Child's Fleece Boots
Winter "House Boots"

Blazin Roxx Brand

What could be more fun, and be so warm? Let your kid's feet stay snuggly warm! 
These fleece lined children's boots keep those toes cozy. 
SO much fun, they'll never want to take 'em off!

SO what should we call them? Bedroom booties? Western Boot Slippers? 

LIMITED SUPPLY - A 1 Time Buy for us. 

English Paddock Boots

Manmade suede cloth outer.  Rubberized textured bottoms.
Fleece Lining. 
"Cute"  Warm  "Fun"

STYLE:   #BlazinRoxx
DESCRIPTION:   "House Bootie" BOOT
SIZE:   Childs: XS  Sm  
Youth -  Med  Lg
COLOR:   Black/White
TOE:   Round 
WIDTH:    Medium
OUTSOLE:   NON-SLIP, non-marring House Slipper type


:  Only $

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Warm Western Booties for your children. Fleece lined to the toes. Suede cloth outer. Embroidered stitching as shown. Just a few CZ's for taste! Real Pull Tabs. 

Front & Rear view. Just as nice from both points of view.

Ever get tired of the cloppity clop of hard plastic soles on your hardwood floors?
Easy fix with these soft homebody boots!

The stones add just a touch of flash for the girls, but aren't too sissy for little boys. (And can be snipped off if you prefer.) 

Side view, Sole view, and Rear view for you. 

Easy care -   Hand wash & let it air dry.   Letting the child come to life, I noticed they pretended these as hand puppets while they cleaned them!  

Sizing  CHILD:   XSm  (10 / 11)    Sm  (12 / 13)      
         YOUTH:      Med (1 / 2)     Lg   (3 / 4 )

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