"Onward Moments"  Memories & What will be's

Wow,  This newsletter has a lot of my heart in it.  Hurricanes: 2 of them – big ones. Natural disasters we must help each other through. Southeastern Texas was hammered. And so was our lower Eastern coast.

My Upperstate SC damage was from mostly from winds, but the heavy rains go where shingles are torn. A bunch of limbs, and my oldest plum tree were also victims. But the death toll was less severe than it possibly could have been.  Financially, Texas is a huge part of our business. And I have a supplier of Bible covers & belts in Florida.

I want to acknowledge the humanitarian relief of Twisted X Boots, church groups, Red Cross, and thousands of volunteers who have given blood, sweat and tears as well as water, blankets and love to all affected.

Then there comes a Country Music Concert that ended in tragedy. Now yer steppin on toes! This was needless. The gutless took his life. There are many ways to vent anger, frustration, depression, anxiety. Most solutions are positive, and result in your gaining more strength than ever before. Ya gotta work through them. And that is the very reason I became a Life Coach.

Some of us do need therapy. Therapy is used to bring the deeply distressed into a better state of reality, if possible.  Most of us just need to rediscover our worth, our value, and through whatever transitions we face in living.  Transitions with their challenges, are all there to give opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute. The Professional Coaching model takes a person from where they are - to where they dream to be.     I wrote another poem:

Onward Memory

Lord, your people are hurt again
and God, who has all their answers?
Another misguided soul has vented in very destructive manner.

It could have been me and my daughter
who became lambs to be slaughtered.
As agony arises, our Father realizes how loss burns close between souls.

Now someone’s love knows angel’s wings.
And we’re staggered in disbelief,
suffering from tragedy, inverted security, in a world we wish were well meaning.

Bitter grief touches the nations.
Some ask if God took a vacation.
Some will add frustrations’ to anger. Some will crawl into deep hollows.

Through the blame, through our panic,
through our doubts and fears,    and what ifs,
where is the road to happy days? Is this Your “straight & narrow”?

Then after swear and various prayer,
confused states of confrontations,
can we possibly find meaning with time so short, with constant disorder?


God made humans for humanity.
And living holds its dire consequence.
Death reveals communication of life. The cycle exists for this reason…

To live each day as if our last.
To live our present not our past.
To graciously accept, and give Love forward; every memory leading onward.

 C Taylor, Jr


On another note, I receive Smartpak literature because Cultured Cowboy has a stable and horses. This month is an excellent group of articles on horse blankets & sheets. Could not have written it better myself!  When a competitor does a great job, I plan to let you guys know, as I know.  Check out the article, then give me a call to order!!!  (How’s that for networking?)  Love you guys and I will be more regular with my writings.

For the past almost 4 yrs, I have been in schooling full time, and running this store full time. It has been a transition time for us, as it is for many of our suppliers.

Best news:  Boots – While Justin & TLama are finishing their merger under HH Brown, I have sourced out a tremendous maker of handmade boots. This guy has worked with many of the top names.  The hurricanes knocked out many of his stores, so he reached to Cultured Cowboy & we have a plan.  Handmade boots, made old school, made the best, are now available.  If you have a favorite style you’ve been waiting on to come back, was discontinued, can’t find, call us. They are priced right for handmade. Delivery time is reasonable!  They are not production though. 

At this time, for production boots, lower pricing – Old West & Smokey Mountain do a good job. For performance boots, ya gotta go with Twisted X – who by the way, doubled their Hurricane donations to $2 Million.  And they regularly donate to cancer research. And our Veterans. Kudos here too.

So as we get ready for holidays, lets’ begin early with the gratitude, and forgiveness, and uplifting even our competitors, and the planning that makes Christmas, T-Day and New Years so special. Let’s all take our memories, our strengths, and our influence, and use them to advantage the change we can each make in life.

God Bless Ya,

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