Antler Art &  a Little more!

Artist's Collection Knives

Here is a collection of artistic knives that would enhance any collector's prized possession.  The blades are hammered, shaped, polished and sharpened to perfection.  440 Stainless steel holds its edge.  Bolsters of high quality brass are custom fitted for a great looking highlight.  The Antler is of elk from the Northwestern USA.  Each handle is hand rubbed and fitted to the blade in a manner that will last for years to come.  Just a small amount of hand conditioner on any elk horn product adds natural moisture back to the animal fibers.

Most owners think these knives are only used on special occasions. They are built tough enough for everyday use, like I use them.  They simply look better than many alternative knives!  Each comes with a handmade laced leather sheath as shown in this S-21 Sportster picture.  If you prefer to add an elk stand,  as in the S-22 below, just let us know so we can have one made for your knife, and get you a special price!  This stand is an enhancing idea for showing your collection while not in use in the field.  

The natural curvature of antler gives a comfortable feel to your hand when held.  To enhance the sportsman tradition, choose one of the wildlife carvings for your handle.  We've seen many makers. If you are looking for the highest quality in natural elk antler art, choose your favorite, or two, from this selection of antler art cutlery.     


S-21 Sportster

This is an excellent all around knife.   Its small size makes it easy to carry, and its sharp 440 stainless steel edge makes it useful for almost any task.  The attractive  handle  makes for a good conversation piece, as well as a comfortable grip. Can be used fro skinning if your careful with the point. Great antler handle carving knife.

Our Price: $154.99
Compare at: $231.00

s21a.jpg (35991 bytes)

S-22 Royal Bull Bowie

This stylish knife is perfect for decoration in the home, or a trusty companion in the field. "Not recommended for stabbing yer neighbor!", though defense / offense was the original purpose of a bowie knife design.  Wanna feel like Daniel Boone?  The large 12" blade makes scary tasks a snap.  Included is an attractive stand crafted from authentic deer antler, mounted on western woods. 

Our Price: $260.99
Compare at: $390.00

s22a.jpg (37531 bytes)

S-23 Ram

This rugged knife is perfect for your outdoors.   It's 440 stainless steel blade can survive even the toughest of expeditions.  Need a point? Get this point!  (Easier to conceal than the larger counterparts) Still Impressive! 

Our Price: $144.99
Compare at: $216.00


s28a.jpg (30553 bytes)


S-28 Ole Grizz Bowie

Named for its "adversary" in nature, the Ole Grizz will stand up to any situation and perform to your expectations every time.  The generous 12" blade is good for everything from cutting the toughest leathers to (careful now) your finger.

Our Price: $192.99
Compare at: $288.00


S-22C Black Bear

The Black Bear knife is one of the most unique knives available.  Its sharp blade and smooth curves make this knife a rugged, yet elegant piece.  The blade design slices the way you need as you need.  The finely detailed handle and blade carvings make this an excellent collector's piece as well as a trustworthy outdoorsman's tool.

Other carving styles include the Wolf, Elk, and Full Eagle designs.

Our Price: $410.99
Compare at: $615.00

bkbeara.jpg (25419 bytes)
S-25C Eagle Head

The Eagle Head knife captures the spirit of the hunt with the exquisitely crafted eagle head carved into the handle.  Swift and stealthy, the eagle is a perfect match for this knife.  With this knife by your side imagine tackling any obstacle in your path!

Other carving styles include the Big Horn, Grizzly, Mule Deer, and White Tailed Deer

Our Price: $314.99
Compare at: $471.00

Great all around sheath knife - Top of this blade is scored for scaling fish, and other such capabilities. Heavy blade with another comfortable to hold antler handle. Nice bolster for protection.  Our Price: $169.99
Compare at: $199.00


Are Ya Ready to Rumble? This is an ultimate collector's knife. NO more made. Very few made when it was made.

OLSEN - He's both famous worldwide and has retired. The value of his cutlery is only increasing.  Carved Bear in handle Etched bear in blade. Hand hammered, and hand finished all the way. . Large Bowie Knife design. Leather sheath.  An investment for your future at only  Our Price: $2500.00


Just a great, not so moderate, hand finished curved blade, antler handled knife to add to your collection.    Our Price: $149.99  Compare at: $189.00
Just a great, not so moderate, hand finished stainless steel blade, antler handled knife to add to your collection.  Same as above with a different style blade.   Our Price: $149.99  Compare at: $189.00

How do they do this? These cut in eagles (bears, deer, your favorite) cut into & painted, into the antlers of deer & elk?

To make it happen, there are lazar cutters. But, that's the beginning. Minute details are then trimmed & painted as needed to give you the luxury of uniqueness you'll get. Not cookie cutter!  I've put my hand onto these - still useable1 Yet unusually unique.  Our Price: Starting at $239.99 


Meet your best knife friend - sturdy, balanced, fun.  Choose a skinner or the other blade. Lazar engraving on the wooden handle. (Most wildlife, or your brand Or your imaginative whatever! )  Send a design.  (Might be a custom set up fee, or not) 

Starting at $25.99 each (for the Basic Knife & Sheath)



Can you imagine a Railroad Spike transformed into a knife?  Here ya go!  This knife captures the spirit of that first transcontinental rail line. (Didja know it was government that forced two independent rail lines to meet in the middle? (History Channel) Didja know this was better than Internet, at the time?  Leather sheath.  Add a personalized stand for only $15.00 with this knife.

Our Price: $54.99



 Bone handle, lazar etched. Brass highlights. Typical sheath knife design. BUT, not so typical use for you!  This knife is imported, then finished in USA. Not so typical edge development capability & utility!  Deer. & Bear tracks available too. 
Our Price: $69.99


if you could, would you appreciate putting your treasured knife on "home decor"? WOULD YOU? Why? - Because it reveals who you are! Display only   $39.99
Crafted Bear Knife Display on a more natural appearing, though resin format. Includes nice wood handled knife shown  - $94.99 each
Crafted Deer Knife Display on a more natural appearing, though resin format. Includes nice wood handled knife shown  - $94.99 each
Crafted Wolf  Knife Display on a more natural appearing, though resin format. Includes nice wood handled knife shown  - $94.99 each

Just an all-around utility knife?  Yet, each is hand crafted and thereby unique. Wooden handle, hand finished, on a great blade.    $79.99
Bone handle. Long fancy blade. Imported. Still a quality you're proud of showing off! 
   Overall Length    Blade length - Get as many as possible for each knife.  Exact length varies with the customization! 



Great Graphics & very Affordable. Don't know how long we can continue to get these - Imported. Silk screened horses running on both blade & sheath. Sheath is like an ivory resin. Good looking start to your knife collection without a crazy investment.  $39.99


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