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I used to think that kids could get by with almost any old boot. (They just outgrew them, or tore holes in the toes, right?) Then I started selling boots...thirty years ago. To sell them, you need to study them. Then, you talk to a podiatrist or two, and a pediatrician or two. I spent time with orthopedic guys, chiropractors, and all. You might look at some of their little bones. 

Then you really understand that while they are growing, the footwear they wear today will affect the health of their feet, legs and backs for the rest of their lives. Buy them a used warm coat at goodwill, but protect their feet with the best you can afford. After all, we know that "No hoof-No horse" rule. Are we taking better care of our animals, than our children? 

I didn't think so. We all just need a good understanding, and someone to trust in the area of kid's boots. Then we can rely on them like we do the vet, the farrier, and the auto mechanic. We can't all be experts at everything. But, I can tell you that Cultured Cowboy extensively looks at how our children's boots are made. There are boots we will not sell.

Buying a good leather boot, the leather will form fit, and stretch as the foot grows. (This is impossible with "all plastic" shoes. They often warp with heat and humidity, really messing with growing tendons and tissues.) 

We want your children to have some growing room, but not grossly oversized. We want to fit the arch of the foot. That means the widest part of the boot matches the widest part of the foot. There should always be adequate room engineered into the toe of a boot, for growing, if the arch is fitted. Mashing a toe is not a good way to fit your child. Instead, if you can pull up just a little leather at the arch, and rub a little sideways, there is room to grow. 

We get hundreds of pictures of horse backs in our emails for fitting saddles. If you have any doubt about fitting your child's boots, call us and email some pics. Horses, and children are better off barefoot, than with ill fitting support. But their little toes get so cold! (Not to mention remembering stepping on a pine cone.) We want the best for your family and ours. So, we offer the best to you.   God Bless, CC. 

Cushion comfort, slip resistant, Crepe Sole Smooth Ostrich Boots - The same skins as Mom & Dad's best boots. 
Available in Children's Sizes:  8 1/2 - 3  D (medium widths only).  (24-34 European) 

Children can now experience the same comfort and breathability as adults! Real smooth ostrich, not an imitation. 

Butter Cup

Cushion comfort, slip resistant Crepe Sole Smooth Ostrich Boots - Available in Youth Sizes:  3 1/2 - 7  D (medium) widths only.  (35-39 European)

Preteens and teenagers can now experience the same comfort and breathability as adults! Real smooth ostrich, not an imitation. 


Butter Cup
Parents, show your boys and girls how to care for these boots. A little boot cream, and conditioners will go a long way! After all, what better way to learn that nice things need maintenance!    Boot Care, Supplies & Accessories

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