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July 25 2017 Newsletter – Mr. Johns Duck TaPE

 Just got a call from a great customer of ours.  Actually it’s about this first order with us. He reminded me to get off the intensity of duty and enjoy life more. Howso? Mr John ordered a pr of 14B Boots. When we found the stock was limited, we both agreed 2 pr would be better.  Not having them in stock, and with only 4 pr in his size showing, I placed my order with the maker and added some of those new moc kinda ankle shoe things I’ve been meaning to try along with his boots.

4th of July is a National holiday. And even Chuck took the 3 4 5 to visit Mom in Edisto, SC.  I think … even the best of intentions get delayed in the foray of family, fireworks & BBQ! 

We all need a “pause button” In life. I remember not too many years ago, the July month was taken for our makers to refurbish equipment and do much needed cleaning. Heck fire, I remember lots of “used-to-be’s!  Anyway …

Mr John called about his boots. A couple issues were discussed.  Took a time, but all is coming into OK status.  When I saw his call today, I gave it the “run for the phone”.  (Sidebar: dog gone swipe to answer phones! Is anyone else drastically touching, swiping, sweeping, praying, the silly thing will answer our fingers? )

He heard my tone of apologetic explanation. He wisely told me about the art of using duck tape to properly wrap his socks so the spurs didn’t dig into your feet. The cow’s manure was still coming through his duck tape messing up the colors.

His story let me know he needed the boots. It also let me know that tomorrow will still come. And our relationship will continue to be valuable.

God Bless friends like Mr John. Summer, I sometimes have to cut back on staff, and as a result, I am working lots of extra hours to stay on top of everything. Makers are trying to ready for Fall and still complete present orders. I get caught in the middle about 5% of the time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Mr John relaxed me. His duck tape held me together for the rest of this day.  And it will for a long time.

So, for under $10.00 you can get a role of duck tape. Just put it wherever you go when stress grabs you by the ….  Pick it up and know life can be patched, re-enforced, till tomorrow brings another day. Ya still gotta do what ya gotta do to have a better tomorrow; but put in your mind the picture of Mr John, with layers of duck tape over his socks, so the spurs don’t dig into his ankles too deeply.

Your day will get better – I guarantee!

God Bless You,  ChuckyT
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