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Braided Horsehair Western Hatbands 

Every cowboy wants to show his rugged individuality. How better than to customize your favorite old hats with hatbands that reflect your lifestyle. Ever since JB Stetson made that first cowboy hat, (and before) hats have been known to mark the character of the wearer.

These hatbands are the best available in their class. At one time, Cultured Cowboy was having these hatbands made for us in Tecate, Mexico. We worked together with a few other companies to be able to have enough hatbands sold to keep our employees. 

Yes, a hat protects, but ya might as well look good while wearing it! Did you know that you can choose a few hatbands and totally change the look of your hat, just by interchanging bands? fasten them just a little tight, and they will stay in place most times. Placing just about 6 dabs of hot glue around the hat where the band will rest can give a little more hold. You really are not gluing the band on, just providing a rubbery surface to hold it on to your hat better. 

If you want a permanent change, you can sew it to your hat with just a few stitches, like the one you take off from the factory. When taking off a factory band, look for the small stitching and I like to use a seam ripper. DO NOT cut the line of stitching that goes all around the hat. That line is holding on the inner headband. If you look carefully, you will be able to see the difference. The small stitches will be seen on the outside of the hatband. When you sew your horsehair hatband onto your hat, using a matching color thread, it will not show from the outside. It just pulls in and looks like more hair. 

An alternative is a glue on hatband. Usually, a hot glue gun, or E-6000 glue is used. Either can be gently pulled loose from the hat. If felt looks like it is coming loose, just a small drop of fingernail polish remover can be used to soften the glue. TEST for colorfastness of the felt in an inconspicuous place, under the headliner of the hat. I have used a toothpick to get the glue remover just exactly where I want it. A Q-tip gets too much on the hat. And, you can easily apply a little hot glue on your band as you place it on your hat. Just a dab here and there will do nicely. 

When Garth Brooks and Brooks & Dunn were wearing all those wild shirts, Cultured Cowboy began cutting off the shirt tails to make matching hatbands for the "dance hall crowd". This can be easy for a seamstress, but difficult for a beginner. Looks good though!

Today, things are a little more "conservative. Your horsehair can come with a variety of widths and tassels.  In certain circles, the knots and tassels are worn on the left side. In other circles, The tassels hang off the back of your hat brim. Either way is good. Ya might just wear your cowboy hatbands both ways to see which way seems to get more complements! 


Truly, shipping charges on several hatbands are about the same as shipping on one. Or, your hatbands can be shipped with your new hat or other items at no extra shipping charge. 

When sizing your hatband, just gently pull the horsehair through the braided keepers. This is easy. Don't yank. Yanking might pull the tassels off. If a grandchild does pull a tassel off, E-6000 will work great. Just a dab in the barrel and stuff the hair end back in. In 10 minutes, you're ready to go again. Most horsehair hatbands will fit almost all hat sizes.

Time has made these cowboy hatbands popular. The horseshows and dance halls have also made the "Bling" a must for many cowgirls. If you want a "bling band" mixed with horsehair, you can sew the crystal band onto your horsehair or other hatband and then apply the new layered band to your hat. Guess what I'm indicating is that when it comes to your hat and hatband, you are only limited by your imagination. 

If you have any questions about how to remove your old original band, or how to adjust, or anything else, just call or email us.  Enjoy! 

We start with the simplest, and get a little more complex as you search down this page of horsehair hatbands.
Some more fun facts: The darkest horsehair is from dark horse tails. The lighter horsehair is from lighter tails. Colors are from as white as they can get, then dyed to the color shown, similar to how you would use Ritz dye to dye cloth. 

HH03 is a three strand braided horsehair hatband. The three strands are laced with horsehair, one atop the other to achieve the look. Center strand is one braid type, and the two edge strands complement each other. The numbers at each band denote hatband colors.

AA-HH03-1  - light natural.  Only $19.99


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