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Ah, yes, the Wade A Fork roping saddle. Shown with a very Bicycle seat. Because you have more of your body in an upright position, and the weight is distributed over the entire saddle block area, this is really a great saddle for long times in the saddle. Choose smooth or rough side out on the fenders and seat. 

We chose this model to have some extra pics taken. Note the quality of each feature. Dakota tooling can be quite nice. This styling makes it great for the Cowboy Action Shooters and similar events. This leather is shown with the new "buffed" leather seat, jockey, wear plate and fenders. Dakota uses the same equipment as a fine auto body shop, to give this hand sanded finish for you. Not as "fleshy" as rough-out, but with some extra grip. Oil it as you normally would, you can re-sand if it wears a little smoother than you prefer.  

This 806 Wade saddle is shown with a leather Cheyenne roll. The pommel is narrow, A Forked, but heavy duty. You can get the optional set of bucking rolls shown to give more of something to hug into if needed, when needed. Deep leather laced bell stirrups with a good tread make for less strain on your legs. Shown with a scratch resistant basket stamp, you can choose any tooling pattern. Comes with front breast collar dees and drop plate on a Montana rigging. This allows the closest feel, with great strength for you and the horse. 

Cultured Cowboy has arranged with Dakota Saddlery to allow an option of extra heavy fleece, real sheepskin, or heavy felt on the skirts. A hoofpick holder, or any of the other many options are yours to choose. Choose your color of leather. If you are interested, you can give us your true inseam measurements and we can have the saddle fitted for you. This is especially handy for youth, ladies, or tall cowboys! You get six saddle strings as shown. Choose between full or regular Quarterhorse bars. Rounded skirts for easily fitting all horses.

Optional Flank sets available. Notice the stirrups are twisted & tied. Let us know if this is an option you prefer. And of course, we offer to oil & condition any saddle for you, so it rides real comfy, like it's been ridden fore a while.

No. DAK- 806 Wade Hard Seat Roper

  • TREE: Bullhide covered Full Quarterhorse Bars.  5 year warranty.
  • HORN: Wade Wood Post 3 3/4" High 3 1/2" Cap.
  • CANTLE: 5" with Small Cheyenne roll.
  • RIGGING: Montana Drop Plate Rigging.
  • FINISH:  Grain out, strung through with brass plated conchos. Brass rings. 
  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3" With leather covered buckles.
  • COLOR:  Pro Brown (Other Colors Available).
  • WEIGHT: Approx 40 lbs.

SEAT - 15", 16",  (17" 18" Extra Charge). Optional Top Grain Bicycle seat shown. 

NOTE: The reasons Pricing is left off:  1) Dakota  asked us not to advertise our low pricing.  2) Almost all of these saddles are customized for you, and the Low Pricing must be figured depending on the many options chosen.  Thanks!

Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

 15", 16"


17" $1955.00 $
18" $2050.00 $

One of the tools you will notice is the "Buck-N-Rolls" behind the pommel of this saddle. They can serve two purposes. 1) Something to swing a leg into to get better hold. 2) Something to take up space for a rider in a seat that might be a little large for the job to be done. 
 The tooling pattern of floral/basket, mixed gives a sharp look to your saddle. And lacing the joints, (pommel seen & rear skirts) adds detail that make the saddle show more value for your $$$s. 
You can see how the narrow build next to the rider can add comfort for longer trails. And each of these pics shows that "buff" sanded into your leather. 

Both Front & Rear views here show you the thickness and quality of their upgraded fleece. This is the Heavy Duty Synthetic shown.  Nothing "Cheezy" here!

Our Price:  

Our CC Prices are Too Low To Advertise.  Dakota requested that we not post our actual delivered prices.   We will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, we know more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! (No brag, just fact!)

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.   Thanks, Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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