Cowboy Poetry


Valentines Grace


With all of the fun I poetically pun,

it’s time to recall V-day seriously done.

At the end of this day, in every forte,

respect for love that God routed our way

is neither to be taken too lightly, nor feared.

adopted instead, in kindness and cheer.


 -  Mother & Father

To ones who dared bring life through this world

I pledge my utmost appreciative devotion.

Commandment 5 promises life being long

but I choose to love for the seeds they have sown.


I choose to convey love, though parenting required discipline.

I choose to portray respect, though parents might have embarrassed.

I choose to pray, though they wonder the worth of my faith.  

I choose, though others rightly say, “we do not choose our parents”,

to be the child they hoped would become all they wished to be.


Through all of this, I adore

our God that lets men admire life more

than births have borne; than deaths destroy;

such is marvel of saved souls of love.



 - Sons & Daughters

To ones who dared be birthed to those not yet matured;

who viewed through test and timely mess,

I recall dire diapers changed, as much as times tempers waned.

Nights awakened, visions dampened, dreams unraveled; ode to precarious cargo.


I choose to convey love, though parenting requires discipline.

I choose to portray respect, though I may have embarrassment been.

I chose to pray, though children wonder the worth of their faith.

I choose all, though other say, “Another, are you crazy?”

God, let them all be children of the promise You conveyed.


Through all of this, I adore

our God that lets me love them more

than they have loved; than deaths distort;

such is marvel of saved souls of love.






 - Lovers List

Oh wife of youth, why did I strive

for much that could not satisfy?

Life is more than study and sex.

(Try telling that to love starved, complex.)

We did not grow apart as fabled.

We gave up on the tests of able.


Sweet concubine, alluded by firsts,

who suckled me through a most dire dirge,

and when my feet again withstood,

awayed again. Nursing’s promise enamored.

Apologies and accolades

to one who’s loved beyond her grave.


Oh wife of second chance , I pray

that we be friends through judgment day.

A home pristine, I still bemoan

and conversations, of couch and porch.

Betrayal of trust might be excused

‘cept beleaguered vows repeatedly bemused.


So, suddenly a call is placed

to participate in humanitarian debt.

There’s a depth to furrow;

A disparity in distress.

Immediately I accept the test.

Accused and refused, I’ll defend repute.


“Third times a champ”, still once again

challenges dethroned queen and king.

I replicated a childish charm,

while holding art in these two arms.

Hope and challenge of combining pasts

mirrored more than human lives could ask.



 - Promised Hope

Missing children, lives denied shares, -

Who knows complete truths of them and theirs?

My God renewed love with boyish soul

that circumstanced a man feeling old.

Caution thrown to wind and wake,

I pray each night, “awakening light”.



And likening the promise of Abraham,

a gentile seeks his promised land.

New life; miraculous; withheld bereavement.

My Ariella, and her breathing mother

make culmination of this Valentine’s Day

answers to prayer: God Love this Day.

C Taylor, Jr



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