Cowboy Poetry


A Christmas Poem

      Those curious about Christendom
often search for readings light,  
     but, challenge comes through all the verse  
     to learn more of Christmas night.  
     For we, the privileged, to grow from babes;  
     Turn milk to meat with glorious might!

On sacred night of firmament,
heaven beacons to shackled world.
Forevermore, comfort and cheer     
become illumined more than fear.
Choirs, seraphim and cherubim,
resound prayers precious. Can you hear?

     ※Highest glory to our Lord, I AM;  
     His reign is true from beginning to end.  
     By grace, the world hums, &Peace will come*.  
     Through good news, goodwill affirms everyone.  
     Earthly meek become as kings. Liberty for all now rings.  
     Mansions await all who sing in belief, faith aspiring!§

     ※To our Savior King, Hallelujah!  
     Wonderful Counselor, Alleluia!  
     Praise to God, Holy Father, for Son  
     who comes to purify pious con.  
     Infirmity clutched and finality conquered,  
     bequests of centuries are finally answered.§

          An angel asked of Gabriel, 
         ※Is this the time and the place?§  
        The trusted messenger reposed:  
        ※T*was for all host to know.  
         On this grand eve of jubilation,  
         springs eternal grace, salvation.§    

         ※Centuries have gone and come  
         like minutes on the hour.  
         Now God has chosen to become  
         as one of His creation,  
         to show favored clan of Abraham  
         His infinite compassion.※

     ※The Son of David, promised Lord,  
     comes borne to prove love*s rebirth.  
     Prophets from Ancient of Days  
     prophesized this solemn maze:  
     Born meek and common to our world.  
     Demon thrones are fitfully feazed!§

 Love for God has reached ripe heights
through virgin girl, betrothed and bright.
In pondered praise of planned eternity,
for remembering the lowly with His mercy,
she sang her song to magnify
Holy God, who implanted her in history.

     ※Jehovah, so true to your promised word,  
     I exalt the exhumation of Israel*s worth.  
     You honor my future. You preserved our past  
     with gift of Your presence, Messiah, at last!  
     With every new breath this life exhales  
     all surrounding will hear: Your wonder I hail.§

 Then Joseph, just and honorable husband,
distraught with news of fateful hand,
in dream, caught scheme of Godly plan.
Sorrow switched into pride for life
of Spirit within untouched wife.
God chose him as stepfather of Light.

     ※Oh Lord of my fathers, oh Lord of all,  
     I stand in awe of Your trustworthy call.  
     My best will be done for my Savior, my Son.  
     Give me the strength for this job to be done.  
     Am I worthy of Jesus, laying foundation?  
     You chose. I humbly accept this laudation.§    

 Taxed and driven to unfamiliarity
for Roman census derived by ancestry,
Joseph loaded expectant family
 destined, as foretold, for Bethlehem journey.
Once there, no room for poor at Inn;
The place is packed with wealthy men.

 Though manger served for crib of Christ,
Mary sustained stable as home sufficed.
Then wonders appeared from sky and field
to worship the Fruit of Godly yield.
Angels proclaim a new beginning;
 Mother smiled with shy resigning.

     Scared of unknown, shepherds bemoan  
     the bright beam that profused, streaking lone.  
     Never was seen such wonder in sky.  
     ※Are we destroyed? Has sun reached through night?§  
     ※Calm and cohere yourselves and the flock;  
      Lord of salvation has entreated you. Knock!§

 Why shepherds in a field by night?
Their station prevents oft-cleansed Jewish rite.
Trash to one is another*s treasure.
Since Abel*s time, the Lord saw pleasure
in simple sanctity of subdued shepherd.
Analogy of initiation reveals faith in Father inherent.

 Regal pomp and circumstance
 were of manure and swaddled bedding.
Still, Herod, king, wished to near
(for infant Savior*s killing).
God had gathered prudent protection
in carpentry and holy vision.

     ※Innkeep saw an unpaid bill.  
     Mary prayed her smile.  
     Joseph felt weight of the world.  
     Shepherds worshipped Holy Child.  
     Magi viewed, with gifts of three.  
     Afar and blessed are all. Seek ye!§

 As time flies now, so months did then.
Soon comes a visit of stately men.
Students of history and vast religions,
learned of sign, and forecasters of regions,
Magi, by trade, bring gifts for the King.
They followed saga of prophetic string.

 If wise ones from Far East did travel
to unfold Truth of sages, unraveled,
why would those who &near to babe*
relinquish, deny, affront, or efface?
Gifts of realms, for thrones king and priest,
join embalming spice, to finance flees.

     ※Show us where the &God Babe* lays!  
     Aquilla's sign has led this way  
     for travels from our far Orient.  
     He*s born to save a world in repent.  
     We bring gifts celebrating such King.  
     In deference, we bow with peace offering.§

     A vision trip to Egypt was entwined  
     to complete more prophecies of time,  
     and protect Child from harmful minds.  
     Through dreams, Lord*s angel said, ※Arise.  
     ※Depart now as I advise,  
     to return again with Egyptian eyes.§  

 Without hesitation, Joseph took my Lord
to safety, likely guarded by angel*s sword.
In quiet, test rested for a time of years
till threats were no more from Herod*s fears.
Then family journeyed Nazareth bound
after Archelaus ruled in father*s crown.

Reason need not intellectualize
real joy that poured from earth and sky.
The magnificence scripture vitalized
 by Law in Stone, much claimed as nigh,
was projected pragmatic by guardian cry.             

Pondering why, perfection realized:    

     Born unto poor to understand strife,  
    Jesus justifies Scriptures of Life.  
    ※Righteous will inherit favor eternal.  
    Mine's not an easy path to travel.  
    To the Father I go, as Intercessor,  
    for sanctity of men, I am Sacrificed Soldier.§

     God made man, disgust to Satan,  
    fallen angel of false perception.  
    ※Would men follow incarnate beauty  
    and fastest pleasure quo as duty?  
    If angels fell from purest heaven,  
    God*s man could fall for deception.§

 God gave creature, humankind,
the mindful choice to follow free,
either of spirits, Lucifer or He.
Then, He plied the Air-Prince loose,
divested with beguiled trickery.
Still, faithful worship devours satanic noose.

     ※Man I am and man I*ll be.  
     Strife will persist till death of me.  
     A body of flesh encapsulates  
     a mind that constantly flagellates.  
     If sights are set on Three in One,  
     forgiveness follows repentant moan.§

 Souls, your choice is double edged,
God grants perfected freedom real.
Those things we wish to recognize
are those that He reveals.
Using even evil to prove good,
 He wins, either side you seal.

 Herod chose to protect throne
 with murder of sweet innocents.
Known guarantor of ※Rachel*s moan§
traded soul for sovereignty. But, prophecy prolific
sent male children into mighty kingdom,
as first known martyrs of Christian omniscience.


     ※Our lives were shortened by God*s plan:
      Earthly bodies delivered into rage of man.  
     But, two of age is worth the price  
     for we learned soon - the sacrifice,  
     made for Lord and made for men,  
     could only begin with our end.§

     ※Though mothers cry for loss of children,  
     better they die for Cause begotten.  
The more men seek, the more men see,  
     The search brings more accountability.  
     The pleasures of life on earth can*t compare  
     with gifts planned by Father, for babes in His care.§

 God gives men their greatest pleasures.
God gifted mankind comparable mates.
Dominion granted over living treasures,
God gave humans &sphere of play*.
God preferred lion lie with lamb,
but, man succumbed to pride and snake.

     Cast from Eden into toil,  
     Adam suffers from his falling.  
     Son blamed parent for his fate  
     till God told each mistakenly calling,  
     ※You who sin will flame for yours;  
     not brother*s, father*s, or sibling*s palling.§


 Sacrifice was placed for penance.
Over time, depravity deposed.
Tithe considered sacrament
left mortal man morally exposed.
When leachers taught great mockery,
Satan, supercilious, bellowed:

     ※Beelzebub relies on Baal.  
     Satan*s love is lust.  
     Evil carries souls to hell.  
     Christ*s birth reclaims trust.  
     Faith, hope, love, make perfect;  
     With sins forgiven, transgressions bust.§

 Jehovah cleansed with purging flood,
then justifiably, proffered Law.
Now, reprieve to condemnation,
He mends tendered hearts who call;
Promise for the chosen lambs,
born Gentile, born Jew, welcome all.

     ※No longer is God a Jewish thing.  
     To all is offered salvation*s ring.  
     Promise made Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  
     now is true for Shawn and Sharon.  
     Everyone comes to the Father through Son.  
     True hearts are His pleasure, not family penchant.§ 

     ※Thus, living flesh, bone and blood,  
     God passed through dust, His Favored Son.    
Proving timeless, generous,  
     &Yahweh Saves* upholds Love,  
     that none should die eternally,  
     the Lord*s true preference perpetually.§  

 Jesus came on lonely right
 and remains Truth this day.
Often unwanted by wealth and power,
He turns to sorrowed prayer in bower,
winning souls on disparaged nights
from pummeled pits of desperate fights.

 Flesh is mastered, nay, empowered
by offerings of promised dower.             
Souls will shiver at the thrill
of power through paging divine will.
Glory intensifies geometrically
eternal covenant*s productivity.

     ※I cried to the mountain from a valley below.  
     When all hope was lost, I turned to my Lord.  
     This world was fast turning my sunshine to shadow.  
     Turn me from evil. Shame in self creates discord.  
     In sorrow, I tender my remissible shallows.  
     From this day forward, I promise to hallow.§      
     Then weight of the world was lifted from shoulders.  
     The hair on my arms stood more rigid than boulders.  
     When timely and sudden, I remembered the promise  
     extended to all from a God that expounds to us:  
     ※Your sins are forgiven. Your faith makes farce clear.  
     Tell all of My story. I*ll alleviate your fear.§

 You call our eyes dove, and ornate with gold;
Your impatient church waits for promise to unfold.
Like Shulamite shepherdess, love of Solomon,
tendered bride anticipates joys of royal throne.  
Though scarlet tanned to dark complexion,
we favor fair snow, with repentant axiom.


     As men these moments celebrate  
    with trim, with pride, with treat,  
    the Christmas of this current date,  
    will you, on knees, repeat?  
    Great Infant, born to greatest purpose,  
    arose cure for ills of hate!    

     Beware falling far for Santa plan  
    that could dethrone Truth from Day.  
    Let gifts you give to precious ones  
    mimic three that financed the Way.  
    Turn tree of trim to tree of Life  
    And celebrate God*s play.

     If there is no recollection,  
    remembrance, of feed bin,  
    if stranger comes to knock on door,  
    if dirty face is urchin,  
    if widow lacks heart filling food,  
    if cause calls for donation,    

     remember people are particular reasons,  
    who belong to God, apportioned,  
    that you may quietly insure  
    well-being of their fortune.  
    Charitable action intensifies  
    soulful verse of angelic proportions. 

 As angels sing vast proclamation
of Holiest Victor jubilation,
will you live among the One
solemnized this perennial season?
Join song for friends of Holy Ghost.
Apart, you rescind self to roast.

      All men come to life through birth.  
     Most taste bitter requiem.  
     Anticipate another realm,  
     where Spirit takes a breath.  
     Son of God calls, ※Receive Me children.§  
     ※I AM* Way, the Life, the Truth.§ 

※I AM strength to lie upon.  
          I AM might none can dethrone.  
          It is you I promised true,  
          a mansion with a justice view.  
          Only, respect My Holiness  
         and through Son, henceforth, I*ll bless.§  
※I come to show vast love  
          meant for you, a gift from Above.  
          To fear means to respect  
          My Father*s mighty introspect.  
          Though I returned from cross,  
          Will you yield to proof of promise?§ 
      Holy Spirit:
※In times of hopeless faith I guide.  
          I am conscience deep inside.  
          Knock and this door opens;  
          Understanding unlocks gate pins.  
          We come to fill your &whole*  
          Left incomplete from Sins untold.§  

C Taylor, Jr.

     Postscript:      And many confound at the mystery  
                               of how strongest serve the weak.

Firmament 每 Heavens.
Seraphim and cherubim 每 classes or types of angels.
I AM 每 God has given Himself several names. I AM was given to  Moses as God Everlasting.
 Pious 每 Done or used from real or pretended religious motives.
Feazed 每 Unraveled.
Ancient of Days, Jehovah 每 Names for the God of Israel.
Messiah 每 The promised deliverer of Jewish people. Savior.
 Laudation 每 Praise.
Magi 每 Learned priests of ancient Persia. Three Wise Men of the Bible who brought gifts to Jesus.
Palling 每 effecting by gloomy or oppressive atmosphere.
Leachers 每 Ones who remove or dissolve through filtration.
※Yahweh Saves§ 每 the translation of Jesus, the earthly name of Christ. Yahweh is God*s name.
Bower 每 A shaded recess, a private room, a retreat.
Requiem 每 Any musical hymn, composition or service for the dead.
Archelaus 每 Son of Herod that took the Judean throne at his father*s death.
Beelzebub 每 Demon of darkness. Sometimes analogous to Satan.
Baal 每 Symbol of idolatry, associated with child sacrifice and deviant sexual ritual. Abomination.
Introspect 每 Ones own thoughts and feelings.
Sins 每 Fallings short of the glory of God. They may be of omission or commission.

The poem is based on Scripture. If you have the tenacity and the energy to study, I will provide the verses behind these verses.
God has given us the gift of Jesus. His love is the Gift we should heartily celebrate through each Christmas Season. Christmas did start as a Roman holiday, by Constantine, for probably political religious significance. December was chosen to usurp the calendar date usually celebrating the renewal of life by daylight becoming longer. And probably, His birth occurred in September, rather than December.
Even so, God has taken this holiday and lovingly developed it into a catalyst that means much to the Christian world. Some may argue that the giving of gifts and lavish decoration has taken the place of significance from our Savior. To much extent, it has.
If we give our gifts to those who need, as well as, or even before those we love, we then take a good idea and turn it into something more beautiful. God has allowed us this opportunity to perform loving deeds. Jesus even suggests we give our gifts to enemies as well as those we love. Christ spent His life teaching that a kind heart solves many problems.
And God is not angered when we celebrate His Son in special adornment of our homes and business. He knows our hearts.
I hope you, and yours, will enjoy this gift I give for this Season. The gifts God has given to you may include talents and money, love or time. Consider passing these gifts of yours to all of the world, everyday, and keep the giving a bit secretive. The rewards returned in heaven will be greater than those known now, and the warmth you feel now will be significant.    

May God Bless You,    Chuck

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