March Madness

Anybody looking forward to “March Madness”?

OK, B-Ball isn't riding horses. But we can still get excited!  What if we created an “Equestrian March Madness”?  What would you like that to look like?  Maybe with new stuff available for you? Especially since we've had two unusual years, and supply chains and companies have really changed?  We're excited and hope you will be too!

March Madness at Cultured Cowboy has been fun & a little scary at the same time.  We just opened up a couple really nice boot dealerships.

R Watson Boots.  Last October, we discovered the company through a walk-in customer. While our customer was beside me, I contacted R Watson. We agreed to meet in January at the WESA show, we did. And we have a great plan for you for '22!   3rd week of March I'll have an R. Watson pages on our website.  For now, visit and let us know if there are any we can have made for you. Fits like Justin.  Rustic Caiman in stock now.  A new Snake Proof boot that looks cowboy, to complement out moc looking TwistedX version. 2 new boots for bronc riders! Hard heel counters, Cutter toe, Made for riding! And they're working on a prototype of the old Justin 545 lacer for us.

We're excited!

Joe's Boots.  Made in Mexico, affordably priced. We stocked a basic work boot and a few ladies dress boots. The ladies dress boots have been a big hit!  We'll have them up this month. One has cute yellow daisies on the shaft. Another complements our Black Star line with look a-likes at well under $150.00

Yes, Black Star boots – for ladies with discriminating tastes and maybe ready for some excitement in footwear! And Life!    See their ads in Cowgirl Magazine. 

Twisted X has great fit, function & tough wear-ability. Got lots of that square toe styling. I do have some rounded toe boots remaining.  Their model MABW001 All Around Waterproof Boot is very popularly replacing that Geo Strait 9018, 9010, 9011 discontinued Justin series. (One of the changes we all have to adjust toward.)  I can't say enough good about Twisted X company and management!  Call me,  ask me why I think they are real people!  

And, upon popular request from our ladies – We now have “Grace” jeans ($79.99) here now & “Miss Me” jeans coming later this Spring.  Medium rise jeans are the rage. High waists are coming on strong. (No more muffin on top of the waistline!)  All styles we ordered for stock go over a boot.  I'm gonna put some “wild side” 60's looking ladies pants on the site just to find out whether we should get them in for you. Delivery on these for Summer, Fall.  Still have Colored Rockies available in a lot of sizes – higher waist. &59.99 up.

Outback Trading now has their stockman coats back in stock – for now!  We have a load on the way. (Happiness)     Still no deliveries from Kakadu. (Sadness)

Dakota saddlery is now delivering special makeups in 10 – 16 weeks. (was a year)  BigHorn is a longer wait. The Old Garroutte company is the same actual saddler, but they may come to you with a different label. Dean has retired. Company continues, but he prefers no one to use his name. We have a bunch of Tucker & Circle Y saddles coming in for Fall, beginning with July deliveries. If ya need any Circle Y or Tucker saddle, PLEASE go to their website Let us know. A reasonable deposit & let's get yours on order NOW!  Even their bits & pads are taking months to get. They are just that far backed up in production.

Due to so many costs escalating, we are expanding or offering of imported saddles. There are a couple of really nice for the $$$ saddles available. European leathers, India labor. India has some great leather craftsmen – like umpteeth generation leather workers!  5 yr warrantees – Ropers  for under $800 new. Others even under $600.00.  Circle J has some snazzy looking barrel saddles we can deliver packages for about $1100.00 on saddles that would compare to $2500.00 on the top side.

Hats are in short supply and prices escalated. We're working with Stetson & Resistol as much as possible, but we have to have substitutions. My friend, John Milano at Milano hats is coming through with some deliveries later this spring. Limited styling, but by not being so many options they can get 3X the hats produced in a limited labor market.

I called Bailey Hat- Ordered everything they had in open crown, any size, any color.  Only got a limited supply. Called Akubra & ordered everything in popular styling in any size I could get. Still just a relative few available. American Hat Co is not even taking new orders for a couple years. (till they catch up.)  So Cultured Cowboy is adding heavy lacquer to straws for you, to get that tough type hat. 

Seems straws from Ecuador, Mexico, central American countries are more readily available than Shantung straws.   Cultured Cowboy opened with a few more hat companies. First load coming in this week. We have great hopes – dress, smaller brim, & Aussie type styles.

Wrangler promises I'll get better deliveries soon!  SO we'll get them up & available late Spring and then from that point onward.  Key is still a great jean, but they cut al kids (some sizes left) and reduced available sizes to mostly heart size stuff.  Still some “Larger sizes in work jeans for you. Just not the avail in lengths they had, and no more 25, 26, 27 and few 28 waist men's jeans.

Tack – Weaver has cut my margins to the bone – they compete with their dealers heavily. Still they have a great ½ inch set of reins – roper & split that we'll carry. And anything else they make we'll get for you too.  So many of our guys have either died or retired. Reinsman is pretty much all merged into Tucker. No saddles. Bits & pads greatly reduced.  Still their quality is supreme.

And that brings Supreme Leather to mind. Still a great company for basic tack. And cotton rope leads. Good side pulls. Practice & farm ropes at about $30.00. (Kids ropes too.)  Pro ropes – Cactus seems to be our customer's preferences.  Plenty of saddle bags and halters are ready to ship for this Spring. Big Horn, Reinsman, South Bay.

Custom blankets from Mayatex. Don't wait till you need them. Great quality. Vibrant colors. Just taking time to get. We're keeping specialty pads & wool pads in stock as best we can. Prices on imported better wools start at $79.99. Most at $200.00 +.  We'll have the 5Star line this year too.  Had a great meeting of the hearts with them!

And that's the beginning!  SO much change, so much fun! WE still don't use buy buttons. Call or email.  Till you get us.  Like everyone else, we have about 25% of the help we need. I apologize for not being as responsive as we wish, in answering calls.  The phone messages are filling up in half days. Over 1000 emails a day that people really need answers, not counting the junk. It's because we really try to research & answer questions for you all.

I turned 66 today (Mar14) and our store became 49 yrs old. I couldn't be legal till 17 in SC.  We could argue the start in '73, but I like to remember it as a great Birthday gift to me and the world of Cowboys!  Ridiculous how many changes I've been thru in these short years. SO don't be discouraged by our “NEWS MEDIA”.

God is still in control. You are a person of worth & value, God loves you and I love you!  Another side thought: retirement  - I was tired yesterday & I'll be re-tired again tomorrow! Kinda got huffy with Social security when they suggested I retire at 62. 

I need your help.  Opinions.  At 66. am I crazy for even thinking about investing in a $2 Million buy of a new location with huge space? I really don't, of 7 kids & step-kids, have anyone else to take it over when I die. But, if anyone is interested in being a partner, I'm thinking of a combo Cultured Cowboy with a dance hall & restaurant combo. Large enough for small concerts. The location is ace in Greenwood. Can't do it alone! 

On a personal note: The cancer is all cut out or gone for now. Chemo is over. Spent yesterday after church with a chainsaw & clippers on fencing. With my 2 youngest (14 & 10). Felt great! We took the cuttings & smoked some beef for super, and probably have 5 or 6 more meals!  Thanks for the thousands, maybe millions of prayers during the past couple years. I've had it better than most on chemo. 

As I write this, I'm listening to Willie Nelson & Gordon Lightfoot. And I'm thinking: life has opportuned me with more than most men would dream about. Maybe because my dreams are so big! I've already lived the life of 3 men. Accomplished a lot. Failed at much. Strange how the fails are necessary to grow you into who you're meant to be!

As an “old fart”, I'd advise – live life. Never sit on the sidelines for long – just enough to get into the groove of things.  I have more stories than “Carter” has pills!  My memory is not as it was, but I'll always relish what I do remember. And what I remember most is the love you have given me for 49 years in this industry, so I in turn can pass that love forward, back to you!

We lost a good friend at Brushy Creek. His family's running the company since his passing. Brushy Creek has been making "real" leather belts - not genuine leather ( reconstituted). Good belts that last! We look forward to a good year with them too.

And some family members who were much younger than I are also in their resting place. And too many more customers, and friends, that I'll dance with in Heaven. Wonder if they do the "Cotton-eyed Joe" or "Boot Scoot Boogie"? Imagine dancing with angels, with saints, with Jesus! Guess I gotta brush up on some of that fancy Hebrew dancing I see on video. 

(Seems if it's not Covid, it's cancer or a heart attack or something. - Prayers to all of you who have lost loved ones.)    

God Bless & Let's have some fun this month!


PS: On the Moto side, more perforated leather motorcycle jackets are now in stock. And flow thu vented jackets. - Gotta get ready for warm weather, don't we?  Still got the Schott 141 models too! Made in NJ & NYC.  Need new chaps? Lots in stock, XS to 5X.  First Manufacturing has great product. And Cultured Cowboy can cut & re-stitch belts or bottoms for you.


{March Madness Sidebar – Seems the whole world is in midst of madness. The war between Russia & Ukraine threatens WW3. We're closer to world conflict than I'd like to even imagine.  It's gonna interfere even more with better felt hat deliveries because so much of our felt comes as a side product of fur coat markets in Eastern Europe.  Petrol is way up in price. Uncertainty is everywhere.

So, aren't ya glad yer a cowboy/cowgirtl?  As Hank Wms Jr sang: “A Country Boy Can Survive”.

What if hot heads could simmer down? What if the opposing factions could have talks about how each could support each other rather than extending the fear and the threats, the escalations, caused by fear?  In every war, is it strange that the wars have to be financed? That the same sources seem to like to lend to both sides?  Who stands to profit?  Not so much the soldiers fighting! - They don't split “booty” anymore. Not the families of soldiers or civilians killed. Who really owns the munitions factories?

In our USA '49ers gold rush, those who really benefited were those who supplied the miners!  Duh!

Has someone's profits or debt control fallen since we de-escalated from the Middleast conflicts? Who are the pressuring forces controlling the “Hawks” in governments? Could someone explain to all the elected and dictatorial “officials” that the real heroes will be those that resolve conflicts peacefully?

My other job is as a life coach, specializing in relationships. Now obtaining another advanced certification in team coaching. I was honored to be selected in the World Business & Executive Coaching Summit as a top 15 facilitator. (thousands of professional members worldwide) 

“Boy Howdy, world leadership could use some professional coaching! Team coaching is all about opening relationships with team members & their stakeholders for the better benefit of all. The entire world, people & planet are stakeholders in the decisions being made. Present forward & future back role plays are part of the mix. With the right coach, amazing what can be co-created together, even among people that are not getting along all the time.  Listening is key! New options are available – unlimited resourcefulness will out-perform resources every time.

Kind'a like a relationship I have with one neighbor. He needed help watching out for a large property next to me. Twice fires “popped up” in his woodlands from "visitor" abuse. I watch after the property. I'm allowed to ride trails, grow some corn or oats if want,  Made a muddy clay track, 2 tractor widths wide, 100 ft straight-aways and 60 ft radius ends in the midst of an 8 ft tall blackberry bramble for those "tough to break" horses..  Works wonders!  He pays the property taxes. I keep the property in shape and safe.  Everybody wins!  Maybe I should send a proposal to Putin.}

 C Taylor, Jr
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