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schaefer.gif (14909 bytes) Wild mustangs.  The great American cowboy.  The freedom of the western landscape.  All timeless images of the West.  Through the years, Schaefer Outfitter has added to these images with their collection of authentic western wear. 

Proven functional designs, construction and detail ... all contribute to Schaefer's rugged performance, uncompromising quality and timeless appearance. 



schaefer205.gif (117913 bytes) 205 - Denim Saddle Coat

At the mere mention of crisp summer mornings or riding through the mesquite of New Mexico, the Schaefer Saddle Coat comes to mind.  In wrinkle-free pigment dyed cotton 14.5 oz. indigo denim trimmed with a cowhide leather collar and brass logo buttons, Schaefer Saddle Coats have a crisp look even after being tied on the back of your saddle all day.   Outside chest and waist cargo pockets, drawstring waist with barrel locks, button-out riding vent. 

Sizes:  Men's/Ladies XXS-XXL (Add $7.50 to the price for XXL)

Our Price $179.99


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