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This is not just any saddle. BigHorn decided to distinguish themselves from all other nylon/leather combination saddle makers. They sat down in a board meeting and asked, "How can we make a better, lightweight saddle, that will allow the stirrups to turn easy, for arthritis; something that any normal lady, or any person over 60, or a person under12, can lift." They decided to replace the skirts, stirrup leathers, and fenders with Cordura© nylon. It costs like leather. It is as strong as leather. 

But because Cordura© can be cut and sewn like in a garment shop, the cost savings come in the labor time making these parts. The bindings are specially turned from the same material, so you will not have edges falling loose. Leather, not synthetic, is next to your body's saddle block area. This lets your crotch breathe. No excessive sweating like there is with naugahide seats. 

The best stainless steel hardware is used, rather than the cheapest plated pot metal. No cheap imitation velcro expected to hold your stirrups on.  No excessive stretching in spring or summer sunshine. No tearing or cracking in the cold weather from cheap vinyl pommel covers, or seats. No conchos, nails or screws breaking loose out of an inferior tree. (I hate to bash other makers, but these Big Horn saddles are quality, and some of you have heard horror stories about other brands.)

Big Horn Cordura© saddles are a favorite with Arabian horse owners. For endurance, or any other pleasurable ride, this saddle lightens your load in more ways than one!

OK, so you're like anyone else. You shop price. However, Cultured Cowboy can provide a lot of little extras that make us your partner, not just a buy button. In fact, there are no buy buttons. We want to listen to your needs and be sure all is right, the 1st time!  

Arab saddles are made with bars (proper angles and shorter lengths) made especially for the way your Arabian horse back is made.

No. 115 15 1/2" Black
No. 283 16 1/2" Black

No. 116 15 1/2" Brown


  • Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree, Arabian bars and "gullet".
  • Seat: 15½" or 16½" grainout, padded.
  • Rigging: 7/8 position single front stainless steel dee.
  • Cantle: 4"
  • Trim: Smooth leather front, seat jockeys and cantle. Cordura® Nylon skirts, housings and fenders. Hand engraved sterling silver plated conchos.
  • Finish: Black or Brown
  • Weight: Approximately 19lbs.

Compare at: 
  115 or 116: $1157.00
  283:          $1157.00

CC Prices:
     115-15.5  CC Price: 
CC Price: $949.99


Also available in Trail Brass Ring Arab models.
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An optional matching nylon flank set (No 4809) is available for only $32.99. 

Matching, or contrasting insulated cordura saddle bags, by BigHorn are available in 5 colors (purple, royal, black, red, brown) and 2 sizes.  No.4710 is 101/2" x 11" x 5" gusset...$75.99, or No.4712 is 101/2"  x 101/2" x 31/2" gusset...$74.99.  Also Matching horn bags, non insulated, in the same colors, No.4718...$29.99.

No.4709 BigHorn zippered cantle bag in the same colors...$16.99.  
Get the BAG PACKAGE of saddle bag, horn bag, & cantle bag for only $110.99 

No.7342 Matching BigHorn Two inch nylon Breast Collar lined in black hospital felt, Stainless steel hardware, Nylon loop for tie down, (Black or Brown)...$49.99.   Ride in safe comfort - see our article on Why Use a Breast Collar!

Matching BigHorn bridles:  No.5407 nylon Field/ Halter-bridle combination with split reins, (purple, royal, black, red, brown, navy, hunter, burgundy)...$48.99.  
No.7298 full bridle with split reins, same nylon colors, ...$29.99.        Leather Medium Oil 5/8 double and stitched, twin cheek adjustments, Horse sized, Straight Browband, sliding jowl,  brass hardware, Headstall No.3499...$64.99  Matching 5/8 Leather Single Ply Split reins No.3529...$35.99

BigHorn makes one of the finest neoprene slip resistant, non chafing, girths in straight or roper models. Nylon and Stainless Steel hardware are removable for easier cleaning. Sizes: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. (Black or Brown).  No.9994 Straight, or "cutter" girth...$41.99   or No.9963 Roper or "wide center" girth...$59.99. Roper type is really shaped for elbow relief. It also has one side elasticized for better trail riding and arena fit. Easy to tighten roller rings for attaching to your saddle. This is one of our favorite girths, because it combines the English girth ability to give to the horse, with the Western ability of more stability. 

Cultured Cowboy has a huge selection of pads and blankets to make your saddle best fit your horse & riding. Let's talk about these options!  (Big Horn Saddlery   Reinsman, and/or  Mayatex)

Another favorite is the BigHorn felt lined, (nose & crown) halter. What this means to you is that of all the halters we have used for almost 50 years, these seem to be best for leaving on the horse during longer periods of time. The nylon doesn't get hard like polypropylene halters. The felt allows this halter to be more comfy in most weather conditions. Padded nose & crown dry back fast without problems. This halter uses rated materials so that it should hold together for most pulls, but will break, or snap straighten with excessive effort that would have hurt your horse anyway. Easily repairable. Comes with a Warranty.  Snaps are easily replaced. Re-stitching with a standard leather type or heavy duty sewing machine , or by hand awl can be done. OR, the halter can be returned to us or to the maker, (clean), for repairs. 1 year warrantee coverage, (At our stables, ours average lasting over 10 years.) Hardware is brass type with no bad edges. 7624 is 3/4 inch nylon, (not polypropylene), with adjustable crown & nose with throat snap (which can  be twisted either hook in or out). Available in sizes: XL Horse, Reg Horse, Arab, yearling, weanling. (suckling & pony available too)  All popular colors available.  Only $21.99 or  3 for $19.99 each.     7139 is the same model in 1 inch nylon.  $26.99 or 3 for $24.49 each.  Available in popular XL (Draft), Reg horse, Arab & Yearling sizes. 

Matching leads have availability to interchange brass snap, halter chain, or bull snap as you like. Matching colors  1 inch heavy duty brass snap lead    Only $12.99 each   or 3 for $11.49 each.  (Brass Chain leads add $5.00 each. Or get an extra brass chain with the HD snap lead for $7.99 extra.)

These accessories are priced at about 25% off the makers already reasonable prices. Adding these items will not increase the shipping costs on most saddle deliveries, due to the new dimensional weights used by UPS. So get them with your saddle and save even more! 

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