Twisted X Safety Work Shoes

Twisted X Safety Loafers  -  Men's Safety Work Shoes

Why not offer some safety footwear that isn't a boot? Cultured Cowboy is listening to the needs of HR, and industrial executives. Sometimes safety ratings are needed, yet there is not such heavy lifting required.  We discovered that we needed to offer the same comfort level as our "heavier duty work boots" in a more casual fashion. 

Stylish looks. With a bottom that kinda massages your feet as you walk. Meets or exceeds your ANSI standards!  Twisted X worked with world wide suppliers & designers until they came forward with casual safety footwear with very much the unsurpassed comfort features & even more durability than the moccasin type shoes that made Twisted X famous in realms outside of "cowboy boots". . 

You can't imagine the superior comfort these offer, till you slip them onto your feet & walk concrete floors.  Still, should there be an accident of something falling on your toes, you have the same compression & impact ratings as heavier safety rated footwear!
      Your whole foot, therefore whole body, is supported, even in the arch area. There is a slight bounce in your step as your feet lift off the pressures of your weight. The sole lets you work a 10 - 16 hour double shift without TIRED feet, Or UGLY feet! 

Significant "loafer" holding power keeps your foot from falling forward too much, so the safety toe will not affect your toes, if the fit is right sized! These Twisted X Safety Toe Work Shoes flex well in stooping, running, or such things you might need to do! Better than many competing industrial laced boots for this reason. Not everybody stands in one place in an assembly line. And if something is falling, ya want to get out of the way, right? - Slip Resistant. 

Get you some  -  Twisted X MDMSC03 casual safety shoes! Cultured Cowboy looks forward to serving you & your direct reports, peers, and upper management with the best possible blend of protection, comfort & executive styling. 

Twisted X Composite Toe Slip on Moc - You can wear them Away from work - They have that much comfort & support.

Are you in sales & marketing? Got a meeting in a place requiring safety footwear?  Here ya go!

(Cushioned support System & yer feet don't even know they are in safety shoes! )

Handcrafted in full-grain leather. Slip resistance. Moc toe design - (Notice the fashionable little X's!) Make a statement! 

Double Gore panels flex to allow you to slip into the shoes, then "snap" into comfort once on!

Molded footbed & 3/4 length composite insole allows the ease of walking and the protection you need. 

Removable, washable cushion insole - moisture wicking & anti-bacterial.

DESCRIPTION:   MEN'S SAFETY Composite Toe Casual Driving Moc. Comfortable toe box.  DIRECT ATTACH. Composite 3/4 insole.  Comfy MIDSOLE, Molded RUBBER  OUTSOLE,  
SIZE:   Med  (7-12, 13, 14)
Wide  (7-12, 13, 14)
LEATHER:   Distressed casual look without the chemical distressing. REAL LEATHER
HEEL:   Unit
HEIGHT:   Below ankle

What a Value!
:  $

Yes - How many times have you wished your safety shoes looked this 
fabulous (fashionable)? 

Lateral View

Non-Slip sole has traction without tracking all the outside dirt into your indoor environment.
When footwear looks & feels this good, You might have to prove yer Twisted X Driving Mocs are really safety rated!  

This composite safety toe gives extra width and height to get pressure off of your toes while you wear them.

Lateral support begins  with a good heel counter, flows through the attachment of that heel counter into the  sole system of your shoes.

Direct Attachment helps prevent sidewalk water leaking through to your feet.

But, these are not made for wet grassy deep water! They do allow sweat dissipation out of your socks, or bare feet.

Medial view, or the side of your boot that is defined by your body center line.

This is a good lookin' pair of work shoes. But, it's what's inside, the safety shoes, even what you cannot readily see,
that makes the difference in all day comfort, no embarrassing smelly feet, and pride of ownership.
Cultured Cowboy advises you to recommend Twisted X footwear to your co-workers. Wearers share:  these give opportunity for more employee engagement, ( feet don't hurt, back is usually less tired from undue pressures), more "happiness", less stress, fewer injuries,
in industrial work spaces.  

We have personally found that Thorlo socks made with Thorlon™ Moisture wicking material, 
will outlast even "Better" adult socks 4 to 1.
Lots of terry cloth type knitted cushion where cushion is needed to protect little feet. (Material is concentrated on the bottoms, thinner on the top side, for better fit, and better protection.) A small investment now will pay benefits for years to come! And this is your chance to test our "bragging".  Buy 3 Get the 4th at Half Price, Gets you 4 pr at a very good price! 

Why do we offer this, when we could easily make more $ per pair? 
Cultured Cowboy knows that once you try these socks, you, like other loving parents, will be calling again to get more of them. When you first see & feel the value, you'll be glad you did. After they last for long times, you realize the end cost is less than those cheap socks that you have to repair, re-stitch, or throw away all the time. 
(Moms, they feel so good that the kids, of any age, keep up with them.)
You'll soon be getting Thorlos for your whole family.

Click here for the Thorlo styles, colors & sizes.

The secret to the success of Twisted X Boot Company is in the fit, the feel, and the durability. These are above and beyond almost all footwear brands.  The owner/designer worked with Justin and Ariat prior to his Twisted X Boot Co. Because Cultured Cowboy sells most major brands of boots, we can assure you, that in this category, you will enjoy a good pair of Twisted X Footwear.

Fit: They fit like a Nocona or an Ariat sizing. Not quite as full as Justin Westerns, or Justin ropers. This high tech cowboy boot is made as handmade boots are made: to fit once you get them on, not necessarily to slip on easy and then feel sloppy. 
Feel: Twisted X layers more cushion, more support, and a long lasting sole in each pair of their work footwear. Called, Cowboy Comfort, Twisted X Technology encompasses the latest and greatest of high tech with the craftsmanship you have come to expect from better boot makers. 
Durability:  Made tough. The best leathers and supports are used to ensure you have a boot that can take the everyday rigors of a hard working lifestyle. - Enjoy!

Condition your Twisted X footwear with boot oil, leather balm, or a similar leather conditioner. Then, use a matching or neutral cream polish to protect the boot from scuffs, or to cover existing scuffs. A good coat of Mink Oil, or Snow Seal will add another level of water resistance and protection. There may be several boot care products you are interested in. Just ask about what all you may enjoy...boot hooks, boot jacks, horsehair brushes to apply and polish, etc. We have it all for you. You see, we want your purchse to last a good long time for you! Just a little care will make them go a lot farther. Be sure to wipe the dust and dirt off the skins with a soft cotton cloth each time you take them off after wearing. (At least wash off the mud at your back door, before you track it in Mom's house!) This keeps dust and dirt from cutting into the leathers. 

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