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You probably found this page through "Google" or "Bing" or a friend's referral. Because Cultured Cowboy has a somewhat older audience with 70% of our boot sales, we continue to have requests from people who have worn the "Justin mulehide boot" for years & years.  You love the feel of a boot, but as people approach ages of 60's to 90's, there is more concern for slip-resistance.  Relax & Worry No More! 

Some of you liked the look of the traditional Western Work boot. Some of you liked the yellow color. Some of you liked the durability of the sole. The properties of that mule/horse hide suited your needs. Some used the boot for trucking boots, for farming boots, for everything! Today, these cowboy boots are used for slip resistant dress boots, as well as office environments. The variety of leathers available for the boot uppers allow more functionality for you. Many of you have owned these sorts of quality boots for well over 20 years! If this is your first pair, once you wear them for a time, you'll decide to stick with handmade boots for at least a few colors and/or styles.  

I cry with you as I tell you, Justin informs us that the yellow mule leather is no longer available. But bear with us & don't leave yet: 

For years after the boot was discontinued by Justin, they graciously made them for us as special makeup boots. We even switched from muleskin to try their oil pull-up leathers. Well, times are a changing. Justin has a need to continue leadership of quality & design of production boots. Changes in the availability of skilled craftsmen have also influenced decisions. Their decision is to serve the majority with work boots having more of a mass produced direct attach sole with lots of "athletic" comfort within the sole system. They have their reasons. Their success shows that many young people today do prefer to purchase "new" boots  more often. 

Moving along with them, Cultured Cowboy needed to re-think our expectations with Justin Industries, due to the percentages of our special make-up requests to production boots. SO we have. We'll offer our customs so that you have choice for more durable linings, of the finest sweat resistant glove leathers, real stacked leather heels, and leather piping to properly allow the whole boot to flex as a cowboy work boot should. These are just a few of the benefits you'll have with these "old school" boots. 

In the midst of change, and prayer, We got a call from a custom bootmaker who had been making personally building the American Alligator boots for Rodney Ammons, (who has retired his "Ammons Boots"), and for Classic Lucchese, among other smaller designers. Due to a hurricane that rip-snorted through TX, he has room for Cultured Cowboy's clients too.  (And we've made a place for him.)

SO, if you are interested, please continue reading. This is probably not a waste of your time, if you're interested in some finer points of boots.

[ Article Continued Below the mule skin boot pics. ]   

Cultured Cowboy had been selling this Justin Mulehide Western Work boot to satisfied buyers since 1984.

Justin Mulehide Work Western Boots

The boots are cut generously in size. They allow comfortable room for your arches. Until they break-in, they will slip on your heels. ( In fact they are always going to slip a little, the design is different than a short quarter shoe, so the slipping will not rub blisters on your heels. See the next paragraph too.) 

Although a "cowboy boot" is one of the first things you look for, when dressing for cowboy events, people that wear Western dress boots don't always wear them just to look like cowboys. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. As you walk, Western style boots pump air around your feet, which aids in dissipation of moisture, and even more comfort for you. This is why you do want some slippage on those heels.

The older I get, the more I appreciate better boots. 

Proper foot care today will pay tremendous dividends in all your years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for active sports, were never made to wear all day. 

STYLE:   #JUS-1122
SIZE:   B,   9-12, 13
D, E,   6-12, 13, 14
EE,  6-12, 13
TOE:   J12  or Medium Round toe
HEEL:   P  1 9/16 Long Base Walking heel
HEIGHT:   13"


CC PRICEUnavailable
If you could find a Possible Comparable Production or Handcrafted Quality, maybe at$369.99 


Consider this high quality footwear for your wife and children too. (In the Custom Boot below, we can do ladies boot sizing too. ) Especially during the growing years, the bones of your feet will form only as well as you allow. Lack of arch support, cramming a growing foot in an outgrown shoe or boot, - either can deform foot bones permanently.


How can I justify why I should value the investment of a “best” handmade, not better, handcrafted or a standard production boot.  Should I trust they will make a difference in my life?   Dream boots? 

Many companies talk a lot about a lot of features they “do” with their products. Many of them could make ordinary sound great because they pay thousands for marketing!  Let’s look at some of the benefits, rather than just features, (assuming the highest quality materials are used, depending on the intended purpose for your wear).

     There are boots, and then there are boots!  Your Cultured Cowboy Boots are handmade of the finest materials and with the careful craftsmanship of certainly one of  the best bootmakers in Texas.  With more experience in crafting top class American Alligator custom footwear, (Probably the hardest material to form, to skive, to materialize into impressive and comfortable boots.), you can believe this expert is picky enough and proud enough to make any of your boots as impressive as any you’ve ever collected.

For an avid Western boot wearer, to spend up to a week’s wage is a normal thing to do. For two weeks wages, ya gotta think about it. Ya gotta choose it over other alternatives. JB Stetson first priced his Western hats at a month’s wages as he began his company. People gladly paid it because the value received was worth much more than their investment.

I was asked by a professional client, “How can a person give to others without feeling like my glass is even half full? When I give all the time there’s sometimes nothing left to give.” Without some renewal, we can’t. Each of us can make a list of ways we could renew our spirit & strength. One way for many is to put on something “best” and feel good about deserving to own it.

Possible Values:
1)When I know I am well dressed, I have an increased confidence in my ability and therefore I accomplish better.
2)When others see that I am well dressed, others better respect what I can offer them.  They “see” proven worth in my ability.
3)When I have longer term investments in quality, I feel more secure. I am actually investing, not spending.
4)My feet feel better, and legs, and back, from better support offered by better footwear. I’m not tired, nor tiring.
5)When I wear the best, I know people appreciate my smile. It is easier to smile, and I feel more generous toward them.
6)As I somewhat “spoil” myself, I realize I do deserve some of the better “tools” for my life. I can more easily fill other’s needs, especially family, when I feel refreshed myself.
7)My time with my “honey” is valuable. I want to feel special when with her/him, and to know I want their time with me to feel special too.
8)Wearing the best, I better understand how others will be enhanced by their wearing their best too. I can encourage them.
9)I can choose footwear that is appropriate for my intended use: Better leather bottoms for dancing, best rubber soles for riding, or working where slip resistance is important. Either impressive dress leather / exotic uppers, or oil /barnyard acid resistant leathers.  And feel good, either way!
10)I am choosing to live my life, rather than reacting to how others try to choose how they want me to live.

Cultured Cowboy, (Chuck Taylor) has been designing footwear, based on fulfilling benefits from thousands of long term boot wearers.  “Way back when”, (1984), the original Dan Post educated me on finer qualities of boot materials. From there, Justin, Tony Lama, Nocona, taught me differences of handcrafted and handmade. Ariat introduced me to better “performance boots”, and Twisted X has carried these forward. Ammons taught me that “spoil me” quality is sometimes more valuable than giving more disposable products.

Nothing makes you feel better than giving your best to those you love. Although relationships may change, children move away from home, styling may shift, respect for someone who has given their best becomes a hallmark of how you are remembered.

What I hear every week: You are requesting “Where are the boots I used to wear?”  “How come, these aren’t holding up like my boots from 15 yrs ago?” “My MD recommended a Western boot rather than … Yet, the stuff I’ve been wearing is not helping.”

 Cultured Cowboy is working very hard to make your boot dreams come true again!  Major boot companies are becoming more set up for production for the masses! So finding a “real” custom bootmaker for you excites us!  I too am where you are. I too am again wearing a pair made for me. I too am taking my time to encourage you, that these are worth more than you ever expected from boots.

 My great friends at Justin/Tony Lama told me that my percentage of custom requests per production boots were out of line for their comfort.  LET ME MAKE CLEAR – I love these companies. They just are not making what more discerning wearers are requesting. Their focus is shifting as they see fit.

Why are Cultured Cowboy Customs sometimes 1/3 less than other custom boots?
1 (We’re trading ad costs for your testimonials.) One of the preferred conditions of our making these custom boots for you is we request you take a few minutes to teach others about your experiences with these boots.
2) There are not multiple layers of management and sales, and design, and office staff to pay. We can still be OK, with a reasonable margin of profit.  We’d rather pass a good program forward with you, than make it affordable only to the “rich & famous”.
3) For us, the pride of serving you as you should be served is more important than the bragging rights of most $ per pair profits.

 -  For example, I’ve been wearing boots since 17, and I’m now 62. The pair made for me only took 40 minutes to break in. In a couple wears, there was some break in “squeaking” because I chose a tire rubber sole against the handmade stacked leather heels.  About 20 hours into my wearing them, this went away. Just a matter of “patience” to have exactly what I dreamed of wearing! Real stacked leather heels relieve the pounding my feet take while walking on concrete based floors all day.

 God Bless the ability to get boots made like I became accustomed to, been spoiled from, again! My back feels 40 yrs younger when I wear these boots.

- My second wife, (sorry ‘bout that), is still wearing the Burgundy Ostrich which were made for her in the mid 1990’s. 25 years;  only $2.17 per month.  Fractions of the price of an Exotic boot with lesser quality “guts” inside.  $650 was a fair price in 1993. (It’s 2018 now)

This same maker makes your Cultured Cowboy Custom boots. Yes, he makes for other major brands. Especially, coordinating with another leather artist with many of the intricate hand tooled boots combined with ostrich & alligator, you have awed in past. Beautiful boots are of his reputation & repertoire!

Cultured Cowboy is especially honored to have been approached by such a friend, such a quality connoisseur, who holds tremendous caring for his wearers, a respect for the industry, and ability to back up your extreme comfort desires!

If you have heard of, seen, or tried on Ammons or Classic Lucchese, or awed some of the finest quality Western boots in magazines or catalogs, you know the capability and proficiency and comfort I’m trying to describe.

Many older adults have issues with feet, knees, hips and back. Like a house or a hotel, the foundation is where support begins!  Even Scriptures advise about building on sand or stone. 3 Little Pigs chose sticks or bricks.

I had a quite famous celebrity ask if he were crazy for spending the investment of a pair of these boots! As I told him:  The average person will spend a week’s salary on a pair of well designed boots without batting an eye. “OK, box ‘em up!”  So, I recently read where the average manufacturing position paid well over $35.000.00 or $673.00 per week, plus bonuses, plus plus plus…   Do you really want to wear footwear mostly made by $40.00 per month labor, and with parts that profit the production lines rather than you? When your happiness and health depend on a great foundation upon which to stand? 

With these “Trucker Boots”, we researched “tire rubber” soles and found exactly what you want with Goodyear’s newest best diamond treaded ball area. The remainder of your soles are slightly grooved for safe dispersal of liquids from under your feet, while still retaining a quality that will not track debris as “lug” soles are known to do. These soles are made for climbing onto ladders, tractors, barn roofs and stirrups.

Your outsoles work perfectly with the arch, ankle and total foot bottom support built into each pair. Your boots are welted so resoles are available. Notice the brass nailing, and rounded bottom under your arches. This takes an experienced craftsman to get just right. It allows the arch support you need to be held in place properly. This construction has been a sign of quality since modern boots began.  I’ll admit that there might be a slight sound as you walk till the boot breaks in,  but it doesn’t take long for that to happen. It’s the rubber matching into the stacked leather heels.

{Sidebar – Your boots can also be handmade with a top quality leather sole, or a mini-rib Vibram sole. The mini-rib Vibram  is a fully grooved, very flexible, thinner bottom of tire rubber, a popular alternative to the Goodyear described above, for jobs requiring a lot of walking. The quality of our leather soles will make this boot as fine a Western Dress boot as is made.

Shown in an R toe, you can choose from R, (Med round), J toe (more pointed), U toe(roper), or a square toe version. The toe is boxed properly and lasted by hand as your boot is built.

Pretty much, unless you specify differently, the most popular combination lasts are used so fit is impeccable! We have ability to special order difficult last sizes to use for feet that are either more discriminating, or just hard to fit.  

Notice there is some relief incorporated over the top of your arch. When you feel that “Plop” into your boot as you pull it on, you can rest assured that the slippage is proper, and does not restrict your foot’s blood circulation by pressing too tightly on that vein which crosses over the top of your foot. Great for all day wear.  (Less swelling of your feet.)

Best Glove leather linings wick away foot moisture, without eating socks, are throughout the entire inner side of your boot. In fact, it’s the leather which you can’t see, inside the boot’s inner workings, which makes the difference in excellence and ordinary. 

 A softer inner heel pad is placed under your heel to help dissipation of concussion.  By the way, Outer heels are real stacked leather. Why? The layers of leather adjust and adapt to your way of gait better than the non-moving “reconstituted leather” used in “genuine leather” (ground & glued scraps) advertised by many makers.  If you’ve worn the best before, you understand the difference you’ll feel from your foot bottom all the way through your spine, as everything,(your entire boot design), works together for your benefit.

Your heel counter is a real chunk of leather too. Skived into the lining so you have a smooth transition, attached securely to the heel base through heel rand, this leather gives you lateral support as well as holding your spurs in place as a boot should. None of that “pressed material” or stiffened canvass that mushes over to the outside as the boot gets wet!  If you thought you were the cause of lateral failure, you might be hard on the wear, but it takes better materials to make the whole boot last in comfort for a long time.

Do your toes sweat a lot?  Might be that manmade toe box we don’t use.  Materials that are pre-molded or easy to mold by machine save cost, but will create heat. Not these boots! They’re hand lasted from natural materials which allow heat and sweat to move out of your toes. Pulled across and shaped by expert artisan hands, the toe box forms and maintains the integral shape of your boot’s front.

You want to know my biggest gripe in many boots?  Cotton cord piping covered by a thin layer of plastic sheeting. It breaks at the bends, and my expensive boots need me to take a “Sharpie” pen to recolor & hide the flaws. This piping is supposed to provide smooth transition and some give as you walk/run/work in your boots.  Leather piping is used in your Cultured Cowboy Handmade boots, as a washer to prevent the leathers from wearing each other out in movement. (yes, plastic does this too) Real leather, with the right stitching, allows the proper give & take that allows your leather to move with your movement, and doesn’t easily crack at your ankles. (Keep ‘e conditioned.) Often, if you have ankle rubbing, its caused by the initial stiffness of poor piping and the stitching used at the ankle area.

OK, there’s a part called the “rand”. This is a layer between inner heel & counter, and the heel base of your boot. Here there is a nylon type compound that is used to prevent the heel base from smashing through the upper at the joining of your heel area. (Think of it as similar to the  “cartilage” between your bones.) This dissipates pressures. Didja know, your heel takes a huge pounding every step you take? (2112 average steps in a mile. 160 lb man. 316,800 lbs of pressure repeated. Wow didn’t God do a great wonder in designing the bones & padding in your feet! )  These handmade boots are engineered to be the best of protection, and long term comfort.  

This pounding is why the bottom of your heel base has a slip-resistant “tire rubber” plate placed on the ground surface of the heel base. You hit down on a relatively small area which needs ability to not slip till your foot rolls forward, and to be easily replaceable as that back of your heel cap wears faster than any other part of a boot.

The other manmade material used in your boots is the nylon threading – again, the best in our industry, used throughout your boots. Most people are not particularly picky about the pattern or the stitch color blends. – But now you can be!  We can either computer stitch the tops, or hand stitch the tops for you. Yes, hand stitching will not be as perfect as the computers, but connoisseurs will see the difference.  So you  decide which you prefer!  This model shown has a simple computer stitched top to reduce costs. (We do believe in using technology, when technology makes perfect sense!)

{Sidebar -  Why are most soles sewn with white thread?  Two reasons.  1) Original bootmakers were proud of their handstitching and the white thread showed their quality.  2) White thread cost a few cents less than colors!  (Betcha didn’t figure that one!)    Save money when saving makes sense. Spend money when spending now will save you $$$ over the life of the boot, and when the comfort levels are greatly increased. Yo can choose white or colored sole stitching. (If ya get the white, a Sharpie Fine point will touch ‘em the color you choose.)

These “Trucker” boots, (as they have been called since truckers delivered from their trucks) (it’s a design – not a nickname) are the best of all worlds for guys & gals who wear them every day. I prefer to call them “Usin” boots. They are made to use in everyday blue collar, white collar, or ranching conditions!

Justin made the yellow mule leather famous. Unfortunately, Justin explains that the yellow mule is no longer available to them. They are right! SO if it is the color you like best, we can make your boots in a “Sunkist”, yellow leather of shoulder quality. (It will have some heavy grain as all shoulder is famous for having.) OR, we can use an oil-pullup leather with more barnyard acid resistant qualities of the older mule, but it’ll be medium brown. 

OR, for motorcycle fans, we can do a solid black. And can blend top stitching to match your Harley, Indian, Yamaha, Honda, colors.  This sole and counter and support construction is perfect for riding Iron horses, as well as tractors and horses of flesh & blood!

You’ll see a boot of allover shoulder, and one with shoulder foot and cowhide upper for an attractive contrast. Quality is exceptional whichever color or hide you choose.

Yes, we carry some in stock. And stock is building!  But with all the variety available to you, wouldn’t you rather have your pair made to order as you want the specifics to be?   If we have your boots in stock, 3 to 7 days delivery.  If they have to be made… hold onto your hats… only 3 to 10 weeks, depending on your specs!  This is crazy when the average special makeup boot can be 6 to 9 months, isn’t it!  And they are not rushed through!  

Get this… You can make a reasonable deposit of about half, and we’ll get your boots started. The other half, we’ll work with you as you need.

Dealing with a smaller maker, who both cares about you, and retaining a relationship with you, is really important.  And if you’ve been waiting for twice as long as we first promised, (Orders from Fall 2017) it’s because we had more stuff to work through than we imagined. (Imagine that?)  Now, we have our program all ready to go.  We’ll be back in touch! With apologies! And with quality you expect. And now with reasonable delivery times.

Hope this reading has been helpful to you.  After all this, don’t you feel you deserve a pair or two?  Please contact us with any questions or comments, or concerns you might have.  A closet full of custom boots is not for everyone.  But everyone deserves to at least try a pair!     Take a look at the new possibilities below.

Thank You & God Bless You all,
       Chuck & friends.

Here we are! This is your all over yellow, Sunkist Shoulder leather.
The properties of this leather choice will allow a thicker hide, similar to the mule & horsehides, and with a sealed finish on top, for protection, yet does have a softer hand. (The slightly wrinkled look actually allows this boot to break in properly and almost immediately mold to the shape of your foot.) 



Close-up of the Goodyear sole showing how the nails are used to hold arch support in place. Notice the "rolling" arch. This lets you know there are real "guts" under your feet. 


The area under the ball of your foot has more slip resistance than the other "lined" edges. The thin lines allow water to move from under your foot. The more textured surface assures you can propel forward, or hold a stirrup without worry.

Look how tight the heel counters, heel rands and heel base fit together for even more lateral support. When you hold the boot by the heel counter, you'll immediately know why these do not roll over to the outside like so many boots tend to do. This inner counter must be made of the best leather to withstand the rigors of tons of pressure you will exert as you move, doing what you do. 

$479.99 per pair for sizes up through 13EE 
$485.99 for 14 or larger sizes.

Now about 4 week delivery to you. Unless a custom last must be made. 



 So, here are pictures of the handmade versions we can have built for you.

First, you'll notice the "yellow" shoulder leather. Tough and softer on your feet than the mule. You can choose either top of med brown or same shoulder as shown. We chose a most popular toe stitch, and to show you two of the available top stitches on the shafts.

Deep dip tops with fancy pulls. Goodyear's newest "trucker" tire rubber sole shown. Notice the quality glove leather linings, the extra heel slip leather inside, the soft leather heel pad under your heel, and the clinched nails through the entire sole to hold your arch supports from any slipping. 

Look how tight the heel counters, heel rands and heel base fit together for even more lateral support. 

We can do this styling in an allover black or bk/tan, or chocolate, or oil pull-up work leathers. OR oil retan work leathers. 

Soles are stitched and can be returned for any re-soles down the road, by the maker. 

Compare this quality to any!  You'll find these a bargain at our low introductory price of :    Only $479.99 per pair.   Size 14 & up slightly more. 
A Possible Comparable Make-up Quality, maybe at$620.00 

Available in almost any sizes, and widths:  
Ladies 5 - 11 Narrow, med, wide, or  
B,   8-12, 13
D,   6-12, 13, 14, 15
E,   8-12, 13
EE,  6-12, 13, 14
EEE,  8-12, 13, 14
Some 4E on request

Custom Measurements Available too. 
J toe, R toe, U toe, Narrow Snip toe, or Moto Square toe, or Sloping Square.  

Add initials, brands, dates, in the tops, or scallops, extra deep tops, Special calf widths, Change the heels from 1" to 3 inch tall, or toe styling to your preference. (Some options will add to the base price above.) (Unusually Specialty sized lasts will be added to the price and marked with you name for future boots) 


If after all this, you still need a lower priced boot, We offer Smokey Mountain Basic Truckers in black, oiled pullup or waxed brown. Production quality at about $139.99 per pair. 

Photo is lightened to show the sole better.

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