God & Horses at Easter

Did ya ever share a  beer, or glass of wine with God?  Every now and then, you need to enjoy time with your best friend. Although my God loves me, I'm probably not His "best" friend. I think King David holds that role. But, He is mine.

I know God is busy doing God things. But, I get a lot of satisfaction from laying my life on a line with Him.  

I've been fussin too much about all the rain - then I read about the droughts in Australia.  I've been fussin too much about my time going so fast - then I meet people for whom time drags slowly, all night long. I fuss too much about this stinkin arthritis, or gout or whatever is the pain of the moment - then a lady comes in the store wheel-chaired from a broken back. 

God helps me pull the tangles out of my life. Much like pulling tangles from a pasture mane, it takes time & effort. I wish I had more time for these reflections, yet, life calls! When I can take time to pull out tangles, or hold the cat, or sit on the porch and have a long talk with God, I feel much better.

So, where is all this leading? Easter is a season. Some call it Lent. For some it's Passover time. And as life pulls us so many directions, we must take a little time to reflect on life, on our life, on family, on salvation, on our purpose.

How much time is spent being happy? Being grateful? Being a good friend? If ya make a list of what's important in your life, then examine how much time you're spending on those parts which are most important. Most of us are so used to living in "the moment" that we forget to live, to enjoy living, to share life...

Just before the Crucifixion, Jesus was in a house where a woman poured expensive perfume on Him. Even His disciples were a little upset that the money from a sale of this fragrance was not used for the poor. JEsus, who had taught everyone to take care of widows, orphans & leave some food on the edges of fields for travellers, reprimanded His guys. 

It was the right thing at the right time. Sometimes it's OK to be extravagant on things that matter. Not always, but sometimes. In my coaching career, People learn that in taking a little care of themselves, they have more to give to others. So - it's not always selfish! 

Cultured Cowboy offers that little respite from the frustrations of life. Whether a custom boot, a custom saddle, or a brush to use as the long hair sheds, we're with you!

So, how do you stay sane? Sometimes you just need a late night beer with God. He listens to your rantings, and you know He loves you because you get that warm fuzzy feeling. You feel closer to Him afterward. Likewise, don't you feel closer to His creation when you are with those horses? Even the stubborn ones teach you something about yourself. You can ride away your frustrations. You feel important because there is an equine that both carries you and needs you. 

Pulling a mane is more than detangling. It is therapeutic. Riding down a wooded trail, or through a field of grasses, or sliding to a stop in an arena, are all therapeutic.  God knows we need a time to release, and just do something for ourselves. So, when this time comes, don't waste it. 

Most times, I spend my time helping a lot of others. As do you. You know, if you think about how many people depend on you for just little things that are so critical to their lives, you would either get a "big head" or just drown in frustration. But, you don't. You feed animals and children and husbands. You pay that mortgage payment and go without lunch. You give that $5.00 bill to the charity raffle. You wash underwear and towels when you just need to sit and rest. You carry a meal to a family who lost a loved one. Time together is often when you're washing and rinsing dishes. You try to take a hot shower to get some time for yourself, and in pops a little head with a desperate 3 year old question that could not wait. 

You deserve, and we are offering better lines of horse equipment than most websites. We often evaluate saddles and bridles purchased elsewhere by our customers. They bring them by the store or email a lot of pics. Most of the bargain saddles have pressed paper linings in the skirts. Now, what is this going to do when it gets wet? (For goodness sakes, there is Cordura!) Cheap hook & loop for hobble straps. (Let's get our kids hung up and drug from sloppy stirrup nylons.) Metal that they know will rust out when salty sweat hits it. Etc.   

We see chrome plated bits with edges that put lots of little cuts on your horse's tongue. We see bridles and reins that are made of stretchy belly leathers. Last week, a new bullrider with a weight of over 190 lbs was looking for the best price on a rope. Had he bought what he thought he wanted, he would have been hurt. He might still, but at least it will not be because of too light of equipment. And on it goes...

Cultured Cowboy deeply discounts products so people can have the best. We have payment plans and layaway. Even if we are the best price, we don't want our friends shopping at the mercy of price. Did you know, the cheaper the stuff, the more profit the seller usually makes? The more pricey, the less markup? It's a fact of life. We used to have calls each week because our prices were less than somebody else. And we understand that. But, somebody can always build something cheaper. We will continue to work hard, & smart, to keep prices fair and quality high. 

Thank you all for your long term shopping with us. We're grateful to our customers, our suppliers, our co-workers and those who help promote our site too. 

Cultured Cowboy wants you to have the right equipment so you can be safe and confident, and make the most of your time for you. If you do not take this time for you, you just can't keep it together for the others that need you. And if you don't have the right equipment, your time with God and horse becomes another frustration. 

God Bless, & be safe! 

C Taylor, Jr
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