  34 inches long, and 8 inches wide at the center. This back cinch is made of skirting leather, lined with latigo. Buckle ends are also lined with latigo. Latigo lining keeps the sweat, grime and dirt associated with "normal" roping, from ruining the heavier skirting leather. The two tannages work in tandem for your best interest. Lower maintenance and longer lasting...not to mention that the latigo is more comfy, next to your equine.  Cultured Cowboy includes this HD Oversized Flank Cinch with your Tyler Magnus Saddle.  Need a spare? Got another Roper that needs this?
Compare at: $122.00   CC Price: only $91.99


Our Pricing:  

Our CC Prices are based on the saddle as shown and described.  Don't be shy about asking for options you need. 
For You, we will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, 1) we spend more time asking you, your trainers, instructors and judges, the questions needed, to get everything right for you.  2) we actually ride. 3) we study several disciplines and more than one breed, allowing us to cross over great ideas. 4) we have the experience of fitting hundreds of riders and their horses. 5) we respectfully ask the tree makers and the saddle makers to work with us as a team. Making you the winning rider that you deserve to be always takes a willing team.  These are a few reasons that we understand more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! 

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  There are often options of colors, seats, sizes, and fitting. 
Thanks, & God Bless,   Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar headstall and reins with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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