We have entirely placed our store & warehouse under a careful program of UV-C lighting to help prevent positive COVID-19 results in the building.  UV-C kills all bacteria, and virus. Products and most services can resume!  
We'll continue to serve you the best we can while working with our local officials to ensure the health and safety of all involved.
Cultured Cowboy has a "state of the art" UV-C lamp station in service at our facilities. 
This UV-c eliminates all virus, by destroying the RNA/DNA, including the latest Covid.
We will be sweeping the entire store & warehouse for everyone's safety.

Do diligent research before using the UV-C lighting as it blinds within seconds, and promotes deadly cancer in pets and humans, within short minutes if in that light while it operates. We use a device with timers & sensors that will auto shut off the UV-C if motion is detected. If you need to know more,
Cultured Cowboy has had great experience with our Apollo UV-C Germicidal device.

Remember - wear over the nose & chin masks & eye shields. Wash hands 20-30 secs with sudsy soaps, around eyes too, OFTEN. 
Take street shoes off before entering your home. (Covid falls to the ground and is walked on.) 
6 ft distancing is a minimum. An unprotected sneeze goes up to 27 feet. A sneeze in a mask, usually only a couple feet.
Use HOT water & OVERDRY clothing & bedding linens.
Wash cans, vegetables, fruits, food packaging from our grocers. Then wash your sinks.
Use ZOOM.us and similar video conferencing software to remain in touch with each other. - It's great!

To not wear a mask: many argue this is an American right. And in normal times it is. People prefer to see your smiles.
Yet, I hate the thoughts of you invoking these rights, to find yourself tied to hospital tubes and incubators, 
with breathing pain, with any prior conditions worsening by the infectious Covid, and becoming so tired you hurt to be awake. 

Tissue that Covid affects may or may not be repaired. 
Remember almost every virus - chicken pox, herpes, and Covid, will have residual effects too.

There are real shortages of many products. And shortages of workers too. We're working closely with suppliers to keep your needs met ASAP.
We'll have a series of YouTube videos breaking soon.
If you would like to be on our email list, as a subscriber for more info, the UV-C Covid light is allowing us to begin production soon. 

  Stay safe and healthy. Pray for us as we pray for you too. Don't be scared to live. Yet live wisely!
God Bless, Chuck. 
Cell Phone : 1 (864) 341 - 4775



Our Western Weddings section offers dresses, tuxes, good ideas accessories, and most anything you will need to plan that special wedding or anniversary!

Our online motorcycle shop, "CC Rider," is on it's way back up.  If you have a need for anything that you don't see,  please call or email us & we'll be glad to help you get it! Save big on MC Coats, Chaps and Vests.  Unik, First Mfg. Xpert, MOB, Easyrider, Joe Rocket and more.

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Many times your loved ones would appreciate a gift related to their hobby or special interest, but, you may not be sure of their specific needs, sizes, or color themes. Even better are Gift Certificates.  Your selection of a Cultured Cowboy Gift Certificate assures you that the recipient will always receive the best choice - their choice!!

If your order will be delivered late, you are welcome to print one of these and a picture of the item, to give until the gift arrives.  We will happily give you a Gift Certificate number to track the item(s) until they arrive.   Merry Christmas!



Products of the Season

Barbed Wire Wreaths that might be hard to beat!

Show a love that can't be fenced. More pics when you click!



Cultured Cowboy & PARDA Fed CU
are teaming up to offer financing on purchases of $500.00 and up. 

Applications and membership forms are being readied so you can click and fill out, then fax or email back to enable you to have that saddle, or wedding dress that you really want.




to our store!

Browse around and see what we have to offer. Come back anytime!


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t this time, Cultured Cowboy is not using a shopping cart. We find that we can best serve you, as customers thru phone conversations. Over 2/3rds of our sales are somewhat customized to better suit your needs. Correct size, shades of color, and many other questions can be better answered directly.  Plus, we've gotten to know many of our customers personally through phone calls. Once you have gotten to know us, your first order, and repeat orders go very smoothly.  We thank you for all of them. 

There is also the option of email orders.  Visa/MC, PayPal. How we figure Shipping costs.  Click here to find out more. May God Bless You!


Work Wear, and Winter Coats are being updated now. Look at the Lakin-McKey Work Clothing, and Outback Trading Company for new exciting warm jackets, etc.

This site looks best when viewed in Internet Explorer but we are working hard to get it working well on any platform.

Training Tips:

Cultured Cowboy has been working on a training tips section. Might be fun. 

Here's  How to buy her a gift 

Cowboy Cookin:

Ok, recipes in emails will be shared here too. 

Cowboy Grilled Tender Chicken


Thousands of Weddings assisted since 2002  
Hundreds of Saddles sold each year.
More Shirts & T Shirts than we can count!
SASS supplier, Pro Rodeo supplier, to all of America.

Boots, Boots, Boots!
(Silly Ad at YouTube

We look forward to serving you too!

March Madness

Email us your email address and names.  About 4 to 6 Xs a year, we will be in touch about fun stuff & sales. We never sell your names. We will not spam you. We hate junk mail too. Our hope is to get closer to you all as friends.    Thanks & God Bless!

Breyer, Painted Ponies, etc.

"Bridal Fashion Show"  

Our fashion show at Cross Creek Mall in Greenwood was a great success!  Wedding gowns, tuxedos, attendant gowns, and accessories were all the rage up and down the runway.  We'd like to thank all our participants and supporters.

Click here to see our great Bridal Fashions.       

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1-866-492-6926 Toll Free

There is also the option of email orders. Click here to find out more.

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At one time all of these products were available on our site in detail.  We are still dealers for all of this. It took a while to build it before and will take us a while to get it back up.  If you need anything from these companies, please call us to find out availability.