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July  2018 Newsletter –  

 If you study our history, The United States took a war between the states to lead toward becoming united. A confederation of independent states have reluctantly given more powers to the federal government. 

Recently, Thursday, June 21st 2018, while many of us were in the heat of our day, the US Supreme Court was in the heat of conversation of giving back some states rights. They overturned Quill v North Dakota. The decision barely made it. 1 vote made the difference.

With the beginning of our Summer, states can begin to require sales tax from out of state sources. I'm not sure what sort of software we will need, but I'm sure thousands of $$$ will be spent by small companies like ours to comply. 

What I hope is that there will be good use of these extra funds. How can we resolve the huge prices of medical expenses? We don't want research to stop do we? We cannot pay ever-increasing costs of individual healthcare. We can't pass it all onto employers as was recently tried. This reduced many small business opportunities. Larger companies are outsourcing jobs outside their primary nations of monetary support! Should states use a portion of sales tax revenue to either: Relieve indigent care? Relieve other costs of medical care? Incentivize research?

Medical marketers complain about ROI on the newer more expensive drugs. As research finds tinier specifics that help disease, the drug programs are less macro and more micro in how many people will be prescribed. But when your child can be saved with a $400,000.00 treatment, how can we deny?  Hospital systems from Kansas City to Greenwood are buying each other to stay on top of their game.

How about our roads & bridges & other infrastructure? Where ice heaves and big trucks run, there's never ending pothole creation. (or sand sinks, or any ground shifts) We all know thousands of pounds of pressure are also placed by our thousands of single driver cars too. Do we charge more for tags? Do we increase property or use or sales taxes? Do we encourage more Uber type ride shares? Do we increase the number of students with engineering degrees? Anybody else looking at the ever increasing costs of college? How might we further research funding through universities working with medical venues?  

I wonder if anyone has done a state by state research on the total revenue taken in by Each state government since about 2000, when the Internet restrictions began affecting decreased revenues from sales taxes? I betcha several other taxes have increased. For sure as inflation drives up wages, the progressive taxes work for the government coffers. 

But the average buying power of the average citizen is declining. Why? How can we have a rise in minimum wage to $15.00 without ever increasing inflationary pressures? What if the relative wages increase above the costs? Can we do this by better aligning job positions with job candidates? Can we incentivise a better program as AI and technology reduce the numbers of menial jobs, (and several not so menial - professional incomes - will be hit hard too). 

WE MUST!    aS EvEr RiSiNg STRESS LeVeLs make us dizzy, increase anxieties, change lives,  and suicides increase, I first advise the wisdom of the ages:
     Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul, mind, & strength. Pray for wisdom among our leaders, and those in the background who influence our leaders.  AND, Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.

So as we all "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,  we must as much as possible render unto God that which is God's. 

Those who can give: Have pride in the fact that you can contribute to this wonderful earth and it's inhabitants! "Jubilee" was to be a celebration of giving back, for those who were over time, more advantaged, for what ever reason. Find JOY in knowing you are making a difference. Jubilee joy was for the giver as much as for new opportunity for the enslaved of Israel. Whether through some taxes, some tithes, some time with family, Bite your lip, Swipe that card, and Right some of the wrong we all face... a little at a time.

4th of July is a National holiday. And even Chuck will take time to visit Mom in Edisto, SC.  I know that I need the respite. dON'T YOU? All of us need a “pause button” in life. I remember not too many years ago, the July month was taken for our boot & hat makers to refurbish equipment and do much needed cleaning. Heck fire, I remember lots of “used-to-be’s!  Anyway …

Give me 3 days, give me 3 days, Mister & I'll come back more than before! ( Yep, a ChuckyT spin on a "famouse" song!) 

There is a serious side of our life, but we can find meaning, find joy, find purpose even in the seriousness. I like laughing at myself, better than anybody. Laughter keeps my body chemicals where they need to be. 

My friends often congratulate me on staying busy. Busy does not mean profitable. Busy does not lead to happy. Bees live about 30 days & die don't they? If we take a time to ponder on things, to laugh at life, to be grateful for this 4th of July Celebration of our Nation, to remember there is a God greater than our "Issues" & "Challenges", we can "get outta that box". We can reframe, reposition our possibilities, regenerate the innovation and cooperation that has always made the USA strong. And it will make you strong too!

So go make an effort to prove to your spouse how much they are appreciated.  (Dr Gary Chapman - 5 Love Languages)  And kids, And parents, And peers, And direct reports, And suppliers, And clients, (And politicians?), And God!  When Jesus was challenged, He asked whose image was on the coin? Caesar's!  From Dr Ravi Zacharias: The next question might have been - whose image is on you?  Right answer --> As Esau told Jacob, I see the image of God in your face.  Render my friends!  Render! 

God Bless You.  Above all else, let there be Love!    ChuckyT


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