A Cultured Cowboy
Valentine's Thought

I'm glad we have a day set aside for romance.  Here's hoping your romantic interludes are a lot more than 1 day a year though!

Does anyone else consider the "holiday season" to begin with Thanksgiving, or Hanukah, (depending on the year) and flowing though the great V-Day?  With all the dreary skies of a North American Winter, isn't it a relief to have all these opportunities to touch the lives of friends & family?

In year's past, Cultured Cowboy has gotten into lingerie and candy for Valentines Day. What we (I) discovered was: I ate way too much of the chocolate. And it's hard to sell clothing that embarrasses you.   So this year, 2023, we'll stick to tack, saddles, boots , belts & clothing for daytime wear. 

 Well, I'm ready for V-Date Day to happen. Yet, life can get confusing. I'm pondering what to get my youngest boy, just turned 15 now. He still likes chocolate. Not ready fro driving a truck yet. Maybe a promise of driving lessons this Summer. (And a chocolate treat for now.)  How about the oldest son? I thinking that giving him some valuable time together might be best. He stays so busy. The middle male now has a serious girlfriend. I'm sure he's not thinking of a step dad!

Youngest daughter? Definitely chocolates. And a handwritten letter of love. She's eleven and has been a wonderful addition to my 66 year old soul. Oldest daughter? Has a great family with an understanding hubby. "I'm so proud!" Gotta think of something unexpected?

There are so many friends I can't possibly list them all, or call them all. Maybe that's why we should love them all during everyday of our year. Ex-wives? I'll think about them, and reflect on times we shared. But even that can get me into trouble.  Current female companion? I don't know if she would appreciate the chocolate as much as another few bags of k9 feed.

Some ladies are like that. - But guys - Ya better do something in addition to that kennel ration!  Or face sleeping in the "doghouse" yourself. 

How can I show a little extra love for my Lord?  Betcha, He's appreciate some quiet time together. And perhaps an offering to contribute to a homeless shelter, or food bank. MAybe include Him in more of my daily conversations with you guys too! 

And what about parents? grandparents? Certainly a phone or better, a Zoom call. Could I have something special delivered to their home if I can't make it myself?  What about a note of appreciation for all they have done for all of us?  What if getting closer to siblings might make a Mom or Dad happy?

I believe we are all smart enough to challenge ourselves to deliver true love along with a token gift. By token, I mean representative, not something without sincere meaning. 

Cultured Cowboy understands that a great workboot or a barn boot can make our clients smile. Maybe a new stable or turnout blanket for the horse. (We just restocked. It's gonna be at least 6 more weeks of cold) 

Cowboy necklaces are a good idea. We don't normally have diamonds but we do have pearls in our wedding case.  A warm coat might be good for your special someone, as well as the horse. Those Key, hooded jackets and those Australian dusters are great. 

I just remembered - we now have "jeweled boots".  And  flowered boots. Check out Arlos boots for ladies.   One year, Cultured Cowboy gave out roses to our female customers. Yes, Free!  Yes real red ones!  Over 200 of them!    And what about a floral tooled Western belt?  That's an idea! 

So, in summary, I think the most important thing is to spread the love as much as we can. Short notes.  Maybe short video calls. Let people know you care.  Maybe a Facebook or LInkedIn something? And for those most special, take the time to listen. Listen with the intention of caring about their feelings, their conflicts, their dreams, their needs.

Valentines Day can become a true day of giving. Giving you, giving for your Lord. And taking in all the emotions available through the giving.  

Happy  Happy Day & Happy Happy Season.
You are a person of value & worth. 
God Loves You,  and I love you.   

C Taylor, Jr
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