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Icelandic Cowhide Classic Motorcycle Coat

Call us Today to see how we can Make your Leather Dreams come true. Mention "Schott Leather Dreams" for your Best Value in American leathers. ...Besides, we need to talk to you about fit selection anyway. Cultured Cowboy has been selling Schott products for over 30 years. Our services make the difference. 

Built for speed: The 26" light weight Icelandic Cowhide Classic is an updated version of a  retro cafe racer jacket. A tight fitted look for a thinner person. Adjustable stand up collar & side tabs, and satin lining.  Zippered pockets. Union Made in USA.

This is the best made European Cut  leather jacket in the world...Bar none! And at this price, a value that will last for a really long time. When you purchase quality, you can figure the price divided by many years of wear, whereas with cheaper products, you figure only a season or two. The quality of the leather and craftsmanship of Schott will turn heads. Everyone can see, and you will feel the difference between this stylish motorcycle coat and even the best $399.99 imports.

Available Colors: Black, Black Cherry

Style Number

Sizes MSRP CC Price
#SCH-654 XS - 2XL $695.00 Schott has requested that we proudly publish their prices. Call us or email for Your Best Overall Purchase Experience.
3XL - 4XL $795.00

Ya gotta know: Schott is your best value.
Cultured Cowboy has Layaway, Financing.  Might arrange "Seasonal Incentives" with other
Not-Schott chaps, vests, boots or bags.
It's worth yer call! 

** Schott has new "DEALER protect-the-consumer" rules. **
This makes Cultured Cowboy really HAPPY!
Seems there are other Internet people who might have "not done well" for their customers. 
CULTURED COWBOY is proud to comply
With the most strictest, newest compliance to
Schott Moto Coat rules.
Wearing These Coats, YOU can't brag enough; 
And ya don't have to say a word. Just wear it & heads will turn! 

Cultured Cowboy will include a shipping & handling allowance with each Schott purchase.
This way, It lands at your door for a very reasonable investment. And,
with each Schott Coat, purchased, you can EASILY qualify to choose either a great vest, or coordinating chaps - FREE
Let's discuss your needs today! 


If this MSRP price makes you reluctant, No worries, Let's Talk. 
We know Your heart doesn't wanna wear junk.  Schott is your best value.
Cultured Cowboy will be your best dealer!

Yes, after we do our best talking with you on fit & function, No worries.
Refunds or exchanges are still OK.  

SEND US a usable Email pic & testimony: Get a 10% discount on your next pr of boots.

Holler now,  For the next 30 Days, You can get a Cultured Cowboy Biker Package Deal 
with/without, Vest and/or Chaps!


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