Justin Original Work Boots

This is the Justin Work Lacer , Cowboy Work Boot that made Justin Original workboots popular. The toe is just a little more narrow than the Wolverine counterpart. But there are differences in the counter, in the sole composite materials, in the linings, that make this a superior boot. Your boot should fit like a comfortable handshake in the front, and slip a little on the heel. IF it does not slip at first, there is not enough arch support to make it worth wearing all day. Your arches can drop over time. Call us if you need more explanation. Justin spent a lotta $$$ and time with Dr Rodney Candor, professional research Pedorthist,  to develop Western boots, Western work boots that are best for your feet. 

Wear and compare. It will not take long to discover this boot was made for your feet. The leather can be treated with Sno Seal or Mink Oil to weatherproof it. There is more to a boot than "cushion comfort". Justin did not take cheap carpet padding materials and stick it inside. They put stuff inside that will take the pounding you give it. 

Chuck's advice: Get 2 pair as soon as possible. 3 pair if you are in wet conditions a lot. Any boot needs to dry out slowly as sweat and wet drench the leathers. When we alternate days of wear, the boots will last much longer because all the bacteria that would develop from wet, sweat environments, do not have the chance to stick & grow roots, as would be possible by wearing the same boot everyday. Also, the cushion comfort inside has a time to relax back into proper position rather than becoming "beat down". 

We work long hours in our jobs. Yet we sometimes think, "I'm gonna tear up my workboots. So I'll just get some at Walmart & save $$$". When you go through 4 pair of that $69.00 boot, and none of them wear comfy after 30 days of wear, What have you saved?  Certainly not $$. Certainly not your feet.  And we don't grow more feet!  No feet - no horse?  Sore feet - Everything hurts! 


Self Employed? Small or med Business?  Call us for Special Pricing on 3 pair or 6 pair "Group Pricing".   

STYLE:   #JUS-760
SIZE:   B   9-12, 13
D   7-12, 13, 14
EE , EEE   6-12, 13
HEEL:   90°
HEIGHT:   8"


CC PRICE:  $174.99
Compare at$203.00 


CC PRICE:  $182.99
Compare at$212.00 


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