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Sheriff Badge 

CC Price: $4.50
compare at: $5.500
Western Toy Handcuffs 

CC Price: $8.43
compare at: $10.20
Western Spurs & Straps
CC Price:  $17.99
compare at: $20.00
Trick Rope
CC Price:  $5.60
compare at: $6.40
Roll Caps, 1000 shots  - $4.38   or  6 packages of 4 boxes Only $22.50

 8-Shot Ring Caps, 160 shots. #PM-913 or 
12-Shot Ring Caps, 144 shots. #PM 914, 
And with Strip Caps, 208 shots. #PM915
(And #PM 917 Single Shot Pull Off Caps.
One package $3.50 or 6 packages for $18.00)

Just ask for the caps, and we'll put the right ones with the right guns for you. 

Deluxe Wooden Stick Horses
They trot, they walk, they even canter! They turn on a dime, leaving 9 cents change. Don't eat much, either. I've even used them for "Roman Riding" tricks. Hours of fun... Kids sometimes like to play with them too.
CC Price:  $16.99 each
compare at: $18.20
Safety Sense with Caps:  Parents, be sure you explain the fun and the dangers of cap guns. Toy pistols and toy rifles can teach a lot to your loved young'ns. You determine a lot of what is taught. Never Point or Shoot at anyone. Do not fire closer than 1 foot to an ear. Hold gun at arms length when shooting caps. Unload cap guns when not in use. Store play ammo separately from the guns. Treat every gun with respect. Never carry caps in your pockets, as caps may ignite and cause burn injuries. Leave caps in packaging until ready to use. Use only under adult supervision. (enjoy time with your children.) 

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